is a SCAM!

no one has received anything! google “slyplants” and “scam” and you’ll see. they will take your money and never respond to emails after that. you’ve been warned.

This post was submitted by terre.

  1. Slyplants Admin, 14 June, 2010

    There are 23 comments in all. we had 2764 sales since december. We already
    refunded some of the transaction that did not arrive, but unfortunately
    the customers that got their items or got a refund are not keen to post a
    good comment. However, 2735 sales and 23 complaints…..we can live with

    We cannot be held responsible for items being blocked in any customs in any country. When a reasonable explanation was givin as to why the items did not arrive, we always refunded those transactions through alertpay or western union.

    Slyplants Admin

  2. Mike, 14 June, 2010

    Yep, slyplants scammed me too. Sent an empty package. Responded only to my first email to promise a refund. That was three months ago. Still no refund. SCAMMED.

  3. terre, 15 June, 2010

    @Slyplants Admin

    you are so full of sh*t. you refuse to answer any emails at all. the only way you respond to the people you rip off is by lying about your con game on complaint websites! hilarious!

    your claim of customers getting their orders is a total joke. there are places on the web to check up in that, i only wish i had found out sooner. when i looked you up you had zero good reviews.

    you know very well my order wasn’t blocked by customs because you never sent me anything, you p.o.s.

    give me my money back and i’ll report back here with an update. but i won’t be holding my breath, it’s obvious your “business model” is straight up thievery.

  4. Julie, 23 June, 2010

    They screwed me over too. Claimed it was customs and that they were being targeted, when in fact they deliberately sent an empty package and put wrong ship to and return addresses so that it would get lost at the dead letter office. I hope these assholes can sleep at night.

  5. krocko, 04 July, 2010 is a SCAM! They make it sound good.But in the end still screw you over..They screw with the address.So as it gets returned TO THEM.Not only do they get your money,they also get their product back..These people are not people.They are criminals doing Satans work.You should avoid at all cost. OR LOOSE YOUR MONEY.

  6. Mark, 08 July, 2010

    Yes, by all appearances, this “Jamie Hord” character from Slyplants and appears to be a common thief. I ordered from him/her at, sent my money and never received any shipment. When I emailed to ask for more information or directions on how to proceed, I never received a response. I’ve been waiting a month now and counting. I would avoid doing business with this individual and his/her ‘company.’

  7. Stina, 14 July, 2010

    I wired some money over to them, i had a couple of initial emails back….last one they were waiting on more stock…haven’t heard a word since, have tried to contact them several times….there just ignoring me! just straight up Rude….bad people.

  8. Bob B, 24 July, 2010

    They are a total ripoff. They will steal you money.

    You have been warned!

  9. xrocks, 04 August, 2010 is a SCAM. It took them 3 weeks to respond to me, and then 2 weeks after that I received what looked like baking soda, it was NOT what I purchased. I already have contacted people and these guys will be going down soon. Lawsuits are in progress and they don’t even know it.

  10. okcomputer, 10 August, 2010

    They sent me an email stating deliveries are sent out the same day as payment. Ordered on 8/8/10. Two days later, haven’t heard anything back. Checked Western Union and money was not picked up. After reading these posts, I’m taking no chances. Got my money refunded except $20 transaction fee. Lesson Learned.

  11. deathdrum, 16 August, 2010

    easy solution mr. slyplants:
    customer will send money and will let you know the Western Union code but nothing else. Mr.slyplants will go check if money arrives or not then he will send the product but he cannot get money until customer receive his order and tell him the rest of information.

  12. bung, 16 August, 2010

    slyplants? What do they sell? Crack?

  13. Mephi, 01 October, 2010

    Ok there a scam. anybody know any genuine websites that will ship to ireland?

  14. Slyplants Admin, 31 October, 2010

    Dear Clients

    I am admin

    We are terribly sorry to hear that some of you didn’t get their order. We have been in business for a while now, and we have over 5000 orders in the past 8 months. When Alertpay shut down all 4-mmc suppliers, we had to find an alternative. The only option was western union. This turned up to be a very bad idea because when some clients didn’t get their items, they obviously taught that it was a scam. Everyone knows what risks are involved when using Western union and most of the sellers that use this method in any kind of business is considered as a Scam.

    We really needed to fix this mistake and now we came up with an agreement with a payment processor and we are able to process payment through credit card. Safe, no risk involved. We also provide tracking for every item we sell. We do hope that you will understand and we will make sure that this will never happen again.

    Slyplants Admin

  15. Scammed Too, 02 November, 2010

    Ok, so you say you’re the admin for Slyplants. Your company accepted my payment and sent me an empty package. Yes, as another has posted, you addressed it incorrectly. Luckily I know the local postman. He recognized my name on the package and delivered it to me anyway. As you know, the package was empty. You responded to my first follow-up email and said that you were very sorry and that you didn’t know how my package could have been mis-addressed or how it could have been sent empty. You promised to send a replacement package. Thirty days later and I still had not received the package or any further responses to my emails. Now it’s been almost a year. I occasionally send an email just to see if you’ll respond. I even sent one inquiring about placing another order just to see if you’d respond. Apparently, once I’ve been scammed, you’ll not respond. Is that true? A real company not intent on stealing from people would respond to these types of questions.

  16. ripped off by the slyplants scam, 02 November, 2010

    f*** you “slyplants admin”, you are a lying scammer. you STILL haven’t offered anyone their money back. why the hell would anyone take a chance on your bullshit? if you want to change my mind refund the money you stole from me, asshole.

  17. Andreas A., 03 November, 2010

    I had a very good experience with

  18. ripped off by the slyplants scam, 04 November, 2010

    I’m sure you did, “Andreas A./slyplants admin”, after all, you stole a lot of money from many people and got away with it.

  19. enrico, 05 November, 2010

    I received an email from, asking me to send money to some Cal Gregory with Western union. I received no money back nor any package sent from there (Malta). Slyplants told ther’r nt involved in anithing but mastercards and they has been spam by their mailing list (???). Anyway no money no product no party.

  20. Mephi, 05 November, 2010

    you probably think im mad but im after taking a chance guys with there new alertpay. mephedrone wholesale dont ship here anymore so had to find alternative. im from ireland il let ye know if i recieve anything. I recieved a tracking number so far. we will find out in the next few days. if i recieve i will post here

  21. Scammed Too, 06 November, 2010

    Hey Mephi, I used Alertpay for my order (see my description of the experience above) and was still scammed. Slyplants strung me along with a mis-addressed empty envelope and promises of sending me a replacement. Meanwhile, the 30 day limit on a chargeback through Alertpay expired and I was out my money. No product. No refund. No recourse through Alertpay. No kidding.

  22. Mephi, 10 November, 2010

    Guess what guys? I recived my order today! 😀 honest ta god no bullshit! i ordered 5gs using alert pay this day last week! i was so happy when i got my order i went straight to my room to do some “research” Not bad quality either. the envelope had slyplants budapest hungary stamped on it. am i the only one eva recieved netin ha!

  23. Julie, 10 November, 2010

    You 3 people on here that claim Slyplants are legitimate are no more legitimate than they are. Probably all 3 the same person trying to make them seem like an honest supplier.

    What total assholes and total bullshit.

  24. ripped off by the slyplants scam, 10 November, 2010

    i agree with julie, “mephi” is a shill/admin at slyplants. way too many ppl ripped off. no refunds ever offered. sly plants is a scam and the truth coming out is hurting their “business”.

  25. mephi, 10 November, 2010

    Im not part of slyplants im from Ireland. I genuinely got my order! Slyplants sent me an email with the tracking number and asked me to leave a few good revews for them when i get my product as they have 2 many bad reviews and they wan to change this.
    I replyed no problem I will do that if i get my product
    And I did recieve it today.
    How can i prove it to ye?

  26. ripped off by the slyplants scam, 10 November, 2010

    you want to prove you’re not a scam? give us our money back!

  27. M, 11 November, 2010

    I would have to agree with Mephi. I ordered before i read all the bad reviews so I was pretty scared i’d lost my money. But they got back to me straight away with a tracking number (from Hungary) and the order arrived in 6 days to Holland. They also asked me to leave some good reviews to stop the bad press. Good quality stuff too.

  28. Mephi, 11 November, 2010

    Ha ha this is funny! i swear ta jaysus im not part of slyplants. ye got scamed maybe. i didnt. thats all il say. got tru nearly 3 grams of da 5gs last night. fuckin 2 addictive dat meph once ya pop ya cant stop. nearly wish i didnt get it was an dat crap everyday before the ban.

  29. ripped off by the slyplants scam, 11 November, 2010

    LOL! if you wanted to stop the bad press why haven’t you refunded the money you stole? Anyone who trusts these slyplants sockpuppets will find out the truth the hard way.

  30. Mephi, 11 November, 2010

    Ha ha a lads its funny ye think im part of slyplants ha ha! bad form they wont refund ye really is. any body else irish here?

  31. Mephi’s a shill, 11 November, 2010

    Ha ha ye should post da tracking number if ye want to prove it

  32. Tommy, 11 November, 2010

    Sup mephi,
    Im from wexford and have bn searchin tirelessly to find a fukin supplier to no avail. I wud however like to have a chat with ya shud ya pop bk on here to check these ppl take da piss outta ya. I on the other hand know how an irish person writes stuff in blogs an emails n u are irish n most likely not a part of slyplants. Googling these guys returns some seriously bad rep n i wudnt chance it wit em.
    My email is tmcg01@gmail dot com
    Contact me will ya saan

  33. Tommy, 11 November, 2010

    Im hopin my post gets allowed to post. I will gladly give gud rep to slyplants here shud they take my order on n send it out without probs.
    For the guys that received empty packages that is fairly worryin and is one main thing that is holding me back. However non receipt of a package is much different and cud have bn stalled by customs. However u shud have received an official warning from customs shud u live in a country where meoh is controlled.

    I will await anyone that replies to my email with MEPHI bn the most important as he lives in my country and will discuss buying from slyplants. If i make an order and receive it i will be back here instantly to post and brag to be honest cuz i havent had decent meph since april. Smokes the shlong of a donkey. Stupid mary harney slut

  34. mephi, 12 November, 2010

    Im a shill thats a new one never been called one of them before ha ha! I sent u an email ther tommy boy! 😀 Da fuckin slut alright wrecking me buzz man!

  35. Tommy, 12 November, 2010

    Sup man, im online there atm. no email yet.
    ill wait for it

  36. Tommy, 12 November, 2010

    ahh got it

  37. Slyplants Admin, 16 November, 2010

    First of all, the people that are leaving good comments here are actual clients that we have asked to do us a favour and post their experience, but since this is still not enough and not convincing, we put up a page with some of the sale record receipts.

    We offer receipts/tracking for all orders and payments are done through alertpay


    For those of you who still dont belive, you are very welcome to go buy from someone esle. And for those of you who are still leaving bad comments, we dont even want to deal with people like you. We have enough customers and we are not trying to make you buy from our website.

    Slyplants Admin

  38. Julie, 16 November, 2010

    @Slyplants Admin

    If you’re legitimate then give me back the money from April. You know what you did back then with the false addresses and flat out stole my money.

    And when I called you on it you ignored me.

    As a matter of fact there’s a dealer here in the states that so makes you look like the crooks you are. They are the epitome of professionalism, their stuff is amazing and there is NEVER any bullshit about the shipping.

  39. Slyplants is a Scam, 16 November, 2010

    F*** you Slyplants Admin and all the fake good reviews you obviously wrote yourself. Anyone can see how you treat your customers after you rip them off. Even here, you still ignore and insult us.

    You are a criminal. End of story.

  40. Scammed Too, 16 November, 2010

    So, Slyplants Admin, answer me this:

    If you are legit, why have you not responded to the requests for refunds from the people like me who ordered and did not receive the product. Note, I typed RESPOND to the requests. You have ignored my request and from what I read here and on other websites, you have ignored others’ requests as well.

    I’m not telling you how to do your business and I do agree that I people should consider other suppliers. Your page of sales records receipts? Really? Come on now – anyone can create records to try and convince people you’re legit. I have to ask myself what your motivation is – and I encourage those who are researching you whether they would consider your motivations – I suspect it is to counter the complaints and increase sales (scams).

    What is my motivation? I’d like to ensure others don’t get scammed as I have. I feel it is a bit of a public service. Honor your transaction with me, and I’ll be happy to give an update to this website. The update, of course, will still mention the horrendous experience I have had with your “company” thus far, but I will continue to be honest in my posting.

    The ball is in your court – put up or shut up.

  41. Tommy, 16 November, 2010

    “………. dealer here in the states ………..their stuff is amazing “. I somehow doubt u guys are getting decent meow over there. Im jealous if u are.
    As for the ppl who have bn ripped off can u post how much u initially ordered plz?

  42. Scammed Too, 16 November, 2010

    On March 23, I made the following order:
    Please note: the charge on your credit card statement for this payment will show as: AlertPay 514-748-5774
    Payment Details
    Date: 3/24/2010 2:09:09 AM
    Amount Paid: $139.59 USD
    Name on Statement: AlertPay 514-748-5774
    Reference Number: 25AE1-5C661-46C6B
    Seller Name: Slyplants
    Seller Email:
    Item Description: 4MMC x 10 grams: mephedrone (meow) research chemical
    If you are unable to contact the seller regarding your transaction, please contact AlertPay’s Customer Support team.
    Thanks for using AlertPay
    The AlertPay Team
    On April 5, Slyplants sent me the following email:
    Thank you for your order. We are terribly sorry for the delay. Due to the new legislation regarding our products, local customs held all our orders. The new legislations do not cover our country, so everything was released. Please do check the status and laws covering this product in your country. The new legislations stated that this is not a plant fertilizer. and the packages might be stopped by your customs. If this happens, you will have to give a good explanation why and for what you purchased this product.
    Tracking number can be found below
    Please allow 24 hours for the tracking number to be active.
    You can track your order for the incoming status of the package through your local post office website. If you are a resident of the United States, you can track the incoming status through
    Slyplants Team
    On April 19, I responded with the following:
    Received the registered delivery today. The padded enveloped was empty when I opened it, however. The envelope also had the wrong street address on the label but the local delivery person corrected the address when she recognized my name. Please contact me to arrange for a shipment of something other than an empty envelope and I will confirm the correct address. I really do not want the hassle of initiating a chargeback through my credit card company so your prompt response is certainly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Slyplants responded on April 20 with:
    Hello xxxxxx,
    Are you sure that it was our package? we do not usually do these silly mistakes, especially the address, because we copy, paste and print it. Please send us your alertpay transaction number, along with the returning address at the back.
    Slyplants Team
    I responded on April 27:
    Yes, the package was the one I was expecting from you – the tracking number on the package matches my order. Here are the Alertpay information:
    Date: 3/24/2010 2:09:09 AM
    Amount Paid: $139.59 USD
    Name on Statement: AlertPay 514-748-5774
    Reference Number: 25AE1-5C661-46C6B
    Seller Name: Slyplants
    Seller Email:
    Item Description: 4MMC x 10 grams: mephedrone (meow) research chemical
    Please either refund the transaction amount or send a corrected shipment.
    I sent additional correspondence on June 14, June 23, July 9, and then again yesterday. Slyplants has yet to respond to any of these messages.
    When I attempted to recover my payment from AlertPay, I was informed that Slyplant’s account with AlertPay had been cancelled and they were unable to refund my payment. It appears Slyplants now has a new AlertPay account.
    I’m still waiting for a response from Slyplants. If they are following this, then they know who I am. If I hear from them, I’ll be sure to let everyone here know.

