Lifetime membership for $39.95. When you join and pay – only through paypal – you then are able to log in. The ds download link page is blocked by my Mozilla browser as it identifies it as an attack site that distributes viruses etc. You cannot download any ds games. I paid with credit card so a small chance of getting my money back. Wish I had found this site when I was checking them out as someone else has had the same problem as me


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  1. Malcolm Jamieson, 21 September, 2010

    Beware. Beware. Beware. This site is actually a search engine for a whole host of affiliates. So first problem – unlimiteddsdownload does not provide files that it has any quality control over. I downloaded files but they didn’t work . The contact address – [email protected] does not reply to any emails. The site provides a street address but this is no help unless you live close by. I paid by Paypal but this offers no protection. As soon as you lodge a dispute Paypal contacts the merchant who bumps it up to a claim and does not contact you. As you received something, Paypal closes the claim. Receiving a file (even if it is not a game file) apparently is OK by Paypal. You’ve been warned – do not part with your money.

  2. adrian, 16 November, 2010

    A total Scam (disguised in fine print) But a nevertheless a Scam.
    Take it from a Fool who lost his money

  3. F Warren, 07 January, 2011

    I to have had a bad experience with this site.Joined paid downloaded a couple of things which did n’t work and from torrent sites I could have accessed myself’My hard drive went down so fitted new one but forgot there log in details tried numerous times to contact them with no result.I to paid via Pay Pal don’t expect much luck there.
    So don’t go there and spread the word maybe PayPal will stop accepting payments on there behalf.

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