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Leah Lasley
dba midwestbikinigirls.com
dba leahlasley.com
dba mbyleah.com
aka Midwest Cuties
aka midwescuties
aka midwestcuties.com
aka Leah Enterprises in DEFAULT.

This client has a habit of claiming “the check’s in the mail” to induce additional work, and has done this a number of times. My reply to the above email was that when her account was paid in full, I would entertain additional work on her behalf. The above email was dated 03-20-2008, but as of 06-05-2010 payment not received.

Another victim of Leah Lasley’s history of non-payment surfaces. A contractor named Justin Trueblood contacted me with his information, after Leah Lasley defaulted, and found her listed on my website in Google.


This post was submitted by bill.

  1. Leah Lasley ‘ s webmaster mike, 02 January, 2015

    @PUBLICIST!As me being a webmaster for 20 plus years there are companies that push negative stuff off google.And that’s what leah means that’s who we are going through.

  2. Publicist, 02 January, 2015

    Criminal charges? For telling the truth? Yikes, I can’t imagine what the prison time will be. We all know all these posts are from you Leah, aka, “Leah Lasley’s Webmaster Mike.” Only you write that horribly.

    We will all stay tuned for our criminal charges and your blossoming career.

  3. Leah Lasley ‘ s webmaster mike, 02 January, 2015

    @GUY S!Leahs website is being revamped it says under construction.But I’m not going to argue with people on a site like this.You will see her progress.And posting personnel stuff on a person is criminal .That’s what was told to me by the officer’s I’m working with.Honestly I think a site like this should be shut down.As I said earlier I’m finding the same IP addresses for more then half of these people using fake names.

  4. Officer Glenn Minneapolis Precinct, 02 January, 2015

    The end result is thanks to Leahs webmaster helping get IP addresses we are filing charges monday.The same person is doing most of the postings using different names but the same IP address.And as an officer of the law it’s my duty to make sure this is taken care of.And when charges are filed I will post them on monday so everyone of you see this is not a joke.And to Leah Lasley please don’t respond to anyone anymore this will all be taken care of for you on monday.Our next step is trying to shut a website like this down.

  5. Guy S., 02 January, 2015

    @Leah, you do not ow me a dime. We’re even. My point is people are either blowing things out of proportion, after all the public records (which is why your web guy is wrong) show no criminal activity like someone claimed, not sure who.
    The second point was to point out the error in everyone’s way who claim you owe them money. Why would anyone work for free? No deposit, no payment schedule, no business sense.
    I must admit, I was paid on time, maybe a day or two late at most, because we had a payment schedule set up in advance. You simply didn’t like the advice I offered you, that’s all that ended our business dealings.

  6. leah, 02 January, 2015

    @guy s oh ok I see what your saying and I agree with you and thank you….And I have grown alot if I got mad at you over some advice I’m really sorry.Was a bit immature then.

  7. Videographer, 02 January, 2015


    You could get into some more trouble for impersonating an officer. I don’t think the officer and webmaster mike just happen to have your exact same typing mannerisms and speech patterns. I could of course call the Minneapolis Police and ask for Officer Glenn. I could see if he actually talks like that.

    Guy S. You were perhaps the videographer who came before me. She told me you two had a falling out. I filmed something for her one day about 2008. She told me she would send me the money for the shoot so I went home to edit it. I told her I woulld not send her a final edit until at least got.paid.for the.video shoot. ( a whopping $40) that money never came so I never sent her the footage. I would hear from her every few months and she would talk as though we had never agreed to anything . Only saying ” the check must have been lost in the mail” or ” let’s meet somewhere ” . I found a posting from the actress who wasn’t paid either. I mentioned it to a friend of mine back then and she told me about a fashion show where Leah fired her without pay.

    This is why I asked her to prove she had a PayPal . No need to loose checks anymore.

    Leah, I did not come here to bash you. Only to tell the truth and see if you could show that you didn’t want to be seen as a criminal and pay all the debts you owe. Furthermore, it pains me to know how many other people you may take advantage of. One comfort though is in the fact that you have less time to use people while you spend so much of it playing the part of a whole team on the internet.

  8. leah, 02 January, 2015

    @videographer first of all guy is not a videographer…number 2 I’m not impersonating officer Glenn or my webmaster you will see monday when officer Glenn posts the info and charges lol…..number 3 as I keep saying you get nothing from me I don’t know u never seen u…if you claim u have my email then email proof of something then we will go from there…until then goodbye..

  9. leah, 02 January, 2015

    @videographer you will know my team when you see what officer Glenn posts bye bye

  10. justice?, 06 January, 2015

    Am I not surprised? Where is the post that was promised to us by the alleged Officer Glen. So far I have seen that three of us have gone to the police – are there any more willing to go?

  11. leah, 06 January, 2015

    @justice? Lmao your next see unlike you we sent direct to people not posting info on a website like this..Can’t wait til yours gets to you…you have this biggest mouth with the fake st name…your a fraud…and to @Guy s thank you for posting that I have paid you and how I have no criminal record and how these so called people have no business sense…so at justice whoever you are can’t wait til we get your ass…my webmaster is working in you lol and I can’t wait…bye bye lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo about what’s coming your way…you have no idea lovin this…lmaoooooooooooooooo

  12. Curious, 06 February, 2015

    This thread is so funny (and very sad). Was curious about Leah after she’s been saying for YEARS “my show is coming out next month!” and it never happens… googled and found this, explains everything LOL. Girl you need a real job, one that actually pays money! If people wanted to see you on TV you wouldn’t need to pay them to film you, the TV channel would!