  43. James, 16 November, 2010

    I wanted to let people know, I ordered an item from Slyplants and before it could be sent I needed to cancel the order. Even though they where on Holiday, they responded that they would refund me 100% of the order. The very first day they came back from Holiday, they refunded the money to me.

    So, as for me this is a very good company, that will help you out anyway they can. GREAT Customer Service. I would order from them again.

  44. Slyplants is a Scam, 17 November, 2010

    Anyone can see how you treat your customers after you rip them off. Even here, you still ignore and insult us.

    You are a criminal. End of story.

  45. Slyplants is a Scam, 17 November, 2010

    i ordered 10g back in april, paid through western union (their alert pay account had been canceled, got an order confirmation, then nothing. i emailed them with my order number many times but never got a response. i checked the WU site and slyplants did pick up my money. no product sent, no answers to emails, no refund.

    i set up 2 other email addresses and asked them questions about ordering as if i was someone who hadn’t ordered yet. both times i got a quick reply.

    only when i contacted them as someone who already sent money did they not reply.

    that’s a flat out scam, people. you’ve been warned.

  46. Julie, 17 November, 2010

    @Tommy Yes as a matter of fact the vendor I found here is legitimate and has amazing quality.

    The amount I ordered from Slyplants back in April was for 10g.

  47. john dear, 19 November, 2010

    Too many bad reviews to take a chance with slyplants.
    Does anybody know any good websites or vendors that dosent have any bad reviews and will deliver to ireland?

    email me::

  48. Scammed Too, 19 November, 2010

    Hmmm. Still no response from Slyplants to my requests. Guess that sums it up.

  49. alex, 25 November, 2010


    Slyplants is not a scamm! I have recived wat i needed.

    Gruß Alex!

  50. Slyplants is a Scam, 25 November, 2010

    sure, yeah, right. where’s the refund of the stolen money? why so silent, slyplants scammer?

  51. Slyplants is a Scam, 25 November, 2010

    if slyplants simply sent the product that’s been paid for, wouldn’t that do wonders for their rep? why hasn’t slyplants offered to send what we paid for? only a scam would take the money and run without sending anything. use your heads, people. learn from our mistakes. don’t become the next victim!

  52. enrico, 26 November, 2010

    no scam. I payed from the site by credit card, i received everything. great quality.

  53. Slyplants is a Scam, 26 November, 2010

    bs “enrico”, an honest real business wouldn’t ignore our requests for the product we paid for or, failing that, a refund.

  54. john swan, 28 November, 2010

    hapnen!!…i have being buying mephedrone off slyplants the last month now..and i have too say they are proffesional in what they do..they say 6 days and u will have ur package..and its the truth…and there product is pure just lettin
    people know who want ta buy off slyplants..go for it!!!!

  55. mitchell elworrhy, 28 November, 2010

    Just letting you guys no I got 10 grams in 8 days and I’m from Australia top gear!

  56. Mephi, 28 November, 2010

    What country are you from john swan?

  57. Tommy, 28 November, 2010

    Not one website you will get meph off will give u pure crystal so thats just bullshit!!
    I can gaurantee at best ur getting around 40% meph n 60% rubbish such mallitone etc.

    As for mitchell elworrhy, how da fuk did u get that tru ozzie customs?
    I doubt that will happen too often. Where in oz are ya?

  58. Mephi, 28 November, 2010

    Slyplants product is verygood though. best meph i ever had tbh.

  59. Slyplants is a Scam, 28 November, 2010

    these “good reviews” are posted by the slyplants scammer. it’s not surprising that as soon as “slyplants admin” disappears all of a sudden this thread is flooded with sockpuppets shilling for the crook.

    i never got a customs notice because nothing was sent. slyplants never answered my emails and never gave me my money back.

    if slyplants wants a good review from me (and it’s clear they don’t, why should they when they can just make up fake ones) they need to send me what i purchased or give me a refund. until then, they will get the bad press they deserve.

  60. devilibiss, 28 November, 2010

    Look do ye not see whats going on? slyplants are selling a bit of product to get few good reviews then back to there old scamming ways. thats my opinion. i genuinely recieved product 7 days later. very good product too! But i dont know if id trust them again after reading all the bad reviews. if they refund i would trust em. bad form

  61. john swan, 29 November, 2010

    im from ireland mephi..cork boy ha..its sum lovely tack boy..wer bouts u from bud..

  62. Mephi, 29 November, 2010

    Ah right i taught u were john taylor from the swan. ya its good product. did u make any big orders lad or how much did u order?

  63. john swan, 30 November, 2010

    im orderen it da last month bud..20 grams a week i get..u hav it in 6days..its savage stuff..

  64. dian, 05 December, 2010

    Hi I have ordered from and everything was very good I have recieved the item in a week I have a tracking Number and everything, excellent product, and their alertpay is working :) for me this is a legit website to buy meph :)

  65. Julie, 06 December, 2010

    Here’s a thought: If all of these posters on here who claim legitimate buying experiences through, there are only two scenarios occurring :

    1) Slyplants is coaching them what to say

    2) It’s the slyplants admin

    Now I can’t speak for anyone else BUT if had done me right from the beginning I would never had reason to look online and Google them for being scams in the first place. If they had done me right in the beginning I would have had no reason to go on this site and rail against them because I would have been a happy customer .

    So all I’m saying is that all these “happy customers” posting on here are suspect to begin with.

  66. M, 07 December, 2010

    Except that Slyplants asked us to write about positive experiences to reduce this negative press they are getting online. I have ordered once and genuinely received the stuff. I’m sure all you guys who say it’s a scam are telling the truth too, maybe they had some problems in the past and I don’t know why they didn’t refund you, but the people who have ordered recently have received their goods, and the positive posts are not lies. Its quite weird that you guys keep insisting they are actually. It seems used to be based out of Malta and now they send from Hungary so maybe that and changes in the law has something to do with it.

  67. Julie, 07 December, 2010

    If they want to be taken as legitimate then they need to man up and

    1) Refund OUR money


    2) Send OUR orders again to prove it


    They refuse to do that so all the positive comments they are begging for are negated by their skeevy ways of doing business.


    They have ripped off too many to be taken seriously….

    I would be the first one to post positive about them if they would honor my order.

  68. Slyplants is a Scam, 07 December, 2010

    right on, julie.

    send us our orders, slyplants. send me what i paid for if you want a good review. or send the money you stole from us back. if you don’t then i’ll keep warning people about your scamming.

  69. Mephi, 07 December, 2010

    Im getting sick this! We got our product why cant u accept that? I got scammed by a cameroon lad claiming to send me meph and if other people got stuff from em id say grand ye got sum i didnt.

  70. Slyplants is a Scam, 07 December, 2010

    you’re getting sick of this?!? LOL!!!!!

    fuck you! you want me to shut up? tell that scammer you love so much (could that be you?) to send me the product i paid for.

    you seem to be rather emotionally involved for just a simple customer, no? frankly, i don’t believe a single good review here.

    it’s way too easy for the slyplants scammer to post them himself. the real proof that it’s on the up and up would be if he refunded us or sent our orders, and he doesn’t seem very interested in doing that, does he?

  71. Mephi, 07 December, 2010

    Can i tell u something? im delighted u got scamed now ya so thick ya cant accept that we got our product. do u know how i didnt get scammed by them? cos i didn order when they were using western union! simple! I was on there website lots as soon i saw accept alertpay i took a chance! goin ta buy 20 grams friday. an dnt tell me fuck u ya prick! i done nothing to ya!

  72. Slyplants is a Scam, 07 December, 2010

    hi slyplants scammer!

  73. Julie, 07 December, 2010

    When I ordered from them in April they were using Alertpay. So what’s your point?

    Just because they use it now doesn’t mean a thing.

    Send me my order or refund my money.

    I assure you this won’t stop until you make it right.



    And this isn’t the only place online other people and me are saying this.

  74. M1, 07 December, 2010

    Ordered 5g’s of M1 last week, so far only received a tracking number.

    To be honest with you I have no more doubts about the bad reviews as I have about the good ones, bad ones could be from unscrupolous competitors, good ones could be from slyplants themselves. As far as you know I could be the pope writing.

    One thing is for sure, I ordered things before from sites such as and within a week I had not received my goods they started talking about re-sending them

  75. M1, 07 December, 2010

    Sorry was interrupted. In this case I e-mailed them last night about the goods (or non goods as I have not received them yet) and they told me to speak to the post office if I am concerned about delays.

    Anyone with a minimal knowledge about international mail should know that the post office cannot track down an International signed for parcel until is delivered, which is pretty pointless really.

    I must admit I begin worrying a bit, though ultimately is only £70 so I can live with it if I have lost them.

  76. M1, 08 December, 2010

    >>When I ordered from them in April they were using Alertpay. So what’s your point?>

    Ehm from Alertpay website:

    Transaction Dispute Resolution

    If you buy something online and are not satisfied with your purchase, you can file a dispute and we will mediate a resolution between buyer and seller.

    Reasons for filing a dispute:

    * You did not receive your purchase.
    * You received something different than what you paid for and/or what the seller described.

    Opening a dispute will allow you to communicate with the seller and reach a mutually agreeable resolution

  77. Scammed Too, 08 December, 2010

    As I stated in my (really long) post on Nov 16, I use AlertPay (included the information in my post) and was still scammed. They strung me along until AlertPay wouldn’t help me (something about no refunds after 30 days). And then they cancelled their account (or had it suspended).

    Order at your own risk. Believe the Slyplants Admin at your own risk. If they make right by me, I’ll post immediately – but I’ll still remind you what it taken to make things right. I’m also not going to hold my breath.

    Slyplants – if you’re there – moved Malta to Hungary or wherever else – why haven’t you made good on the previous orders? You know who I am. I’ve made that clear. Any response?

  78. Julie, 09 December, 2010

    I find it exceedingly odd that some of the persons leaving good reviews on here (names highlighted in red) link back to website when you click on their name……

  79. Mephi, 09 December, 2010

    oh my god i just found out julie is actualy part of meowrightnow admin!!! shes just trying to give slyplants bad rep

  80. Slyplants is a Scam, 09 December, 2010

    mephi, now i know you absolutely are the slyplants scammer (and i’ll bet every single good review was written by you too). wanna know why? because julie’s experience is almost exactly like mine and i got ripped off by slyplants. julie sounds just like one of us, the angry customers who lost our money to you. you, on the other hand, sound just like the shill you are.

  81. Scammed Too, 09 December, 2010

    Way to go ScamRadar! – and you too, Julie for noticing. Our assumptions are confirmed, the only positive reviews are posted here by Slyplants themselves – kinda confirms the scam, doesn’t it?

  82. Mephi, 09 December, 2010

    Ha Ha ye are so dumb! Im just giving julie a taste of her own medicene. dis website automaticaly fills in the box marked website sumtimes with slyplants website. Ya know what i wish i was part of slyplants id prob be loaded!

  83. Slyplants is a Scam, 09 December, 2010

    @mephi aka slyplants admin

    “dis website automaticaly fills in the box marked website sumtimes with slyplants website”

    first off, that’s total BS.

    secondly, of course you’re loaded, you took our money and sent nothing.

  84. Mephi, 09 December, 2010

    click on my name now LoL

  85. Julie, 09 December, 2010

    @Mephi aka slyplants admin

    That shows just how much class you have, and you’re illiterate too.

    thanks for proving it

    And thanks to Slyplants is a scam and Scammed too 😉

  86. Mephi, 09 December, 2010

    I tell ya wat buddies Il send yaz a big bag of snow. too much of it here. cant shift it atal lol!

  87. Mephi, 09 December, 2010

    slyplants is the best place to get mephedrone in my own personal experience. Ive nothing to do with slyplants. just a customer. 139.99 for 10 grams ya cant go wrong!
    So fuck your honda civic ive a horse outside…
    Fuck your subaru ive a horse outside…
    fuck you mitsubishi ive a horse outside..
    if your looking for a ride ive a hrse outside!

  88. Slyplants is a Scam, 09 December, 2010

    139.99 and they (you) sent me nothing in return. that’s as wrong as it gets.

  89. Mephi, 09 December, 2010

    slyplants also have methylone and soon will be selling mdpv and mdai.

  90. Slyplants is a Scam, 09 December, 2010

    keep talking mephi aka slyplants admin. the more you write, the clearer it becomes that you are here to advertise your scam website.

  91. Mephi, 09 December, 2010

    theres plenty of people here whos name is highligthed in red for and against slyplants who when you click oon brings you to slyplants website julie.

  92. Mephi, 09 December, 2010

    Nah buddy im just bored! Loads of snow in my part of ireland these days. Ive nothing against slyplants they delivered to me. Getting a good buzz out of this now passes the time. Hey click on my name now. Its nothing sick honest. Sum tune!

  93. Julie, 10 December, 2010


    But why would anyone want to put Slyplants website as theirs?

    And if you’re in Ireland, how is it you paid the same as I did when I paid in US$ ?

    Wouldn’t yours be in Euros or pounds?

  94. Mephi, 10 December, 2010

    Look go click on some of the people dising slyplants whos names are highlighted in red! go do it! There price must havbe changed. its 139.99 euro. Some amount of dumb fucks here i tell ya!

  95. Slyplants is a Scam, 10 December, 2010

    @Mephi/slyplants admin

    no real customer (who hasn’t been ripped off) would put in as much time here as you have, but naturally you can’t see that since you’re the person behind the scam.

    i love that you keep posting and attacking your victims, keep it up! please continue to expose yourself here. you do a better job of warning people away from your scam than you could ever imagine!

  96. Julie, 10 December, 2010

    Yeah you’re right I’m a dumb fuck – for trusting them in the first place. For thinking they were legitimate and maybe even honorable.

    But calling me that for asking reasonable questions is totally uncalled for, and once again demonstrates how devoid of class and intelligence you are.

  97. Julie, 10 December, 2010

    And yes, they have raised their prices. Oh good they get to ripoff unsuspecting customers for even more money!!

  98. john swan, 11 December, 2010

    oh wud ye fucken handicaps ever shut da fuck up…SLYPLANTS ALL DA WAY..YUP snorten a big fat fucken line from cork ireland and gets it in 6 days…so for all ye nagging cunts..shut up nd suck my balls..ha nice 1 mephi..a big bag of snow is wat they need hahah..

  99. Mephi, 12 December, 2010

    When did you last order john swan? any problems with alertpay for our country since 1st december?

  100. Tommy, 12 December, 2010

    Whats the moral of the story here?……………..
    The hungarians know not to fuck with us irish lads!!!
    As for all the rest of ya wining n bitching get the fuk over it.
    If u straight out ordered without getting to know the staff then u deserved to be fukn scammed.
    Blindly ordering an illegal substance from anywhere warrants caution if, so be it, u get conned there is nothin you can do. Move on n learn from ur loss.
    It is very clear this website is hit n miss but defo no full on scammer as some have recieved their order(s).

    Order at ur own risk but at least go through the possibility of bn ripped off first to gain some insurance such as posting here directly after ordering and speaking to a rep from slyplants.
    Im sure from all the bad press they have gotten here now they will think twice from ripping ppl off.

  101. Slyplants is a Scam, 12 December, 2010

    hey slyplants admin,
    all your sock puppets are sounding really similar lately, you might want to try making up a new character just so your self written good reviews come across as marginally possible. cheers, m***** f***er.

