Research Chemical Vendor Scam

Hello. I am writing about a well-known Austrian vendor Sadly enough, after long years of good work, they started to sell fake products. Don’t even think about buying their 6-APB, despite low price. Anyone, who has been scammed by him as well, please write to my mail Together we can change the world.

This post was submitted by Aleksander Laane.

  1. King Beat, 30 March, 2012

    It´s very strange? Many people i know including me has the same experience with get-rc. Everyone have had a good relation with them for some time but after a while they start to act strange. I ordered four times and i had problems every time i ordered i some way. I got my stuff after some very annoying misstakes from their side the first three times, but on my last order they scammed me? I lost 340 Euros (450 usd) and they claim thy never got my payment!? I paid with Ukash and they tell me that my vouchers is empty and the only ones that knew them was me and a close friend of mine. Now they stoped answer my e-mails and refuse to send me my order. How can it be worth to scam someone and get a worse reputation than before, for that money?? Beware!!

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