  13. Ex-Web Designer, 09 February, 2015


    I remember doing quick design job for Miss Lasley years ago. I really liked the design but it didn’t take me very long so I wasn’t upset when she didn’t pay me. I had plenty of client work to attend to, so I brushed it off. Flash forward 6 or so years, my linkedin account suggests her as a contact. I’m in a career I love and am no longer doing web design, but I get curious. Did she ever become a booming media mogul? A Google search returns anything but. Here she is, quarreling her unpaid creatives using her personal account/aliases. She seems to have frantically taken half-stabs at multiple get-rich quick schemes. A perfume line? Really? This reminds me of when highschool kids form a band, record one crappy song and try to hawk their “merch” on CafePress. People arent buying the perfume, they’re buying you. And if you’re nobody…the product is worthless.

    All-in-all, I feel a kind of awful happiness about her life. She sounds like she has abused many creative minds over the years. Watching her wage a losing war and cling to her delusions of grandeur really is a lot like watching some trashy reality TV show.

    Congrats honey, you’ve made it.

    Also, whomever impersonated an officer, stop. Officers don’t use comments sections to make official statements. Furthermore, an IP address isn’t like a SSN. You’d be hard pressed to track a person using one (Not like you have access to this sites records anyway).


  14. old videographer, 01 April, 2015

    Police charges were filed against Leah Lasley by me and a make up artist that she screwed over a couple years ago. The police basically never followed through with it as far as i know, even though I got about 15 different names of people who she owed money to. It is very sad that she has not learned her lesson yet. If you do get the police to help, I will join forces with you and can contact the make up artist and i’m sure she will as well.
    I also filed with the ICC – internet crime prevention branch of the FBI – they had a list of all the names as well. But maybe when you dont own a car or live in the same place too long its hard to track someone down.
    I’ve long since moved past this womans nonsense but would like to help put an end to it. its been going on since like 2007 I believe. Thats long enough.
    And leah, if you use my name publicly in this post I will definitely get you on defamation of character because you know darn well you did not pay and not liking the video footage because it “makes you look fat” doesnt mean i did a bad job!!

  15. leah, 03 April, 2015

    To old videographer to whoever you are get a fucken life quit trying to be relevant…I work with amazing people who have seen this shit and laugh at all u guys just like I am…lmaooooo…pitiful I’m still going yo be successful and things to my new guy who can push crap like this away down pages I’m good..have a great life…cause I’m am lol

  16. Videographer, 04 April, 2015

    That’s interesting that she thought a video made her look fat. I had an issue with here where she thought that someone looked fat in a video and wanted me to do something to digitally make them thinner. Certainly not at the rate she was NOT paying me.

    I think if you are talking with the police, you should add impersonating a police officer to her list of crimes. Unless of course Officer Glenn is real. Not sure what precinct he is at.

  17. ANewVictimsFriend, 28 June, 2015

    This chick just within the last two months scammed a close friend of mine. She moved in with him & magically couldn’t come up with $125 a week for rent. If you’re som awesome new reality star with a fragrance deal, you’d have surely been able to afford your rent.

    I’m only posting this so the next person who googles her name will know, she’s still scamming people. It may not be all these people in this “industry” she’s supposedly in (I worked for vita.mn & the “ad” she has up on her tumblr or whatever, would NEVER EVER EVER ran. I promise you that.), but a next potential landlord should know, she’s done this lots of times obviously.

  18. Christopher, 18 March, 2016

    She’s still at it? Was going to shoot her a few years back. Then i saw this. She threatened me and said she had a cop friend that was going to get me. Then made up some crap about me rapping women . I have been with my girl since 2001.. She’s a real loony chick.. Theres much more on the net about her. She had bounced on rental property too..

  19. Madellina Rose, 28 December, 2016

    I was supposed to do a fashion show for her lingerie line– that conveniently never happened. Then she contacted me to do a fashion segment on her YouTube channel. She claimed it was successful and acted like she had been making a lot of videos. When I looked up her channel I found like one crappy video. Putting this aside I thought I would still help her out on her YouTube ventures, but each time we were to shoot she canceled with poorly thought excuses. This went on for about two months. Eventually I just stopped replying– I’m usually not the kind of person to talk badly about others– I like helping people become successful. But I can’t handle childish shiii like this. I sadly do not recommend working with her. If you do, just a heads up on what might occur. Maybe she’s changed, but maybe you’re better off working with other (successful) beings– the industry is filled with them 😛 I have nothing to hide by disguising my name so if you want further details, feel free to contact me.

  20. Still scammin, 28 December, 2016

    Wow can’t believe she’s still up to the same ole stuff she still owes me money from 2004 Midwest Cuties. I seen her yesterday and googled her to see whats new.

  21. TJ olson, 31 March, 2017

    This girl is bad news. Do business with her or help her out at your peril.

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