  102. Mephi, 12 December, 2010

    Have to agree with tommy its a risk ordering meph from anybody!

  103. M1, 13 December, 2010

    I do have to agree with Tommy, I think they need to get their CS sorted but can’t be a scam, as once you pay with Alertpay you can always return the charges within 30 days if not happy, they would need to be pretty stupid to use Alertpay…

    You can find hundreds of firms dealing p[erfectly legal and ordinary goods with bad customer services experience, you guys have never watched “Watchdog” on BBC1? Hudrends ofthem, many of which are top brands, no one would call them a scam, just crap

  104. Julie, 13 December, 2010

    It’s not illegal here.

    I did get to know the staff. They led me on for over a month, emailing me and pretending to try to help. Then it was too late to get my money back from Alertpay.

    And we also did the transaction before it was illegal in the UK.

    I had ordered from another vendor before them and had NO TROUBLE AT ALL with customs. However, as soon as the ban was announced that vendor quit selling it. Otherwise I would have continued doing business with them instead of trying So it wasn’t unreasonable for me to think I would have no trouble with Slyplants as well.

    Just because they are now “trying to do the right thing” doesn’t mean that was always the case.

    If they really were trying to make things right they would refund me or actually send my order, instead of putting bogus addresses on empty envelopes and then blaming it on customs. That’s the only reason the post office handled it the way they did, because Slyplants intentionally misaddressed the package.

    They ripped me off.


    And yeah the “Irish Lads” do all sound like the same “person” aka Slyplants Admin.

  105. Julie, 13 December, 2010

    @Slyplants is a Scam

    How do you suppose these “Irish Lads” are getting their stuff when the UK ban includes Ireland, and by ‘s own admission they don’t ship there:


    was made illegal in the Republic of Ireland in May 2010:

    to me that sounds like the ban covers Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, therefore all of Ireland.

    What do you think?

  106. Tommy, 13 December, 2010

    Slyplants i hope u are takin all this bad rep into consideration as as you can see less than a 3rd)(or less) of the ppl are only sticking up for you. Its getting clear that you have sorted ppl out with their orders but the percentage of ppl that you have let down is just not acceptable.
    Writing the incorrect address on an envelope is just not a valid excuse.
    You may say that you have 100s of happy customers but it doesnt take many customers to form a resistance towards ur website to inform others than you are thieving scumbags. Even tho you have made plenty of money off those satisfied customers if this thread wasnt started ppl wudnt be finding “SCAM” associated with “SLYPLANTS” on the first page of google. SEO is a powerful thing in terms of promoting your website as i know only too well.

    I suggest you get ur act together and stop fuking around with new customers and just sort them out.
    If i continue to read bad rep on here i will promise that your website will get such bad rep that no one will even consider ur website as a source of mephedrone in the near future.
    I know too much about how to fuk over websites and how to bring them crashing down with a bang.
    Sort ur paying customers out and stop coming on here with excuses. SImple as!!!

    Again, as for the rest of yaz who got fukd about it is unfortuntate but do be aware that this substance is dwindling by the week due to laws on it so sourcing it from countries such as china where it currently banned is getting near to impossible. For those of you who have received it you shud be grateful as where i live its €50 a gram never mind €200 for 20g.

    For those of u living in the UK or here in éire you have to understand the risks of ordering stuff in. Revenue/customs can so easily stop it leavin you out of pocket so can i just say now that the says of head shops and €10g are long gone since the 14th april and the 16th May. Once you learn that you will be a bit more appreciative of what you do get delivered to your door.

    Dont be so ungrateful. Slyplants is one of the very few vendors who still send meph out to banned countries so give them some slack even though their customer service sucks some serious amount of donkey shlong.

  107. Julie, 14 December, 2010


    right on dude!!!


  108. simon, 14 December, 2010

    Hi all…
    I have been bang into the Meph for approx one year now since moving to Spain (Almunecar) from Durham 2 years ago. I used to order from polatzo before the ban then onto another really reliable supplier currently but they are on holiday till January.I came across slyplants on a search and ordered 5G on the 7th of December to try them out and they sent me confirmation and tracking (PDF) on the 11th December. I hadnt seen any negative feedback until now, that was brought on by their email confirmation as below:

    Please find attached the PDF containing postal information & tracking number. Tracking number can be found at the bottom/left box.
    We would like you to leave a few good reviews on complaints board when you receive your items. This will help us remove the fraudulent comments that we have had in the past. This is not a must, but it will help us. We are not a scam and would like to see positive comments from clients which had good experience with our website.

    Slyplants Team

    I really hope it arrives here in Spain and not an empty package as I would be gutted! and fuming as I need a stock up for xmas. I paid by Alertpay so am covered but thats not the point and I understand the frustrations of the people on here who have been ripped off, its not so much the money its looking forward to the product that really pee’s you off when it never comes. I bought 100G from a guy on in June because he accepted paypal and I and he knew it was safe yet the tit! still sent me sugar!!? so I had to go through the hassle of chargeback on my visa etc and the all night party was not as good as it could have been.
    Anyway , I should!! receive my order on Thursday or friday and for what its worth if it does arrive in tact and quality I will post on here and let you all know… And no I have absolutely nothing to do with slyplants or any other supplier. only wish I was ;).. Equally if I dont receive it I will be helping out to bring them down..

  109. Slyplants is a Scam, 15 December, 2010

    What a total lie: “This will help us remove the fraudulent comments that we have had in the past. ”

    So, this is how slyplants deals with the customers it rips off:

    refuses to send product, refuses to refund money they stole, refuses to make good on transaction in any way shape or form….. AND THEN LIES ABOUT IT!!!

  110. Simon, 15 December, 2010

    I contacted them with my concerns since reading this site and they said I will not recieve an empty package and that they are under new management. A very stern unpersonal reply/email, not freindly..

  111. Slyplants is a Scam, 15 December, 2010

    ” under new management. ” LOL!


  112. M1, 15 December, 2010

    Well guys, after nearly three weeks of waiting the goods have not turned up yet, but I have received today a full refund from via aletrpay. I swear to God (though as an atheist that might be a tad difficult) that if the goods will eventually turn up I will make again the payment to them and do not expect anything back. They have just demonstrated to me a lot of goodwill and I can’t see why if they were a very elaborate scam as some of you depict they would have returned the money to me so promptly. Maybe some of you may argue it is a small price to pay for a good review but I think it is worth of note. Needless to say I would be still weary of placing more orders if the goods never turned up

  113. M1, 15 December, 2010

    I have to agree, compared to other sites they do no thave a friendly and helpful attitude (as I pointed out to them they have a street dealing customer service attitude) but give them some credit, they must be under a lot of pressure for their past mistakes

  114. Slyplants is a Scam, 15 December, 2010

    i gave them my MONEY, f*** giving them credit.

    and they don’t seem to have any qualms about keeping it either. they’re crooks.

  115. Julie, 15 December, 2010

    @Slypants Admin – our comments and complaints ARE NOT FRAUDULENT!!!

    They are FACTS!

    All we are asking for is to be treated the same way these other people are claiming.

    It’s not rocket science!

    A refund for product that never showed up or actually send our orders. Very simple.

    You have our money. FACT

    As I’ve said previously, if you made this right with me I would be the first one to post on here that you did. Until that happens we’re not going away.

    And neither will the FACTS OF YOU RIPPING US OFF!!!

    @Slyplants is a Scam

    See my question to you above about them shipping to banned countries…..

  116. Slyplants is a Scam, 15 December, 2010

    julie, i don’t think these “lads” are for real. like i said before, they sound too much alike and i think they are really the slyplants scammer.

    and i don’t believe slyplants is sending anything to anyone, let alone to banned countries like ireland, uk, and now the whole EU. it’s a load of bull.

    the fact that slyplants has yet to make good on all the bad deals says everything. any company who wanted to repair their rep in good faith would not now be lying on top of ripping us. these “good reviews” are totally bogus, imho.

  117. Julie, 15 December, 2010

    @Slyplants is a Scam

    I’m with you brother, have to agree… 😉

  118. Mephi, 15 December, 2010

    ye 2 seem 2 be the only people here who dosent believe us. maybe ye are the shills for sum odar website

  119. Slyplants is a Scam, 15 December, 2010

    whatever, “mephi” aka slyplants admin. gfy

  120. john swan, 16 December, 2010

    hey mephi..they ran out of stock on the 1st everyting got shipped on the 9th..and it takes 6 days so i got mine 2day..and they gave me an extra 5grams for christmas..

  121. Slyplants is a Scam, 16 December, 2010

    @john swan
    LOL! and i heard they’re giving away a free pony with every order for the holidays!

    fairytales do come true!

    unless it concerns refunds or sending product to the people they scammed, eh?

  122. Julie, 16 December, 2010

    @Slyplants is a Scam – yeah just like they will ship to a country where it’s illegal

    @Mephi aka Slyplants Admin gfy

    And no we’re not “shills” as you can see we didn’t start this Scam Alert….there are at least 12 other people who have posted on here they were ripped off, so again


  123. Mephi, 17 December, 2010

    Whats a fuckin shill eh? i ordered 5gs da oda day nd still havent got my tracking number :(

  124. Carlsberg, 19 December, 2010

    Just to add to this, I placed an order with Slyplants and they sent me a scanned image of the postal receipt along with tracking number, from Hungary. So I know that it was posted – I entered the tracking number of a website and it confirmed this. However, I have still not received the goods.. Make of it what you will but I’m surprised that scammers would go to the trouble of doing this, they also responded to my emails to be fair. So item was accepted by Hungarian postal service but no goods as yet. I am hoping that it has been delayed.. Shame I was really looking forward to it

  125. Carlsberg, 19 December, 2010

    Just to add to my earlier comment, I have been waiting since 27 November…

  126. Scammed Too, 19 December, 2010

    Just be sure you don’t wait too long. The scammers were very responsive to me and even sent me a package – well, the package was empty and addressed incorrectly (See my earlier posts).

    Just don’t wait too long – they (the scammers) know that if they lead you along long enough, you won’t have recourse through AlertPay. That was my mistake. Once the 30 day limit expired, I didn’t hear from SlyPlants again – and I couldn’t get my money back from AlertPay.

    Just sayin’

  127. Julie, 20 December, 2010

    @Scammed Too and @ Carlsberg – they did the same thing to me. Sent a tracking number, responded to emails, acted like they were trying to help – and then it was too late to do a claim through Alertpay. This was back in April before the ban. I went through hell with the post office trying to find out what happened to my package. Any idea how difficult it is to get through to an actual person at the dead letter office in Atlanta? They said that the only reason an item would get sent there is because of it being misaddressed to me, and then since the item was from Malta there was nothing they could do about it on our end. The sender would have to be the one to initiate a claim. Which of course Slyplants did not. And all the time I’m freaking out that the PO might have gotten customs onto me or something. No, I’m telling you I went through hell over this and that’s why I’m so pissed at them.

    Here’s the tracking number and what the PO has:
    RR50 9141 684M T

  128. Julie, 20 December, 2010

    Label/Receipt Number: RR50 9141 684M T
    Status: Dead Mail / Sent to Mail Recovery Center

    Your item could not be delivered or returned to the sender. It is being forwarded to a USPS mail recovery center where it will be processed. A proof of delivery record may be available through your local Post Office for a fee.

    Additional information for this item is stored in files offline.

    This means it was sent to the dead letter office.

  129. simon, 20 December, 2010

    Following on from my original message below:

    Well Guys I was very worried reading all your bad experiences with slyplants that I would be left high and dry and peed off but my order actually arrived today here in Spain so I am happy (it took 8 days). I do sympathy with you who have been ripped off and you who are still waiting but Slyplants are! processing orders at the moment that I can confirm. I havent tried it but its definitely Meph. I didnt get any free like someone suggested they did which would have been nice but I am not complaining. It came in a normal plain white envelope. I will use them again but it would be a last resort..

    Hi all…
    I have been bang into the Meph for approx one year now since moving to Spain (Almunecar) from Durham 2 years ago. I used to order from polatzo before the ban then onto another really reliable supplier currently but they are on holiday till January.I came across slyplants on a search and ordered 5G on the 7th of December to try them out and they sent me confirmation and tracking (PDF) on the 11th December. I hadnt seen any negative feedback until now, that was brought on by their email confirmation as below:

    Please find attached the PDF containing postal information & tracking number. Tracking number can be found at the bottom/left box.
    We would like you to leave a few good reviews on complaints board when you receive your items. This will help us remove the fraudulent comments that we have had in the past. This is not a must, but it will help us. We are not a scam and would like to see positive comments from clients which had good experience with our website.

    Slyplants Team

    I really hope it arrives here in Spain and not an empty package as I would be gutted! and fuming as I need a stock up for xmas. I paid by Alertpay so am covered but thats not the point and I understand the frustrations of the people on here who have been ripped off, its not so much the money its looking forward to the product that really pee’s you off when it never comes. I bought 100G from a guy on in June because he accepted paypal and I and he knew it was safe yet the tit! still sent me sugar!!? so I had to go through the hassle of chargeback on my visa etc and the all night party was not as good as it could have been.
    Anyway , I should!! receive my order on Thursday or friday and for what its worth if it does arrive in tact and quality I will post on here and let you all know… And no I have absolutely nothing to do with slyplants or any other supplier. only wish I was .. Equally if I dont receive it I will be helping out to bring them down..

  130. enrico, 21 December, 2010

    I received 50gram after 10 days of the payement and always a mail back after one day of mine. good quality. good srvice. good customer service

  131. Simon, 21 December, 2010

    If they continue on the upward trend and get more consistant happy customers. for sure I will use them again.. Lets hope so..

  132. Julie, 21 December, 2010

    But they continue to ignore and anger their previous customers – so f’ing happy for you….

    Until they make good on what they did previously – as in ripoff over 14 people on this site, this won’t end…

  133. Simon, 21 December, 2010

    Like I said in my other posts I do have great sympathy for those that have been ripped off and those that are still waiting, Its horrible when you wanting something like meph to arrive and it never does on top of losing money. I have been there but I put enough backup in place I managed to get my money back so wasnt ripped off in the end. I was still P**sed off! mind.. Its not constructive to be having a go at people that are bothering to post on here who recently have had a positive experience with Slyplants, I am just informing you of what they are doing at the moment and its not bad, like it or lump it.. By the way where did you order the meph to? obviously if its illegal in your country then its stupid in the first place to be ordering

  134. Julie, 21 December, 2010

    @Simon if you would read my other posts I have already stated that it is not illegal here – I live in the US. I posted also the tracking number and where it ended up, also the fact that they pretended to help me until it was too late to do anything about it. Read my previous posts before you make assumptions.

    All I’m asking is for them to make this right, give me a refund or ship my order.

  135. Mephi, 21 December, 2010

    I think somebody owes me an apology!!

  136. Slyplants is a Scam, 21 December, 2010

    f**k you, slyplants admin and all your sockpuppet alter egos. send the goods or give us our money back.

  137. Julie, 21 December, 2010

    Fake mephedrone dealer

    @Slyplants Admin aka Mephi, aka M1, etc etc ad nauseum –

    you do realize that every time there’s a new comment on here it shows up on the home page under “latest comments” ? So that the fake comments you put here only make the customers you’ve screwed over post new comments as well?

    And do you realize that when you Google “Slyplants Scam” there are about ten other scam alert sites that show quite a few (some with multiple) alerts about your site?

