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i would like to give a warning to every one thinking of going on to a dating site called badoo as every woman will say they live in one country but later will say they need money to come to you these women all come from ghana i have had women saying they come from australia & need my help to come back also they say they will marry if i can help tthis site is full off scammers so please be warned

This post was submitted by steve andersen.

  1. hevyy woodson, 24 April, 2010

    Yes i think i agree with you..That’s what some many women do but not in ghana some from Australia and US also…I also plead to everyone the dating site to be careful..Enough is enough,if you do want to learn more just kick my ass


  2. Zu-ann, 26 April, 2010

    i had an badoo profile for quite some time. then i went to Ghana to work and i used my badoo account to answer my mails. a dy later when i want to log in again my profile was been deleted stating i did some stuff illegally and a long explanation my account was blocked with fraud statements etc. i have never done something wrong am back in Namibia and can still not enter my account which is now be blocked without any explanation. i really think Badoo should have straighter security methods in line. in this case the user have done nothing wrong but my profile has now been deleted because of some scammer. what is badoo doing to secure the users? verey very bad i cannot even enter into my acount to alert them that i hae been deleted without me doing some wrong stuff!!!

  3. Zu-ann, 26 April, 2010

    somebody please help:

  4. exoticdoc2, 26 April, 2010

    All the social sites are full of scammers. It is either navigate around them taking care of who you choose to trust or not use any sites at all. No site, as far as I have found, is scammer free.

  5. Jon, 12 May, 2010

    Yup – looks like a scam harvesting data from facebook to generate emails. Got an emails saying I had a message from someone I knew, but showing someone elses picture.

    I have my email set to friends only, so I can only assume one of my friends has been hacked/infected and they are harvesting their contacts. It also claims several otehr people I have never heard of are waiting for me.

    Add domains to SURBL blacklists.

  6. Mandy Adamson, 21 June, 2010

    I met someone calling himself Anderson Cooper who professes to be a General inthe US army on the peace-keeping force in Iraq. He said he was sending a package to me containing a large amount of dollars and asked me to meet his diplomat at the airport. The “supposed” diplomat said he was stuck in ghana and the custims had retained the package and needed £8,000 to release it. I did not have this kind of money and then he said they had reduced the fees to £2,000 which I foolishly sent to him via Moneygram. This person still writes to me romantically and promises to come and visit. I do not know what to think as he is very clever with his words and makes me still think he could be real. Is there anyway I can find out if this person really is Anderson Cooper. He did send me a copy of a passport with aphot of the person on the site and it did seem to be a real one. The package is still supposedly in Ghana customes waiting foir more money which I flatly refuse to send, \please is there any way I can tell if this person is real as he continues to chat with me on msn every night.

  7. Greg, 24 June, 2010


    The simple answer to your question is, no. He’s got your money… you got scammed. If you continue to talk to him, it will only be a matter of time before some new problem comes up and needs more money. If you send any more money, you are a fool. This is a classic 419 scam. Just check your junk mail folder, there are probably 20 emails in there alone with a sad story about money being held and they need your help.

    PS: Anderson Cooper is the guy on CNN.. has his own show and everything. (not that I think he is the only Anderson Cooper in the world)

  8. Greg, 24 June, 2010

    On a side note. I like having fun with these guys.. I waste their time by promising that I sent the money and make them travel to Western Union to pickup nothing. :)

  9. A FRiend, 25 June, 2010

    hello a friend of mine has the same problem i dont know how my friend badoo account got blocked over nothing someone can please help me, and who can i e-mail so that this misunderstanding get resolved.
    p.s the only thing my friend remember is that was talking to a person he got bored and stop talking to that person, what kind of filter do this badoo people use to report this, does my friends e-mail and computer would be investigated, i dont undertand it. it does say that they would report it to some like higher goverment thing so, please let me know if you know something

  10. KWAME BAAH-TADIEH, 30 June, 2010

    @ Zu-ann: they did the same to me a few days ago. i am a Ghanaian male who detected that a lady was using two different pictures for the same identity to dupe people. i rebuked the lady and she rather reported me. badoo has now irresponsibly blocked my access and described me as a scammer! i have already discussed it with my lawyer and a suit will soon be underway.

