ScamRadar - Report Frauds and ScamsBali Villa and Property Scam!! Be AWARE!!

Beware of Bali villa and property scam! They are fake and only take your money away! Don’t do any deal or transaction with them. The man who replying the email calling himself Rob a.k.a Robbie a.k.a Robbie Drexhage.

This is the scammer photo :

This is the website :

This is the email :

This is the phone # :
+62 812 469 2762 (the old one)
+62 (0)81 238 98 448

This man also used to scamming people from diving business in Bali and now he change to property scam business. Be AWARE because this man is very slippery in doing his operations and have many “employee” that ready to help him!!

We try to put this scam artist on the local newspapers/magazine and advertising, so there is no more scam victim because of him.

We also have contact local authority to investigate this person. Thank you for your attention and stay fight scam!

This post was submitted by David christian.

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