    And you do realize we could open new scam alerts about you on any of these sites (including this one) every day if we wanted to, so that when someone Googles “Slyplants” it will show up at the top of Google every time?

    Is this what you want?

    @Mephi HaHa don’t hold your breath

  138. Simon, 21 December, 2010

    Ref: Julie…

    I did read all the posts on here in the beginning, I cant be expected to remember everyone’s name, location and situation and I wasnt going to read the whole site again just to post here and let people know I did place an order (my 1st) and I did receive my goods, no assumptions…

    And! I fully!!!! agree with what you and the others on here are asking i.e recognition /apology/refund or product etc. I certainly dont condone these guys past behaviour and I can tell you with 100% certainty I would be F**king fuming if it was me.. If nothing else comes out of this from them then at the very least you all will have learned from this experience… And I do hope Slyplants at the very least post out the orders they owe, if it is under new management then Gee they really should for their futrue reputation etc

    Interestingly by the way, you say its not illegal in the US, it that all states?? so does that mean its okay to bring it over if on holiday?? as I am over there (Florida /las Vegas/new york) in 2011)..

  139. Julie, 21 December, 2010

    @Simon Fair enough… 😉

    As far as I know only North Dakota:

    BUT I don’t know about bringing it in because the TSA has really been cracking down hard on air travel….

  140. Simon, 21 December, 2010

    Thanks Julie, I dont think I will chance it, maybe a small!amount hahaha. All the best and I do hope you guys get to the end of this. I think its great that scam sites can be brought out from their hiding place and at times forced into action by sites/actions like this…and people power can make a difference.. Come on slyplants, you are looking for a better reputation and happy customers and good profits, its clear you read this site, do the right thing and fulfil these past orders for the good of everyone!… Best, regards,Happy Christmas!

  141. Mephi, 21 December, 2010

    I dnt care julie ive ntn to do with slyplants. i bought from them once and recieved very good product.
    however.. i ordered last week and recieved no tracking number yet. was told 1st a problem at the post office and yesterday that they cant ship till next monday. if i get scammed il be the 1st to post here trust me. i just hope they dont let me down after all the slating ive been getting here

  142. Slyplants is a Scam, 21 December, 2010

    @Mephi aka slyplants admin

    you’ve been here posting nonstop as if your livelihood depended on it (which i’m sure it does). you should permanently switch user names and retire “mephi”. it’s done to death.

  143. Mephi, 21 December, 2010

    Pal your just jealous you love my username! now as ive asked earlier on if u take a look DOES ANYBODY KNOW A GOOD WEBSITE THAT WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE other than slyplants please tell us all for fuck sake!

  144. Julie, 21 December, 2010


    Crackin up over here!

    @Simon you’re welcome. And thank you – have a great Holiday!

    @Mephi I’ll have to think about it…. 😉

  145. Tommy, 21 December, 2010

    @Slyplants is a Scam
    You just a fukn little whining bitch who needs to be givin a good slap for havin such narrow minded head on ya. A slyplants admin hiring sum1 from south east ireland, which is where is where im from, is just about as believable as hearing me ma got a rim job off the pope after he lost a bet in a game of texas holdem.

    Ya got scammed for a few pound and you just cant believe there are genuine ppl on here who have received their product. Like i said before its a hit and miss business with the meph.
    Im sure nearly everyone on here is from the UK, ireland and a few other banned countries within the EU. Anyone buying stuff from the US here needs their heads checked.

    So point being…………………….move on, get ur finger out of hairy hole and stop being a little fudge packer and slating mephi.

    Oh i forgot to say i work for slyplants too. Cudnt you just tell that from my big hungarian play on words!!

    Got a nice big bag of blow here sitting right in from of me now with a few bottles of cobra and im gonna snort it out for the wee hours of the mornin!


  146. Slyplants is a Scam, 21 December, 2010


    hi slyplants admin scumbag!

  147. Tommy, 21 December, 2010

    Damn mephi our cover blown. Think we shall move onto some other website that scams ppl and try to gain a great rep for them through endless bullshitting.

    SIAS ur a bitch now go and ride urself with the butt end of a pool cue.

  148. Mephi, 22 December, 2010

    Ha ha jez dats fucking funny!

  149. OhImNew, 23 December, 2010

    It would be very easy for an admin of the site ( to see if the posts are made from the same IP-address…

  150. Another site, 29 December, 2010

    check they do ship mephedrone worldwide… (ps: i’m not the admin, just a customer. Try flowerpowder, the crystal is too big crystals for me)

  151. Mephi, 30 December, 2010

    Right so i still havent got my tracking number from slyplants. i ordered the 14 of december. got an email saying the have a back log since the 13 of november! thats not true people here have gotten there orders. john swan could ye email me lad

  152. Mephi, 30 December, 2010

    Spoke 2 soon i just got my tracking order

  153. towerthree, 30 December, 2010

    skyplants is not a scam. i have order through them twice. both times they have responded to my emails. their product are real.

  154. Julie, 30 December, 2010

    Here is an email I received today:


    As you may know, slyplants is under new management, and although you got scammed, we cannot replace your order, but we’ll send you 5g just to show you that we are not a scam. We are in Hungary and bought the website as is, with its reputation. We are not trying to remove the bad comments that the previous management left behind. The people posting on the scam websites are actual clients. we did not hire anyone to post, but we did ask customers to post their experience when they get their items.

    Send us your full name & address please.

    Slyplants Team

    So, sounds reasonable to me. Will update when I get it, and as I’ve said if they do indeed make things right I will recant what I said about the NEW Mgmt.

    Happy New Year!!!

  155. OhImNew, 04 January, 2011

    Anything new in this case?

    Anybody received their products?

  156. bk-mdma, 05 January, 2011

    Ayer hice mi pedido después de hablar a través de email. Ellos me comunicaron que la forma de pago la habían cambiado y era segura, que la empresa esta bajo una nueva administración, yo pedí 5 g todavía no me ha llegado ni una notificación ni referencia, aunque puede tardar hasta 48 horas, así que no estoy preocupado, de todas formas lo pedí en plan prueba, si me llega todo bien lo comunicare por aquí, espero que sea cierto.

  157. bk-mdma, 05 January, 2011

    Pedí mi producto ayer, y hoy recibí este correo:


    We are having some issues about 4MMC this year because it has now become illegal in our country. We are trying to find solutions for this and it will take us another week to do so. We are sorry for this repeated delay. If you cannot wait for another week, please drop us an email and we will refund your account.

    Again, we are sorry if this may have caused extra inconvenienced!

    Slyplants Team

  158. Julie, 05 January, 2011

    @bk-mdma Are you still sending mine?

  159. bk-mdma, 05 January, 2011

    I sat and I Asked That message, “if it is true? Do Not Know, But is it credible remove Legislation in Hungary Because the WAS to see if They Outlawed Since December 2010, Also suppose That the orders made by the People Before the law There drawback of course is no problem now in Arriving, I think. I am a customer and I Have Never Dealt With Slyplants, is the first time I ask a product.

    I do not speak English so the text can be misspelled when using the translator.

  160. Julie, 05 January, 2011

    I am confused ;(

  161. Mephi, 05 January, 2011

    Julie could u email me please?

  162. Julie, 06 January, 2011

    @Mephi check your email :)

  163. rocket man, 10 January, 2011

    Hey everyone i no your pains as i have been a scammed by slyplants as well.
    Same bull shit from them as most here. David palmer dont trust him as well very shady was going to order but far to shady for me to long to explain remember the
    name he is with herbalproductsltd .But I have a link I got off a very good friend of mine. A supplier he found on a blog that is a good vendor actually they carry methylone and mephedrone between my friend and I we have made several orders and have been very happy every time quality supreme and weight dead on
    there e-mail is hope it helps…

  164. john swan, 10 January, 2011

    got my package yup

  165. OhImNew, 10 January, 2011

    So still, no one received anything?

  166. bk-mdma, 11 January, 2011

    Not if it’s true, so if you told me is that conflict with the laws in your country now, and I returned the money to pay takes 3 days so I can not say with 100% q never but we’ve tried to transfer reimbursement is already done, the truth I do not think remains a scam …

  167. Slyplants Admin, 11 January, 2011

    We sorted out all issues and we started sending the orders as from yesterday. To all the clients that have a pending order, you will recieve the postal reciept / tracking shorty, including you julie!

    Sorry for the delay but problems were coming from every corner from december to early january. Weather conditions and legislation issues is not something we have control over.

    We also, stated that if a client cannot wait, he is eligible for a refund, and thats what we did. We refunded whoever asked for the refund!

    Slyplants Admin

  168. Scammed Too, 11 January, 2011

    @Slyplants Admin

    A refund, huh? When should I expect mine? You have all of my information from my earlier posts. I’d say waiting 9 months is waiting too long. I’d like my money back.

  169. Slyplants Admin, 11 January, 2011

    As we explained before, slyplants is under new management. You cannot expect to get a refund if your item was not shipped by us. Who’s gonna pay for that once we send it? If you want your 9 month old order refunded, you should speak to the previous slyplants management.

    Slyplants Admin

  170. john swan, 11 January, 2011

    hey my package..thanks..can i order away as normal again

  171. Julie, 11 January, 2011

    @Slyplants Admin

    Ok will be watching for it!! :) Thanks

  172. Scammed Too, 11 January, 2011

    @Slyplants Admin

    Oh really?

    I assume you took over the “management” of to make a profit. A commendable endeavor and I wish you luck. But, just as you seemingly benefit from the name Slyplants, you should also be held accountable for past debts. The scam from Slyplants (under anyone’s management) indebted Slyplants to me personally. Until such a time as Slyplants (under anyone’s management) corrects this issue, I’ll continue to share my very negative experience and the supporting information.

    Simply put, Slyplants scammed me and Slyplants has refused to correct the issue.

    For better or worse, your future customers will ultimately make the decision – trust the “new management” when they decide not to honor the legitimate debts of Slyplants and take a chance on being scammed themselves, or take their money elsewhere.

    Your turn.

  173. scammed by slyplants, 11 January, 2011

    @ slyplants admin

    bullshit! why should i buy that story? if you buy a company you buy the debts incurred and the rep.

    but i have no reason to think management has changed hands– you act like the “old” admin, i.e. disappear and don’t deal with the grief you caused.

    and no offense julie, but they bought you off cheap.

  174. scammed by slyplants, 11 January, 2011

    and if you’re so honest all of a sudden why not refund the people who were scammed by your company?

    i’ve seen online scammers do EXACTLY what you’re doing now. pretend to be “new owners”.

    YOU cannot expect to get a good rep when you scam or buy a criminal venture. If you were for real you would have just started your own company fresh with no bad rep.

  175. M1, 11 January, 2011

    Oh dear, worst than I thought. believe it or not the package finally turned up after Christmas and guess what? It was of appaling quality. Guys if you tell me you are going to sell me methylone ensure that at least, if not 99.9% pure as you claim it is at least 50%. That was not even 9.99%. Over one gram taken orally and within two hours I was asleep.

    Quite frankly I would rather have not received the package, it would have been better. Really disappointed and as such I will not make the payment as promised back in December (they had refunded me the money). I will never use them again. Bummer, I am really gutted.

  176. M1, 11 January, 2011

    Nearly forgot, the stuff smelled vaguely like mephedrone (I hate the stuff), hurt like hell if insufflated (methylone does not) and had barely any effect (as already said, very short lived, no more than 30 minutes, which of course is ridiculous to anyone who has tried real methylone. I am so pissed off!!!!

  177. tom, 12 January, 2011

    I’ve ordered from slyplants 2 times and I’ve received my order as promised and got very good quality 4-mmc. I must guard the last time due to weather problems and they promised me 15% more, and I got my 15% more, I’ve certainly no complaints about slyplants

    so thank you slyplants!

  178. Julie, 12 January, 2011

    @scammed by slyplants

    I know but if they actually come through it’s better than nothing…..

  179. scammed by slyplants, 12 January, 2011

    well if they supposedly give 15% more then why aren’t they sending at least that to the ones they scammed? doesn’t make sense does it? if someone gets an order then they’d give a good review anyway…. if they want the aggrieved to stop writing about all the bad experiences they could “buy us off” by sending something… and yet that hasn’t happened. no one from them has contacted me to offer anything. they are rippers.

  180. Julie, 15 January, 2011

    @rocket man

    please email me:

  181. Julie, 15 January, 2011

    BTW, received email yesterday of PDF copy of shipping label and tracking info. from Slyplants.


    to be continued…..

  182. Evgeni, 18 January, 2011

    Definitely NOT A SCAM. I have ordered twice and everythig was perfect and the quality exelent !!!
    Strongly recomended.

  183. scammed by slyplants, 18 January, 2011

    Definitely IS A SCAM. ordered and never got anything. they don’t give a shit about the customers they ripped off.

  184. eric, 25 January, 2011

    ordered 5g mmc from slyplants, payed via alertpay… then read about the “scam” ! i started worrying, then recieved my tracking number a few days later. i was relieved when their letter arrived ! definitely NO SCAM ! if you prefer sending money via western union to cameroon (and pay 30€ shipping !), go ahead. i’ll stick to slyplants. (and yes, they did ask me to put in a good review for them).

  185. Scammed Too, 25 January, 2011

    Keep on posting, Slyplants. Until I either receive the product I paid for or a refund of my money, I’ll continue to remind people that SLYPLANTS RIPPED ME OFF.

  186. Slyplants Admin, 28 January, 2011

    Hello “Scammed Too”

    We would never bother dealing with someone like you. Honestly, although we ask clients to post their expereinces here, these posts dont really have a great impact on our business. So please, continue posting & keep up the good work. We love seeing you wasting your time & getting pissed off while ur blood boils, without getting results! Dont u have anything better to do with your life? maybe you can open up your own dispute website since ur that good at it! Just an idea 😀

    We dont really post these kind of posts online. We dont like to go down to such level, but for a person like you, its worth while after all the rude comments you left here.

    Dont even bother asking for a refund from us. if you want a refund, ask the previous management. We are not responsible for their mistakes although we are getting all the blame.

    As we stated before, keep ut the good work & get a life!

    The Slyplants Team

  187. Scammed Too, 28 January, 2011

    Ahhh…the “new management” of shows its true colors. Sounds an awful lot like the previous management.

    I do have a life. And it’s not being funded by scamming people. If I’m wasting my time, why do you feel it necessary to continue to try and make people believe Slyplants is anything more than a scam? Oh, and why would my time be a concern of yours?

    Could it possibly be that I am willing to continue to remind people that you scammed me? Is that is what’s bothering you? Or is it that I posted the details of your scam?
    1. Receive order
    2. Collect money
    3. Purposely mis-address empty package
    4. Email empty promises of correcting order
    5. Wait for the 30-day AlertPay time limit to pass
    6. Ignore those you scam
    7. Keep money
    8. Post fake positive comments to complaint boards

    As to being pissed off and having boiling blood – nothing is further from the truth. I paid $139.59 for a life lesson and I recognize that. So what is my motivation? I’d like to ensure others don’t get scammed as I have. I feel it is a bit of a public service

  188. wow, 28 January, 2011

    without a doubt, slyplants is the same scammer he’s always been.

  189. Tommy, 01 February, 2011

    Why dont you just get some meph off me? I have loads here n its great fukn stuff.

  190. john swan, 02 February, 2011

    tommy could u mail me bud..iz from ireland..

  191. john swan, 02 February, 2011

    dat my email

  192. Tony, 02 February, 2011

    I received they items and they cared about tracking me the delivery. that was Ok

  193. Julie, 03 February, 2011

    Alright people – got it today! Weighs out perfectly. Shipped on 1/11/11. That’s weird. Anyway have yet to feed the plants, will do that next week.

    @slyplants Admin

    When I see how the plants react will post again.

    So, thank you.


  194. Julie, 03 February, 2011

    Just to share:

    the awesomeness that is Judas Priest

  195. Scammed Too, 04 February, 2011

    So, Julie…what’s the word? Did they come through for you on the “settlement?” Ever receive the product or a refund?

    I see that Slyplants once again thrown a flurry of very fake sounding “positive” comments into the fray in the hopes that it will water down the truth of their dishonesty.

    Oh, and Slyplants, I’m not going away.

  196. Julie, 04 February, 2011

    @Scammed Too

    As I said, got it yesterday, have not fed the plants yet. It did weigh out. Will post again when I see how they react.


  197. Carlsberg, 04 February, 2011

    Don’t know whether this will link to my other posts, but here we go anyway.. I originally ordered back in November and despite receiving the scanned postal receipt, nothing arrived. Their admin team did respond to my chasing and eventually refunded me a couple of weeks ago (but note – minus admin and postal fees). So I lost about 20 quid. But as this was a sign of their legitamacy to me, I placed another order. And lo and behold it turned up today (6 days after receiving postal receipt scan) and it’s not bad. Fair play to them, obviously they are legit so those who have lost out, I can only assume, as they say, this shit happened prior to their taking over the firm..

  198. Julie, 04 February, 2011

    Damn Glenn Tipton is hottttt

  199. Slyplants Admin, 09 February, 2011

    Scammed Too, you can stay as much as you want. Please keep posting. We really dont mind.

    And to make you post even more, we will choose another 5 from this forum, and we will send them 5g, just like we did with your friend julie!.

    You seem happy enough so we dont think its appropriate to send you anything.

    Keep up the good work!

    Slyplants Team

  200. Scammed Too, 09 February, 2011

    Ahhhh…boo hoo. Now you’ve gone and hurt my feelings.

    Actually, since my intent is to inform, the fact that you continue to post messages like your last should be enough for anyone to see what you’re really about.


  201. john swan, 09 February, 2011

    haha,any package dat i ordered from november 2010 til now i hav got it in from ireland.quality meph stop yer wining nd get over it..its not the end of da world..never got scammed so ive notin but good tings ta say bout slyplants..

  202. Carlsberg, 09 February, 2011

    Hi guys, just to let you all know about the quality of the goods I received from Slyplants (I know most of you haven’t got that far so I apologise). It’s not bad, but not as good as the ‘original’ stuff back in the day (it’s the powdered fluffy stuff, not crystal). But, hey, it arrived so it’s better than paying top dollar for ‘Mexican Shoe Scrapings’..

  203. Slyplants Admin, 13 February, 2011

    thanks for the kind comments john swan & Carlsberg.

  204. Julie, 14 February, 2011

    @Slyplants Admin

    Fed the plants this weekend and they loved it!!! Real nice crystals.

    As promised, I commend the NEW management and any comments previously made as to being scammed are only directed at the OLD management. I believe based on both party’s acts of good faith I would venture to do business with the NEW management in the future.

    Thank You :)

  205. LOL, 14 February, 2011

    scammers send one person they ripped off half her order after many months out of all the people they scammed and that’s supposed to prove what????

    5 grams to buy themselves a little better pr? good work scammers! you got off cheap!

  206. mephi, 27 February, 2011

    There ye all go! I was the first to report here about recieving my order and ye did not believe me! carlsberg i dis agree i have ordered from mephwholesale in the past and quality was shit compared to slyplants! keep up the good work slyplants i hope you are in business for a long time!! :)

  207. simon, 27 February, 2011

    To be fair I have used both slyplants and Mephwhole sale.. Mephwhole many more times than Slyplants and I have found their customer service really good also the quality of their product… Slyplant always seem to have problems with delivery times and answering emails.. They are currently out of stock and I have have mailed several times now with no reply..?? Equally Mephwhole have posted a messsage on their front page as below and I have mailled them to explain further with no reply as yet.. Do you guys have any infomation on how/when this EU ban with affect us from buying in the near furture??

    ‘We cannot say for definite but it looks like we have only 4 months left to operate from Europe , this means we cannot guarantee you a supply of Mephedrone after that time period , it also means some of our suppliers are taking advantage of the situation and are charging us more for product and shipping while others are unwilling to ship us any further stock . Take advantage of our services now before its too late ! And remember where once you could buy from a wide variety of Mephedrone vendors with confidence , you the customer are now faced with more fake vendors seeking to scam you than real sites with real product offering an authentic service . MephedroneWholesale is the latter , we offer the best quality product available on todays market , we employ five fulltime staff in a dedicated office and adjoining industrial unit , person to person customer service by email , tracking (please note parcels are trackable on your national postal website once the item has reached your countries postal system and not before so keep an eye on it ) , we offer all feasible payment options ( forget Credit Card , PayPal and AlertPay , any vendor using these services will have their funds frozen and leave you out of pocket and without product within a matter of weeks ), and above all we actually care about what we do ‘

  208. mephi, 27 February, 2011

    ok so anybody have a solution?

  209. Slyplants Admin, 07 March, 2011

    For those of you who are interested, we opened up an office in Africa, so we believe that we will have a constent supply of 4mmc for a long time.

    Slyplants Team

  210. still haven’t got my order from slyplants, 07 March, 2011

    africa! perfect place for you. the original home of online scammers.

  211. Julie, 07 March, 2011

    RE: Slyplants In Africa

    Will be interested to hear reviews on shipping from that location….

  212. Julie, 07 March, 2011

    RE: Slyplants in Africa

    @Slyplants Admin – I believe it would also depend on where in Africa the new office is, what with the revolutions going on there…. ?

  213. Scammed Too, 07 March, 2011

    Africa? Where specifically? Somalia – joining the pirates? Or would that be Nigeria – “help me with a shitload of money I need to move to a safe country – just wire enough money to cover the taxes and fees.”

    Doesn’t scamming people trying to purchase meph pay enough?

  214. Slyplants Admin, 07 March, 2011

    We ship from Tanzania.

    We have no reason to scam anyone. We want our business to keep going. Also, keep in mind that we still accept payments through Alertpay. Payments are made by credit card, and orders can be disputed if item doesnt arrive for a valid reason. We cannot really scam anyone. and we do not accept Western Union.

    Mephedrone its just hard to sell nowadays, and its illegal and most countries in europe. This is why we are now shipping from Tanzania.

  215. Slyplants Admin, 07 March, 2011

    by the way.

    All other products are still shipped from Europe.

  216. Scammed Too, 07 March, 2011

    Oh, Slyplants, you’re just being silly now. You accept AlertPay! Whippee, I must be protected now, right? Oh, wait, you used AlertPay before until your account got suspended. Could that suspension have happened because you routinely scammed people by stringing them along until the 30 day time limit for refunds through AlertPay expired? Hmmmm.

    I’m reposting details from my experience with you for others to see here:

    On March 23, I made the following order:
    Please note: the charge on your credit card statement for this payment will show as: AlertPay 514-748-5774
    Payment Details
    Date: 3/24/2010 2:09:09 AM
    Amount Paid: $139.59 USD
    Name on Statement: AlertPay 514-748-5774
    Reference Number: 25AE1-5C661-46C6B
    Seller Name: Slyplants
    Seller Email:
    Item Description: 4MMC x 10 grams: mephedrone (meow) research chemical
    If you are unable to contact the seller regarding your transaction, please contact AlertPay’s Customer Support team.
    Thanks for using AlertPay
    The AlertPay Team
    On April 5, Slyplants sent me the following email:
    Thank you for your order. We are terribly sorry for the delay. Due to the new legislation regarding our products, local customs held all our orders. The new legislations do not cover our country, so everything was released. Please do check the status and laws covering this product in your country. The new legislations stated that this is not a plant fertilizer. and the packages might be stopped by your customs. If this happens, you will have to give a good explanation why and for what you purchased this product.
    Tracking number can be found below
    Please allow 24 hours for the tracking number to be active.
    You can track your order for the incoming status of the package through your local post office website. If you are a resident of the United States, you can track the incoming status through
    Slyplants Team
    On April 19, I responded with the following:
    Received the registered delivery today. The padded enveloped was empty when I opened it, however. The envelope also had the wrong street address on the label but the local delivery person corrected the address when she recognized my name. Please contact me to arrange for a shipment of something other than an empty envelope and I will confirm the correct address. I really do not want the hassle of initiating a chargeback through my credit card company so your prompt response is certainly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Slyplants responded on April 20 with:
    Hello xxxxxx,
    Are you sure that it was our package? we do not usually do these silly mistakes, especially the address, because we copy, paste and print it. Please send us your alertpay transaction number, along with the returning address at the back.
    Slyplants Team
    I responded on April 27:
    Yes, the package was the one I was expecting from you – the tracking number on the package matches my order. Here are the Alertpay information:
    Date: 3/24/2010 2:09:09 AM
    Amount Paid: $139.59 USD
    Name on Statement: AlertPay 514-748-5774
    Reference Number: 25AE1-5C661-46C6B
    Seller Name: Slyplants
    Seller Email:
    Item Description: 4MMC x 10 grams: mephedrone (meow) research chemical
    Please either refund the transaction amount or send a corrected shipment.
    I sent additional correspondence on June 14, June 23, July 9, and then again yesterday. Slyplants has yet to respond to any of these messages.
    When I attempted to recover my payment from AlertPay, I was informed that Slyplant’s account with AlertPay had been cancelled and they were unable to refund my payment. It appears Slyplants now has a new AlertPay account.
    I’m still waiting for a response from Slyplants. If they are following this, then they know who I am. If I hear from them, I’ll be sure to let everyone here know.

  217. Carlsberg, 07 March, 2011

    Fair play to Slyplants, staying one step ahead of the game. My order from Tanzania is pending, Slyplants have told me 6-16 days for delivery (it’s been a week or so already). I will let u all know what happens. I know the firm are legit cos I received before from Hungary so I’m more worried about the African postal service!!

  218. john swan, 07 March, 2011

    got my package from slyplants tuesday..its cumin from africa now..took about 5 days after i got the tracking. Im from ireland.mite take longer for other countries..good quality for those who wants ta order..go ahead..

  219. Julie, 08 March, 2011

    Their site says they are out of stock ATM….

    Perhaps they could send me 1 gram to test the shipping to the US 😉 (when they are in stock again)

  220. Slyplants Admin, 08 March, 2011

    Hello Julie,

    We are in stock. The website is in stock for all products.

  221. OhImNew, 08 March, 2011

    Unfortunately AlertPay doesn’t support payment by MasterCard at the moment – otherwise I would order right away.

  222. still haven’t got my order from slyplants, 08 March, 2011

    or perhaps they could send the orders to all the other people they scammed?

    and btw, f*** y** to slyplants who still refuses to refund or send to the multitudes of customers they ripped off.

  223. Julie, 08 March, 2011

    @Slyplants Admin

    When you go to the payment on the site it says out of stock…

  224. Slyplants Admin, 09 March, 2011

    Hello julie,

    that was a mistake on our website. We forgot to disable the out of stock status on the US currency page.

    OhImNew: for MasterCard users please visit the link below:

  225. Julie, 11 March, 2011

    @Slyplants Admin

    Tried the Alertpay and says not taking card orders – also tried the other pay link from your site and nothing there….

  226. don’t give money to the scammers, 11 March, 2011

    sockpuppets here love slyplants but real people have a different opinion:

    reviews of real vendors:

    people, you have options! don’t get suckered, avoid the slyplants scammers!

  227. Slyplants Admin, 12 March, 2011

    Hello Julie,

    That must be because you are in the USA. please follow this link for the solutions.


  228. Carlsberg, 18 March, 2011

    Can all u whingers now do one please? For the customers who know the firm, I today received my goods from Deepest Eastern Africa, 15 days after posting. Quality is not brilliant, but does the job. Cheers Slyplants

  229. don’t give money to the scammers, 18 March, 2011

    been doing it all night :-)
    great stuff from a real vendor. top quality, best i’ve ever had and guess what… it’s NOT from those slyplants aholes!!!! nope, never got anything from them, the rippers.

    anyways cheers mate, happy sock puppeting. real companies wouldn’t be spending so much time on this pr bull. or if they cared so much they’d just send what was paid for and get back to biz, like the place i got mine from.

  230. mephi, 18 March, 2011

    I ordered last Saturday wheres my tracking number slyplants

  231. Julie, 18 March, 2011

    @Carlsberg where are you located?

    @mephi pls do post when you receive yours


  232. Portland, 19 March, 2011

    I was just like this, for buying from, I read this forum…. all the seroius acusations to this supplier… And I also read the counterpart as supossed positive feedbacks.

    Now I don’t know what to think…. = |

  233. mephi, 26 March, 2011

    Recieved mine yesterday. Fluffy flakes does the job

  234. Sonic Sega, 28 March, 2011

    Hi guys!

    I paid for 50g via Western Union for about 2-3 weeks ago. I had contact with Slyplants all this time and today I got my package from Tanzania. The package contained 100g instead of 50g that I paid for so I am more than satisfied.

    I don’t know about the quality yet but will find out the latest tomorrow. It doesn’t smell anything and it is crystallized.

    Every person that is sitting day and night and write bad comments about this website should stop because it get’s fucking irritating. You have to understand that nobody will pay back your 50-150 dollars. Go on.

    The only bad thing on to here is that it took some time to come, but I hope it will be faster next order.

    Keep up the good work !

  235. don’t give money to the scammers, 29 March, 2011

    screw you Sonic Shill.
    what’s really boring is more fake good reviews from slyplants pretending to be customers. send me my order or give me a refund if you want me to stop warning people.

  236. portland, 29 March, 2011

    Hey, since what time have you been waiting for your order….?

    I believe that they are not scam… but… I think they might have shiping problems before…

    How much money did you lost? by western union?

  237. don’t give money to the scammers, 29 March, 2011

    portland, why do you think they are not a scam and it’s shipping problems? i know for a fact it is a scam because they wouldn’t answer my emails after they got my payment but they DID answer emails i sent from another addy. that’s a scam!

  238. Sonic Sega, 30 March, 2011

    Hey kiddo I am not a part of their team, stop the bullshitting. I have lost money 5 times totally. One time I sent money to UK, two to Cameroon, one to Pakistan and one now, to as they are not answering my mails after I have paid for 100g.

    I thought slyplants was scam first because it says that all over the internet but I got my package this monday and as I said it came from Tanzania.

    They have explained that they have changed people in the staff and that the people before made misstakes and scammed. I got 100g and I am satisfied, will buy more and I am not the first either.

  239. OhImNew, 30 March, 2011

    How’s the qualityy

  240. Me, 30 March, 2011

    Hey Sonic Sega,
    i bought at too and they sent me a tracking code. that was 16 days ago. they told me that they ship from Tanzania too like slyplants.
    i hope not that is a fake tracking code ’cause they didnt answer my last mail too.
    earlier where they send their poducts from hungary there was all ok with the orders. maybe i must more waiting for the long shipping time?!

  241. don’t give money to the scammers, 30 March, 2011

    hey shill, the only “mistake” we made was ordering from slyplants. it’s the same scammer, no change of ownership. the fact that they lie about the customers they scammed says it all.

  242. Sucker?, 30 March, 2011

    I ordered 10g yesterday and hope the $200 does not disappear. Shipping to MN, USA. It’s spring and time for growing things.

  243. mephi, 30 March, 2011

    This is just getting stupid now.

  244. Sonic Sega, 31 March, 2011

    Hi again!

    Aparentely the package I got with 100g was from plantfeedshop and not from slyplants. I am waiting for the slyplants package to come today or tomorrow.

    I have got a tracking number from slyplants but it doesn’t work yet but I am sure it’s on it’s way. is true, I will wait to say the same about slyplants.

  245. simon, 31 March, 2011

    I would really like to know the quality of the product coming from slyplants now out of Africa.. Any advice appriciated. I am ready to order some if its worth it.. cheers

  246. Dave Sykes, 31 March, 2011

    I am going to order a small 5g sample of slyplants on Monday using Alertpay, if the order shows up I will post my experience using this service and happily leave them good feedback as my plants have had a serious lack of good vibes lately and defintly need cheering up – I’m keeeping my fingers crossed – dont let me down slyplants if my package shows up I’ll be buying 100g no questions asked

  247. Dave Sykes, 31 March, 2011

    anyone had any bad experiences with plantfeedshop? are they any good? please let me know – plantfeedshop dont use alertpay do they? surely using this payment method is risky

  248. Dave Sykes, 31 March, 2011

    hey, questions for ” don’t give money to the scammers ” can you email me at and let me know if you know any reliable sellers of 4mmc out there please I would most appreciate it if you could let me know, as far as I’m aware there only seem to be 2 sellers : slyplants & plantfeeder, let us know thanks

  249. Carlsberg, 31 March, 2011

    Simon, the last lot I received from Slyplants via Africa was top notch, the crystal stuff not powder. I didn’t fully appreciate it when I first received it cos my plants were a bit worse for wear on alcohol! So I wud highly recommend it, altho it did take around 15 days to arrive. I’ve just ordered some more. Ps I’m with u Mephi, had enuff of all the negative stuff on here so I’m gonna sign off for good. I only went on here originally cos my original order was late and I was obviously concerned, and everything I have said subsequently is in good faith. Good luck everyone!

  250. mephi, 31 March, 2011

    Slyplsnts r legit. Nuff said

  251. Julie, 31 March, 2011

    have to say the stuff I got from them (finally) was pretty good.

  252. paul, 01 April, 2011

    hey to john swan. im from wexford san ha. are ya from the town?? was just wonderin if u still getin it and if ya are will ya let me know if u much hardship with it. cheers san. oh and mephi are you??

  253. portland, 03 April, 2011

    Hi there! … After reading all the post from slyplants… I decided to buy 20g..
    I hope i made the right desition and not to be scammed…….
    I read very carefully all the terms and conditions of the payment via alert pay, and the protection terms with VISA international… and if something happen I can request a refund from alertpay, if they not complain I can send an scam alert to alertpay and their bussiness could be closed for terms violation. So I guess that the payment process is safe enough to not waste the money, but we shall see if got my 20g.

    I’ll post here if anything goes wrong…


    Payment Details
    Date: April 03, 2011 9:16:50 PM
    Amount Paid: $273.44 USD
    Name on StatementAlertPay 514-748-5774
    Reference Number: 19ADF-C825B-3FA14
    Seller Name: Slyplants
    Seller Email:
    Item Description: 4MMC x 20g: 4mmc x 20g (please do not forget to include shipping address)

  254. Scammed Too, 03 April, 2011

    @Portland: Be sure to pay attention to AlertPay’s time limit on filing a complaint. The will not refund your money after 30 days. When I ordered from Slyplants, the strung me along an empty misaddressed envelope and fake promises via email. They kept that up until the time limit expired and then promptly ignored me. See my earlier posts to read about my experiences – as well as others.

    It might be worth noting that those of us who have portrayed Slyplants as a scam have absolutely nothing to gain from posting here other than the slight satisfaction of knowing we may have saved someone from being scammed too.

  255. bk-mdma, 04 April, 2011

    The truth is that I understand people who complain of being cheated, I too was ripped off, a scam in Cameroon and lost 250 euros.
    Still slyplant chances with me from the beginning it seemed to me more serious than other pages.
    I placed my order of 5g, the day I reported they had a problem and aside, I returned the money without problemas.Al month saw the problem solved and now the orders were from Tanzania.Decidi ask 5g and risk. Now I have unn on Development, Tanzania with 5 g of crystalline 4-MMC.No quality is like but I sent it to a laboraratorio to check if it is real purity of 98%. When I reach the publishes the results and see if we are 100 % legit.
    I would like to finally tell people scammed you all know what that is outrageous and of course we do not trust so easily but maybe it is true that seek to address a serious error a clever way to make money, I prefer 100 customers to 100 enemies . Regards

  256. paul, 07 April, 2011

    so can anyone tell me if they are getin it deleivered to ireland?? need to know before i make an order???? tanx

  257. john swan, 07 April, 2011

    to paul;;ya kid dey are do it to ireland; mail me

  258. Portland, 08 April, 2011

    Well .. At this time I have not received any tracking number of my order. So I send an e-mail asking if everything is ok.. They told me this:


    Your order should have been shipped by now. We will send you the tracking number as soon as it is issued by the post office.

    Slyplants Team

    What do you guys think?… In my country an order cannot be shipped until they already have a tracking number…. I don’t know about how and where Slyplants process these orders,,, but it seems wierd to me…

    I wil wait the tracking number until monday,.. if don’t I think I might cancel the order

    Best regards

  259. simon, 08 April, 2011

    Portland: I placed an order about 2 days ago, No tracking number as yet but not expecting it…but I have used these guys many!times as I have others and yes it may take a while, it may not!? but you will get it in the end.. In the past I had to be very patient as they used to come up with so! many excuses, but I generally always have a plan B so it was never such a massive deal, but if I was solely waiting on an order it would really agitate me for sure.. I am based in south Spain so if this is coming from Africa I am not expecting to long a wait surly! unless its coming via boat!?

  260. Portland, 08 April, 2011


    Eres de españa? Me gustaria conversar contigo. Podrías darme tu e-mail?

  261. bk-mdma, 08 April, 2011

    Yo soy de España toma mi email

  262. Sarke, 08 April, 2011

    He aqui otro español.
    Hasta ahora había estado trabajando con growthatgarden sin tener nunca un solo problema, a un buen precio y una calidad bastante aceptable.
    Pero me han dicho que está todo vendido y yo necesitare unos 100 gr aproximadamente entre este mes y el que viene para mis pobres plantas.
    Me he leido todas las reviews y más o menos me fío para hacer algun pedido pequeño, desde luego no para pedir los 100gr de golpe.
    No sé, para curarme en salud probaré con 20gr y si no ha llegado a los 24 días… Si veo que la cosa se complica, cancelaré el pedido de alertpay.
    Espero que no séa el caso, en unos días escribiré de nuevo mi review con mi experiencia con este vendedor…

    Now in english:
    I started my experiencie with meow promoting an old website (now closed) on Ibiza last summer. Lately I have been working with growthatgarden who was my suplier till they sold out all the stuff they got.
    Im a growshop owner and a marihuana asociation member here so I need a trustfully seller, cos everytime I have a problem, or the orders are slow I lose money and clients.
    I have to tell that Im quite afraid with all the old reviews I readed, but I have hope in the last ones so Im gonna take the risk and place an order. 20gr
    If something goes wrong I will cancel it by alertpay after 24 days.
    I will place my review here as soon as I get some news.
    I will check the grade of sustance, time it takes to arrive, weight… everything
    Hope I can write a good review about ur website slyplants.

    To the rest of the people who read this… Im not any website addmin, I dont have nothing to do with this company or any other, and I will be completly clear about everything I think about the stuff. and I will place a review after every single step of the process telling how it´s going till the packet arrives.
    And if it does, I will do the same before and after every single time I order.
    Hope my review will be helpfully to everyone to solve this topic about scam or not about slyplants.

    See u soon.

  263. Rascalius, 10 April, 2011

    Hola, pues ya puestos, aqui otro español,mas..xD.
    Yo hice un pedido el 1 de abril (slyplants) y esta mañana es cuando me han enviado el tracking number, asi que de momento pinta bien, lo único es que os puedo decir es que la envian desde Tanzania.


  264. Sarke, 10 April, 2011

    At the moment. I made the order on 8th.
    No confirmation letter from the website, no tracking information from the website.
    Nothing from the website. Just the alertpay recipt.
    I sended them an e-mail asking for the info.
    Will come back soon to report.

  265. Portland, 10 April, 2011


    I have received a tracking number. This mail from slyplants sent today:



    Sorry. Please discrad the previous tracking. The one below is the correct one.

    Please find the tracking number for your item.


    Item can be tracked on

    Slyplants Team

    But the tracking system does not work stuck and told me “Enter the Shipment ID to be tracked and click on ‘Go’ to get the item details
    Shipment ID:
    Please wait. Fetching the item status….”.
    So i Think I will do the same as you if I dont receive the package in 24 days i will cancel the order. I’ll try tomorrow , maybe tracking code active yet.

    I’m thinking that maybe is just for winning time…

  266. Buy Mephedrone, 10 April, 2011

    Hello Sarke,

    We are not trying to win any time here. The tracking is working. Please note that the window with the details opens up in a popup as soon as you enter the tracking. Please make sure that your popup blocker is not blocking your popup. If you are using firefox, notice the bottom right side of the status bar. There it should appear a blocked item. Right click on it, and click on the new window that will be displayed.

    If you are using IE, it will show you a message at the top. Same procedure, but you need to click, allow popups from this site, then you have to reenter the tracking again.

    Slyplants Team

  267. Sarke, 10 April, 2011

    Thank u Portland, so… they took some time to send u the tracking information…
    as I suppose they took some time to send the package.
    I will wait a little then. Maybe I just used 2 much growthatgarden customer support.

    To Slyplants team:
    Im not the one who have that problems with the traking number, he was portland.
    I dont even have that number yet.
    Anyway I hope to have it soon. I need that mephedrone asap. I just have few grams right now and I will dont have any mephedrone next week.
    So.. Hope to hear from u soon. Thank you.

  268. Sucker?, 10 April, 2011

    I’m on day 13 since payment via alertpay e-mail payment. No tracking info, no order confirmation. A couple of generic replies that did not mention receipt of my order. I asked how long it takes and they replied 7-20 working days. I’m still hoping….

  269. Me, 11 April, 2011

    they dont live in tanzania. they have other people to do the job there (bringing letters to the postal servce).

    i’m waiting for the mail over 3 weeks now. i hope the order comes this week.

  270. simon, 11 April, 2011

    I paid wednesday 6th and have had no tracking/email confirmation or anything as yet?

  271. Portland, 11 April, 2011

    To all people that are buying for slyplants just as me:

    I wanted to know if “Me” was right about that they are not live on tanzania, so people does the job for them. So did my research. I have traced the SMTP (Simple Mail transfer protocol) of the mail “” and this is the information that I have found:

    Your Reverse Email Report may include the following information:
    Email IP:
    Name: Available
    Country: US
    Address: OAK BROOK, IL
    Full Background Report: Available


    They got US sellers on Ilinois, and they got access to his mail account by ECOMDEVEL LLC ISP(Internet server provider), so “Me” was right! They got an office on tanzania, but they sell over the US. This is a good sign because if they would be scammers we can pursue them by all the US law can condemnt (includes VISA fraud, Alertpay fraud, Mastercard fraud, etc) . So I personally I don’t think they are trying to scam… but I will mantain sckeptical until I have my package.

    Best regards to all

  272. Scammed Too, 11 April, 2011

    Thanks for the background work, Portland.

    When I checked the ownership of the domain for SlyPlants after I got scammed, it came up to a Vancouver, WA (USA) address. I live in Washington and when I found that out I contacted my state’s Attorney General’s office to file a complaint. Turns out a lot of scammers use a service located at that address. They don’t have to be a US corporation to use services housed in the US. Without a court order, the hosting company will not release any information about the owners behind the scam. With a court order we would likely find out that the individuals behind this scam don’t even fall under US jurisdiction.

    If people want to finally determine if Slyplants is a scam, lose a large chunk of money to them as I did. Better yet, learn a lesson from those of us already scammed and try somewhere else.

  273. Sucker?, 11 April, 2011

    Received my order 14 days after payment. Slyplants did not scam me.

  274. Portland, 11 April, 2011

    Sucker! That are great news! I’m very happy for you!. I hope that everyone start receiving his packages at fair time.

    Best regards

  275. Ian-e, 12 April, 2011

    @ Simon

    I too live in Spain and ordered on the 6th of April, and have not received any information either. I Hope it arrives by next week, it’s my birthday!

  276. mephi, 12 April, 2011

    It took 14 days till I got mine from Africa. I didn get the trqckintnumber till the day before I got it. Look give it time. You will recieved trust me havent been let down yet start worrying wen they train there sniffer dogs in post office

  277. Portland, 12 April, 2011

    Where are you from mephi?

  278. Sarke, 13 April, 2011

    Is that right..?
    14 days and no tracking number tll the last day..?
    Have worked like that with everyone there…?

  279. Sucker?, 13 April, 2011

    Never got a tracking#.

  280. Sarke, 13 April, 2011

    I had a tracking number today.
    I checked in but no match yet.
    I will try again tomorrow. Sometimes take 1 day to upload the tracking.

  281. Portland, 13 April, 2011

    that’s right!
    My tracking number is now working…

    it says it has been sent by the tanzania post office. But it has not arrived to my country yet.

  282. Ian-e, 14 April, 2011

    I got my tracking number last night, but doesn’t work at the mo. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  283. Rascalius, 14 April, 2011

    Hey, I ordered and paid last 1 april, i got my tracking number on the 8th April. I’m still waiting..

    this says the window about details of my shipping:

    Status Date 09/04/2011 13:27
    Post Office DARES SALAAM
    Status Article bagged for dispatch at office of exchange
    Shipping Office Tanzania
    Destination Spain

  284. Paddy, 14 April, 2011

    Slyplants is a scam, scam, scam, scam, scam. Be warned folks. Wish I’d read these comments before making my purchase. I’d have saved myself 70 quid.

  285. me, 14 April, 2011


    when have you ordered at slyplants or plantfeeder?

  286. Sarke, 14 April, 2011

    Why u telling that and when u ordered Paddy..?
    Right now everythis is looking properly to me. Just maybe a little slow… but thats it.

  287. paul, 16 April, 2011

    to john swan, i sent ya a email there a few days ago san, it tuk awhile to send but think it sent 5 times in a row ha, just wonderin if ya got it afta?? cheers pal.

  288. me, 17 April, 2011

    nearly 4 weeks after sending the order its arrvied from (tanzania) but 1g is missing so i wrote an email and i hope they will send me the 1g. i’m waintig for an answer.

  289. Sarke, 18 April, 2011

    Still no changes on the tracking information status.
    So till now, I order on 8th
    I got on 12th my tracking number
    on 13th I got this tracking info on

    Status Date 13/04/2011 08:41
    Post Office DARES SALAAM
    Status Received an item at office of exchange for dispatch

    Status Date 13/04/2011 16:28
    Post Office DARES SALAAM
    Status Article bagged for dispatch at office of exchange
    Still Nothing changed, So Im still waiting.

  290. buy mephedrone, 18 April, 2011

    To Sarke:

    Please note that that information will not change as this is not an express courier tracking number. This tracking is a proof of sent. So your order is on its way.

  291. Sarke, 18 April, 2011

    I see. Ok, thank u for ur help.
    Next time I order, if everything is ok and arrives like it should.. Is posible to change the post way to a faster one…? express delivering or something like that..?
    I will need some more asap.

  292. john swan, 18 April, 2011

    wats da story paul,got my package 2day..ordered 3rd tracking wednesday,so took 12 days ta get it..dont worry bro.ul get it alrit..slyplants aint a scam..dont mind all dem mogs on dis sayn der a email u soon..just dipping into da 50grams nw if my emails look bit weord u know why..tanx slyplants..fuck da rest of em..order away..yup yup mephhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahaha

  293. paul, 18 April, 2011

    hey john, wudnt mind doin that nw meself ha, are ya from wexford?? cus if ya are id buy a bit off ya to try it out. let me knw sure san tanx.

  294. chicco, 19 April, 2011

    Slyplants is not a scam anymore. I receive always my answer back very soon. Anmy order of 50 after 20 days. Ecllent quality. I’m from Italy

  295. buy mephedrone, 21 April, 2011

    To John Swan & Chicco: Thanks you guys :)

    To Sarke: Express shipping is only use for orders of 250g and over. Please also note that we dont use DHL anymore as it is not available in our location. We now use EMS (express mail shipping). Its slower then DHL but fasterthen regulart registered mail.

  296. deathdrum, 21 April, 2011

    I ordered on 8 april, had my track number but still waiting… mail them about the delay and they told me that i have to wait. i’ll wait and see and let you know

  297. Portland, 21 April, 2011

    I there!

    I bought on 4 april, tracking number in the same satus in “DARES SALAAM” office….

    I contacted my postmail service of my country to research how Tanzania postmail works. I found that Tanzania does not have a post office, so they got contract with a private mail corporation that delivers all the packages of the continent of africa. Then the is shipped to Europe post mail service, and then shipped to Asia, Australia, and North / South America. As you can see it could take foverer! … But is not my problem.

    So I definitely will Cancel the order if I don’t receive it in the 30 days after the order date. (otherwise I will be officially scamed, even if is the postoffice fault)

  298. Portland, 21 April, 2011

    I have to add that my country’s Law does not have any restriction about mephedrone, so if it’s not delivered it could be by an international law.

    Still waiting …

    Best regards

  299. simon, 21 April, 2011

    I paid on the 6th April, and got the tracking about the 12th. Becasue I live in South Spain and the order is coming from Africa I though it would be much quicker than before, clearly not!.. Still wating and its a holiday weekend so at the very best will have to wait till the 26th!

  300. buy mephedrone, 22 April, 2011

    To Portland:


    The order should not take more than 20 business days. Your order will arrive and you will not be scammed. Please send us an email when your order arrives just for peace of mind :)

    Slyplants team

  301. Sarke, 26 April, 2011

    Well, I ordered it on 8th I got my tracking number on 13th and I hope to get the packet today or tomorrow. If not I will cancel my payment and my order this weekend and I will write in every single website that this is a scam… So.. Write u soon.

  302. me, 26 April, 2011

    @sarke , u forget it comes from africa and it takes a really very long time to arrvie. my order arrvied after nearly 4 weeks. so wait and your order will arrive.

  303. Sarke, 26 April, 2011

    Alertpay just cover till 30 days after so…
    I ordered on 8th I have the traking info since 13th.
    and I will cancell on 29th if I dont get the package on time.
    I was scamed once and Im not gonna do the same stupid thing again.
    There are a lot of supliers and I even have a friend with a kilo for this summer.
    But Im not gonna make him take the risk to send it from Uk or come with it by himself.
    The only thing I need now is a trustfully company and I will do the rest here.
    Told in slyplants, Next time if this one arrives, I will ask for a faster delivery method. I dont care to pay something extra if I get it faster.
    I cant be waiting and loosing money that way…

  304. Portland, 26 April, 2011

    Hi sarke!
    I’m in the same boat!

    Waiting my package from 4th April ..
    Today is 26th..
    And I think i will do the same as you…waiting until day 29 since order.

    Best regards

  305. Sarke, 26 April, 2011

    Do it this friday Portland if the package is not there…

  306. ian-e, 26 April, 2011

    yh, am the same. i ordered on the 6th got tracking on the 13th. i’ll give it 1 more week, then i’ll have to cancel. Simple as that.

    If it arrives, that will be great. But for me, the problem is this. It states on the web site “Same day dispatch”. I don’t understand why they can’t keep their word.

    I placed my order on the morning of the 6th, and not getting tracking till 6 days later is kinda lazy.

  307. Sarke, 26 April, 2011

    I agree Ian, thats quite lazy for a real company.
    when I was working with the last one, they always keep the contact with me. I knewed all the time where my package was by a traking number and the post was always a certficated one. Always 2 weeks to get it and they send it 1 or 2 days after my order.
    The tracking number were in my e-mail next day after they send it and sometimes they give me a few extra grams cos I was a regular customer and they wanted to keep me.
    I mean, they were really taking care of their customers. Here everything is like Im doing it but I dont really want to…
    So I feel quited disapointed. If it arrives I will order again just cos I dont wanna risk anymore but I think I will keep checking to find a better deal. I cant be waiting like that all the time, and of course next package will be certificated and express. I dont care to pay 10€ more for that. They should ask u already if u want that kind of service.
    Well, I will wait this week. after that, I will cancell my payment and 1 week after, especially if I have any problem, I will start to write about slyplants in every single scam list like safeorscam, hipforums, alibaba, etc..
    Have anyone tryed with ? Safe or scam..? Does anyone have a safe mephedrone suplier…?
    Thank u people. :)

  308. Sarke, 27 April, 2011

    I think I founded a couple of legit mephedrone suppliers checking a lot into diferent websites. There´s not even one scam review about them and I trust prety much the poeple I talked with.
    The website is not that one I writed before or any of the ones writed here.
    Im not gonna give the name here cos I dont want any strange scam reviews from any website master or anything like that but I will give a little help to everyone once I got my order from them.
    I will have to wait again… :(
    This stuff is boring me prety much already… and Im so fucked about all the money I´ve lost waiting already.
    I still have the hope that tomorrow I will finally get the package from slyplants but I think im just too inocent…
    I will wait 2 days more to cancell my payment to slyplants. Hope at lest I can get my money back…
    Hate that.. Why this company think that everyone can just sit and wait at their homes for the package.. this is a fucking busisnes and time spended is money losted…
    By the way.. there´s nothing now from slyplants admin.
    Time is running and soon will be time out.

  309. mephi, 27 April, 2011

    sarske stop being a little whinging bitch!!! Youl get your order!! It takes time be patient!

  310. Sarke, 27 April, 2011

    20 days since I ordered… Im gonna be out this weekend so Im going back on 2nd.
    That make… 25 days. So I writed Alertpay already with a ticket.
    They told me that they take 30 days to investigate the dispute. So If the package arrives before I will write them telling that it was my fault and everything is ok. but at lest, right now I feel prety safe with my back protected. :)
    Thank u for ur words mephi but I have been scamed once and every single day I read another review talking bad about slyplants and I can give them some trust but Im not gonna be scammed again. Just that.
    I still have hope anyway… But like I told before… maybe Im just too inocent.
    Will see how thing keep going. :p

  311. ian-e, 27 April, 2011

    I also found a coupe of new good sites. That one based in USA looks best. Am unsure about the site you mentioned before Starke.

  312. Julie, 27 April, 2011

    @Sarke and ian-e do you want to exchange email addys for websites?

    Let me know…

  313. ian-e, 27 April, 2011


    can do if you like…

  314. Portland, 27 April, 2011


    I would like to know if there are any other supplier

  315. ian-e, 27 April, 2011

    well, i guess u should write your email addresses down n I’ll inbox you. Unless you have a better idea? :)

  316. slyplants scammed me, 27 April, 2011

    please include me too, thanks! email me at

  317. Sarke, 27 April, 2011

    I think we talking about the same one ian…
    I have a couple more of them but I checked and they r not selling mephedrone… just the rest of the RCs….
    So that american new one looks ok… referer from a good legit company. Is inside their website but telling that is another company… Looks quite good, but maybe 2 late…

  318. ian-e, 28 April, 2011

    yh, maybe it is too late. But i live in hope! This new one looks great, I’ve registered with them (which is cool) and I’ve sent them a quick email, and got a reply with in a couple of hours. Which is good sign. I’m looking forward to ordering from them, even if they do charge a fortune for P&P. At least i know it will be properly tracked.

    Maybe slyplants could learn some lessons here??

  319. deathdrum, 28 April, 2011

    enough waited, 24 days passed since i placed my order so i contacted with Alertpay, i don’t know slyplants is scam or not but i haven’t received anything so let’s see if i’m going to take my money back or not!

  320. Sarke, 28 April, 2011

    Good choice deathdrum. I´ve done the same. Just to have my back covered.
    ian. sarke04@ hot com. tell me wich one is your I will do the same.
    Mine one dont let any credit card payment at the moment. :S
    Looks like again I will have to wait a little…

  321. simon, 28 April, 2011

    Thing is guys, I live in bloody South Spain and its now coming from Africa so I thought great! should be quick! its been 15 days for the tracking. I am all out of M and am getting sick of waiting, the tracking number says its wrong?

    Have any of you tried 4-mec which is legal in the UK, It pretty good and a good alternative to Meph.

    This guys (below) are very good suppliers but are moving at the moment, probs to africa?? they dont take alert pay etc but are 100%!! genuine I have used them many many times.

    The other thing, Alert pay are bloddy useless at getting you money back and replying. I got scammed for $500 and have loads!! of evidance yet 2 months later I am stil! waiting for any resolve, and they hardly ever communicate, really P***ing me off..

  322. simon, 28 April, 2011

    ■ian-e on which one is that mate??

  323. Julie, 28 April, 2011

    domina_indomine @

  324. buy mephedrone, 28 April, 2011


    For whoever filed the dispute, its is absuloty fine with us, as long as you close it as soon as you get the order, which you will.

    Also, we were thinking of creating a forum for all of you! will that be a good idea? please give us some suggestions.

    Slyplants Team

  325. ian-e, 28 April, 2011

    warning, the research chemical store .com (that was mentioned above) has nothing to do with the site it claims to be affiliated with (polatzoheadshop). So I’d be weary about ordering from them.

  326. Sarke, 28 April, 2011

    The one who made the dispute was me.
    Yep, if the package finally arrives I will write here that it was my fault and I will close the dispute.
    But while the package is not here I will continue with it.
    I should had my order this weekend. Im gonna loose a lot of mony because of that. :(
    That´s pissing me off prety much.

    Just 2 opcions. Or the package arrive here or money back.
    I wil make a review in safeorscam scamradar etc etc… when everythin finish.

  327. Sarke, 28 April, 2011

    I writed the polatzo headshop owner few days ago and they dont sell mephedrone anymore cos now is ilegal there and he didint say nothing bout the other site.
    Diferent companys. take care.

  328. Sarke, 28 April, 2011

    I checked that website that we were talking about and I tryed to get some for tomorrow cos they have 20€ service 1 day express delivery. But they dont accept any pay by credit card at the moment… :(
    I writed them asking about that.. no answer yet.

  329. simon, 28 April, 2011

    Guys you will get your order from slyplants. Just next time you order do it well in advance.. Dont worry to much about the 30 day alertpay limit as you can always put a charge back on it after that via your credit card company. But like I say you will get your order. Mine is on the back of a camel winging its way to spain, wish it would get a bloody move on.

  330. ian-e, 28 April, 2011

    I suspect that the 1 day express delivery will only apply in America. We will have to wait 4 days or more. They do accept alertpay though.

  331. simon, 28 April, 2011

    Ian-e which site are we on about here please?? cheers

  332. Sarke, 28 April, 2011

    I mean.. when u go to ur aletpay account inside alertpay they dont let u pay with cradit card or alertap account either.. I think they r just without any meph at the moment… We will have to wait a little proably…
    Hope u r right simon. Really hope so.
    If its arrives, I will tell on slyplants that If they want me to order again will be by DHL or something similar. I will pay the extra amounth. No problem.

  333. JLM, 28 April, 2011

    I came across this site and thread while doing a Google search for a certain research chemical a few minutes ago. Just wanted to chime in and say that I ordered from Slyplants a while back – I believe it was late last spring or early summer 2010. I know it was after the UK ban. Anyway, shipping took around 4 weeks but I did receive my order and everything was accounted for. That has been my only order with Slyplants and it went smoothly. Positive experience here. I’m located in the southeastern USA. I’m sorry others haven’t fared as well.

  334. buy mephedrone, 28 April, 2011


    We are sorry for hearing about this delay. This might have happened because of the Easter Holidays. Please let us know when you get your products.

    Slyplants Team

  335. Sarke, 28 April, 2011

    Slyplants. Create inside ur website one way to register, tell ur adress and an option to choose if u want the normal delivery 20-30 days or a express and certificated one 1 week. 20€ Is somethin prety easy to do and u will win some extra money cos the express delivery usually is cheaper than that.
    Think about it cos I think is quite necesary.

  336. Sarke, 28 April, 2011

    and u will have much less missunderstoods.

  337. Portland, 28 April, 2011

    I’m totally agree with Sarke.. an express delivering will help us a LOT!.. If you could consider this Slyplants, it would be awesome.

  338. buy mephedrone, 29 April, 2011

    Hello Everyone,

    Express shipping is very limited in Tanzania. And we have cannot send orders less then 200g with express mail. For us, it wont make a difference because we we still collect the money for the express shipping. We are just not allowed to send a parcel lighter then 185g and our closest order to that is 200g. Also, express shipping costs $80, not 20 when UPS or FedEx is used.

    Slyplants Team

  339. Rascalius, 02 May, 2011

    Well guys,I’m glad to say u, finally i received my stuff from Slypants (ordered 1 april, shipped 8 April), that looks very gd..It was worth the wait,so, be patience
    ,I’m sure, this week arrive to u all those orders that u ordered at the begin of April.


  340. Rascalius, 02 May, 2011

    BTW, that requires signature, I don’t rememember anyone having said this…

  341. ian-e, 02 May, 2011


    U had to sign for it? I take it you ordered less than 200g too? I didn’t know this either. Does anyone know if the so called “tracking numbers” work once the package is in the costumers county?

    I’m surprised you got it on a bank holiday Monday, where you from?

  342. ian-e, 02 May, 2011

    @ Slyplants

    Maybe you could open a forum, or maybe you could just be more honest about delivery times ect. on your web site.

    I think some sort of effort should be made anyway.

  343. Rascalius, 02 May, 2011

    Hey ian, ya, u must sign. Here is work day m8, north of Spain, and tracking number just works to know it was shipped, but when it leaves Tanzania no way where is it


  344. Rascalius, 02 May, 2011

    yup, far less than 200g

  345. anopix, 02 May, 2011

    Great news, but how does it look/smell and how’s the quality Rascallus??

  346. ian-e, 03 May, 2011

    Day 28 since ordering, and i was about to contact Alertpay to remove my funds. But I’ve just checked my Tracking number with the Correos (Spanish post office), and they say that it’s here in Spain, at the international office!

    Les just hope it’s not a bag of sugar!! lol

  347. Sarke, 03 May, 2011

    Same here Ian. I checked there too and Is in the office… Maybe It will be delivered this week finally. :)
    Cant wait…
    Hope is not salt, I like sugar… :p

  348. Sarke, 03 May, 2011

    Well.. so If I order 200 gr will be express delivery..? How long will take..?

  349. Rascalius, 03 May, 2011

    salt maybe sugar, hahahaha,
    hold on tight to your seat guys, this meph looks me same than pre-ban ages, not kidding

  350. SE Minesota, USA, 03 May, 2011

    I have received 1 10g shipment about 15 days after order and just ordered 20g more. I received a tracking # today. I do not think Slyplants is a scam.

  351. Costa Tropical, 03 May, 2011

    The guys who have there delivery recently.. Where did it say on the envelope it was shipped from??

    I ordered Meph from slyplants on the 6th April. And I ordered some 4-mec from the Uk on the 26th.. An envelope came from Budapest today of the same quantity and what ever it is (from) its very!! Nice…

  352. ian-e, 04 May, 2011

    day 29 and the stuff has arrived! quality looks ok. I will give my review shortly!!

  353. ian-e, 04 May, 2011

    My Slyplants Story.

    I tried to buy from Slyplants over a year ago and never received my package, but now that thy have “New Management” i thought I’d give them another go.

    Payment of €82.44 made in April 6th for a delivery to Valencia (Spain)
    Day 6 – Received tracking number.
    Day 9 – Tracking number started to work.
    Day 28 – Tracking number started to work in my country.
    Day 29 – Delivery of the goods.

    I would say that there is nothing wrong with the quality. It’s a very fine crystalline powder and it smells like it should. Overall i would say i had a worrying experience ordering from Slypants, but i got the product in the end and i would order from them again.

    Slyplants is not a scam. (at least, not any more)

  354. Buy Mephedrone, 04 May, 2011

    We are glad that you received your item and we thank you for your positive comments.

    As for everyone who is asking for express shipping, we know introduced FedEx & UPS express shipping due to the volume of requests. Please note that express shipping will only be used for orders of 200g and over. Smaller orders will be sent with regular registered mail.

    Slyplants Team

  355. Sarke, 04 May, 2011

    Oki doky.. Then I sohuld get it prety soon :)

  356. anopix, 05 May, 2011

    Hi SlyPlants

    Since you’re not answering my emails, I’m trying here…

    I’m having trouble paying with AlertPay, even though I’m using these instructions:

    It’s because my MasterCard doesnt’ seem to work. Do you have ANY other payment options or a solution to this?


  357. deathdrum, 05 May, 2011

    Hi guys, i also got one of my package today after 30 days, so i just can say that slyplants is NOT a scam but very slow, so if you want us to keep ordering from you find a solution to send them faster. i don’t care if it’s expensive but i want to have an option. Thanks slyguys.

  358. Buy Mephedrone, 05 May, 2011

    Hello anopix

    You can deposit funds to your account with bank transfer, and then send the balance to our email

    Also, we do answer all emails so you should have recieved a reply for your question. If you did not, then your email might have been marked as spam. In any case, you have the solution above.

    Slyplants Team

  359. anopix, 05 May, 2011

    Hi again

    I received a reply earlier today – thanks!

  360. Rob, 06 May, 2011

    Guys be very vey careful with this website/ ”vendor”. A lot of people are not recieving orders from these guys even under the new management

    Mephedrone is extremely difficult to come by these days since China has stopped production and I highly doubt this dodgey website is one of the few lucky ones to have a ecent supply of the stuff. I have no affilliation with any company, just don’t like to see people part witht their hard earned cash only to be scammed

  361. Costa Tropical, 06 May, 2011

    I havent heard of any one not recieving orders? I ordered on the 6th April and recieved today on the 6h May.. Its pretty good. Dont have a concern with slyplants.. Have to say thou the supplier from the UK which I recieved my order in 4 days! to Spain for 4-mec is as good. Big rock Crystal and quality stuff.

  362. anopix, 06 May, 2011

    Costa Tropical where did you buy the 4-mec, and how is the high compared to mephedrone?

  363. Costa Tropical, 06 May, 2011

    Anopix.. I get it from, 100% genuine.. If I am totally honest, (see earlier post) I actually thought it was my slyplant order when I saw took it. very! much the same.I havent bombed 4-mec but cant fault it from these guys and half the price. saying that I will still order more meph as Iike a mix. 4-mec is much less harsh on my nose..

  364. Rob, 06 May, 2011

    Costa Tropical, I have friends who didn’t recieve anything after 6 weeks but they could be in the minority, I don’t want to tarnish the name of this place if they genuinely delievering these days. What was the meph quality like? Was it deinitely meph?

  365. Costa Tropical, 06 May, 2011

    Rob.. I have been ordering off them on and off for about 6 months with no problem, just slow as we no. The M is fine power and pretty good. considering I would give it 7 out of 10.

  366. nordic, 07 May, 2011

    Hi guys!!
    I am so new on this, and never bought this stuff from internet before. I live in Norway, and know meph is illegal here… so I was wondering if anyone knows if 4MEC is legal in Norway?
    I sent an email to slyplants, and they answered me that they had no complaints from any costumer from Norway, but offcourse, they are the sellers, I must be allert.

    Can any of you guys help me , what is the procedure of the customs, whats the best site to buy it… etc. thx guys

  367. Sarke, 09 May, 2011

    The package has finally arrived that last thursday. I will ask soon for 200…
    Quality: Softer stuff that the last one. It´s burning as usually but a little less. Cristals are smallers and thats probably why…
    The effects are prety good too, working fast with a standar quantity.

    Quantity: 20gr. What I ordered, the last company I worked with, always gived a few extra. But 20gr exactly is ok too.

    Delivery time: Quite a lot, If alertpay give u 30 days to reclaim, the post took almost 25 days. Thats something that they should improve.

    Anyway Im prety happy right now cos I get my order and I can tell slyplants is not a scam.
    Thank you.

  368. nordic, 10 May, 2011

    hi guys ,

    the ” legal mephedrone”( 4-MEC ) they anounce in slyplants is really legal ? even in the countries where mephedrone is illegal? I would love to order but I really afraid what costoms can do… could someone be arrested and go to jale because of that?

  369. ian-e, 11 May, 2011

    Nordic, as far as i’m aware 4-mec is just as illegal as M-cat in europe. It’s a very similar chemical structure. If you order a small amount of anything i’d be surprised if customs did anything to you other than take you drugs from you (if they find them). You might be better off ordering something from a uk web site, as they have similar laws to your country.

  370. nordic, 11 May, 2011

    thx ian :) i could order from a uk website, and i am tempting to order from slyplants. But they send the package normally from africa, that would sound a litle weard for the customs right? How much do u consider a small amount? I know in portugal its still legal and everybody buys it directly in some shop plants, would it be less risky go there and bring it to me passing it throught the airport? Thx

  371. me, 13 May, 2011

    the mephedrone order arrvied today in only 9 days from tanzania and thats not from slyplants. its from they work really fast and a friendly customers support too. the quality of the mephedrone is good. :)

  372. Julie, 13 May, 2011

    @me Where do you live?

  373. me, 13 May, 2011

    @ somewhere in europe 😉

  374. Minesota, USA, 14 May, 2011

    Received 20g 11 days after order.

  375. Jimbo., 16 May, 2011

    Paced an order yesterday with slyplants, then found this forum! Am now concerned I have been ripped off, are people receiving their orders or not? (from U.K)

  376. deathdrum, 16 May, 2011

    I had my second order also, i have been waiting for far too long but anyway i can say that slyplants is NOT a scam. But i want them to find any other delivery service.

  377. Bala, 16 May, 2011

    Order placed 3 weeks ago, still not arrived as of yet. Shipping status hasn’t updated in over 2 weeks. I’m beginning to think it may never come.

  378. ian-e, 16 May, 2011

    Slyplants haven’t ripped you off, but if you live in the UK and u’v ordered M-cat, u’d be very lucky to receive anything as it’s bin illegal there for over a year.
    Have you ordered then? I’d consider 20g or less as a small amount. Airports are very risky and probably stupid, but possible. It’s all completely up to you, just research as much as possible b4 ordering.

  379. nordic, 16 May, 2011

    thanks ian-e :)
    yeah I know, just have to be patience and research as much as possible, but because of the reasons we all know, people dont give too much details on these sites. would love to have some experienced guys to talk with in private… if u ian-e or someone could give me a hand… i send my e-mail by request. thx

  380. Jimbo., 17 May, 2011

    Thanks Ian-e for your reply. Well I actually ordered the ‘legal mephedrone’ which is perhaps not so legal anyway, reading previous posts?
    So you have actually received your orders from Slyplants then? I decided to order from them because they appeared to deliver fairly quick ‘same day dispatch’ and ‘4-6 days delivery’ they quote. Although I am yet to even get a tracking number, I have contacted them about expected time of delivery etc but without reply. Looks like I may have to change my plans for the weekend!!

  381. Bala, 17 May, 2011

    @jimbo I took them 4-5 day s before I received my tracking info, just an fyi.

  382. Costa Tropical, 17 May, 2011

    Some of the posts on here: read back a week, 2 weeks, 2 months.. Slyplants is not a scam! and it takes about 4 weeks for delivery where ever you live. I live in South Spain so much closer to Africa and it still took 4 weeks to arrive. All you who have a problem with the length of time it takes either order 3/4 weeks in advance or find someone else to order from, Simple!!

  383. Bala, 18 May, 2011

    @tropical was that 4 weeks from the time you placed your order or 4 weeks from when you got your shipping information? I’m just curious about the timeline of things. Also, did you tracking information update at all while it was in transit?

  384. Costa Tropical, 18 May, 2011

    Bala: thats 4 weeks from payment to delivery, there were about 3 bank holidays during that time also. And no the tracking was poor until it came into Spain and I checked the local tracking info..

  385. mephi, 18 May, 2011

    so wats delivery times like these days to my country? got my tracking number friday.

  386. mephi, 18 May, 2011

    ah jez 4 weeks thats mad! :(

  387. Jimbo., 19 May, 2011

    Thanks for the info Bala.
    Costa Tropical, I dont have a problem with the delivery time providing it comes. As I have said earlier it states a much shorter delivery time on the web-page, so when you read posts of 3-4 weeks for delivery it puts doubt in your mind. I shall keep quite for now and keep my fingers crossed! Watch this space…

  388. Jimbo., 19 May, 2011

    Well, well, well, sly indeed. Im sorry I ever doubted you Slyplants my order arrived today, thank-you.They did in fact do everything they said they would apart from providing me with a tracking order but I can live with that. It appears delivery time is very dependent on where you live. So all you waiting to receive your order Im sure it will arrive eventually providing it does not get stopped by any nasty officials. I shall be using them again.

  389. mephi, 19 May, 2011

    recieved mine today 13 days since i ordered. excelent quality i must add! thank you slyplants another job well done! slyplants is NOT a scam!

  390. peter., 19 May, 2011

    i love meph! i find its the wan#ing on it fckin amazing! 24hrs watching porn! am i the only one?

  391. jerome, 20 May, 2011

    slyplant good customer 2 days after ordering receiver tracking number and 10 days after received my package thanks slyplant

  392. mephi, 21 May, 2011

    slyplants have NEVER let me down!

    hows about that forum then slyplants?

  393. Costa Tropical, 21 May, 2011


    Same here! I have used them for about 9+ months now.Yes i agree slow at times, but come on! In relation to the product how can you complain?? No offence but the people that continue to question the service and the delivery time, if you are not happy then go some where else, simple as.

  394. Bala, 24 May, 2011

    Does anyone’s shipping information ever update from: “Article bagged for dispatch at office of exchange” ? Mines been at that point for almost 3 and a half weeks.

  395. josh, 26 May, 2011

    could some one please help me out with a website too order methylone or other legal substances too australia? dont wanna go through sly plant cos there name says it all, any help would be much appreciated thanks guys

  396. josh, 26 May, 2011

    fuvk up mephi ya little dog or ill hunt you down and bum fuck you

  397. SevenEleven, 18 July, 2012

    Whoever wants to order mephedrone , methedrone , metylone , naphyrone contact me at …. i know i can’t prove you im legit , but you can if you want try and risk it . i can send samples ( 0.25grams ) for a small ( just the transportation ) and i don’t send large amounts . only between 1 gram and 20 grams . CONTACT AT MR_BRIGHTEYES @ YAHOO . COM .

  398. SevenEleven, 18 July, 2012

    sorry for my mistake , i mean , i can send samples for a small price , just the transportation . thank you and goodluck .

  399. Peter, 19 July, 2012

    Anyone received from these guy recently?

  400. FREESAMPLES, 20 August, 2012

    i sell all kind a stuff from mephedrone to oxycodona and methadone , alos i send free samples .
    i also have all kinds of benzo’s
    1 gram of meph 10 euro
    1 pill or adderall or ritali or whatever you want 5euros
    Thank you !


  401. AlsoBlackAss, 27 August, 2012

    Thank you mr bright eyess for the 10 euro sample your 5-MeO-DMT was trippy and euphoric as hell . When i will have enough money i will order much more .

  402. Mephi, 15 October, 2012

    Has anyone bought from slyplants lately? I was recieving very good meph last year is it still the same? Is it real meph?

  403. CANDO, 01 November, 2013

    Slyplants NOT a scam! 2 transactions, both satisfactory. GO SLYPLANTS!

  404. ERIC H, 07 December, 2013


  405. steve, 31 December, 2013

    Im trying to buy mdpv of someone reliable in the uk. Can anybody give me a contact. I have been conned 3 times straight now and cant afford to take anymore risks ordering from abroad. IM only after 5 – 10 grms at a time. If anybody can help me, ide be grateful

  406. Joe Gateway, 08 January, 2014

    I placed an order and paid through Western Union. I got my package about 2 weeks after. Quick and easy. I would use them again.

  407. aleefee, 19 January, 2014

    Have ordered three packages – all good. They package up the gear really securely and even throw in a free sample. The old management may have been scammers, but I have only the highest praise for new bosses.

  408. sockpuppets suck, 20 January, 2014

    @aleefee – a free sample of what? sounds like BS

  409. Ervin, 03 April, 2014

    Slyplants isn’t a scam. They are allways processed me orders. Primary nessesery writely fill fields of your order, amd you get your order fastly

  410. JOE CRANE, 08 April, 2014

    I’ve ordered from these guys on three different occasions. At first like most anyone else buying online, I thought I might get scammed. But these guys deliver, on time with tracking number.

  411. Mephi, 09 April, 2014

    Anyone from eire or uk order recently?

  412. steve, 27 September, 2014

    I i ordered 3 months ago package disappeared after customs at UK at the forwarded for possessing stage. my pal works there did some checking the package had a false address on it so it couldn’t be delivered. i had thought if customs had it i would get a letter as least. I’ve emailed the told them this and they have resent my order. is at the same stage at customs today now forwarded for UK processing did only arrive this morning so see what happens. Will let you all know

  413. susan, 13 October, 2014

    I for one have patronized such sites, most of them are fraud and scams. i had a hard time coming across a legit distributor and wasted a couple good bucks! But just exclusively for customers that do enjoy really high quality drugs for the right price i stumbled onto this contact on Skype apparently is more reliable than all this websites. on skype
    very nice price and really good $#*!. i have been taking drugs now for a while and i can tell you that this supplier really meets the margin in good quality .
    I hope i helped in one way or the other.

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