    @Mandy, yes! that criminal can be arrested! can you provide his details and phone nos he uses to me via my email ( meanwhile continue to be nice to him so as not to create any suspicion and let him know that you will soon send a bigger amount to influence the customs officers. let me also have the details of the first amount you sent and the money transfer system you used. take me seriously!

    @Greg, good advice but this time i think the guy can easily be picked. i can assure you that in Mandy´s case where the guy is still ´active´ i can help to arrest him.

    @A FRiend, badoo is an inefficient site which is toying with individual rights and reputations in addition to denigrating decent people whilst criminals have a field day on their site. as a final year law student(LLB) i know that they will soon be in
    big trouble. i have given them 7 days from yesterday to effect rectification, restitution and appology in my case otherwise there´ll be a law suit.

  11. A FRiend, 01 July, 2010

    tell me what you think about this, i got blocked from badoo i think because i stop a talk with one guy and he got mad.

    my q is if you know the answer: can they put me in legal problems about that stuff, or they have like no kind of filter and block anybody for no good reason?
    am i in some kind of legal trouble or my pc is been hacked up,
    am i been silly investigated for doing nothing, how the heck does this legal threat from badoos website actually works.

    Sorry for all the questions is just that is the first time this happens to me and i am upset.
    so please help understand and know exactly what is the next badoo step.

    p.s in what mail can i contact the badoo people, so i can talk to them. i got one from this site but i was no good, please help me!.

  12. KWAME BAAH-TADIEH, 02 July, 2010

    Hi, A Friend (let me know your real identity via my email above), if i understand you well then you might have been reported on badoo maliciously by this guy whom you stopped talking to. Badoo, without any common-sensical investigation would then block you because somebody has reported you irrespective of the veracity of the report.

    It is like having a Police Station where you are immediately imprisoned once you are reported. That is the pinnacle of STUPIDITY! It also shows badoo´s lack of respect for certain people because they are generally classified as scammers.

    Once you have not committed any illegality badoo can not do anything to you. They just write thrash to frighten illiterates since they know that most scammers
    from under-developed countries are not well educated.

    Don´t be upset at all if you know you have done nothing wrong (however it is possible to trace you to your computer and which area you are located with modern technology should you be doing anything illegal). I contacted them through; then click ´About us´ which is down-right then after you will see ´´Contacts us´´

  13. Victim, 11 July, 2010

    I have just been accused of being a spammer on their website with legal implications if found guilty ! I have never spammed a soul there or anywhere !

  14. debra, 31 July, 2010

    i have been scammed by military officers too the same and one guy just differant pictures and names be careful not to send money or you bank details they are all scammers i carnt trust any maerican soldiers ant more because of him its hard to do when you are alone and have a kind heart and the scammers know that so dont be a sucker like me if they ask for money or anything in that sence best way is to DELETE THEM!!!!!! and move on

  15. lina, 08 August, 2010

    badoo has blocked my account too without no reason. it says that i will be prosecuted, can they really do that?

  16. terruh, 14 August, 2010

    these scammers dont know me lmao i am more likely to scam them lmao if people want to chat to me then i ask them all sorts of questions – in effect, i want to know the insides of a ducks ass lmao
    surely they know that there is a recession on lmao

    thanks anyway

    from the terruhbyte

  17. Sedly Llamar, 16 August, 2010

    I hate scammers.

  18. steve, 12 October, 2010

    Am 56, been on a few dating sites. At one time i had 15 scammers on my hook. They say they are from various countries, Russia, Ghana (seems to be the favourite at the moment), Australia, USA & various other places i’ve never heard of. All aged around 30. Some of the photos are lovely, but i aint no fool, I have many pre written emails for them, with plagiarized quotes, poems & song lyrics. I just string them along for a while & when they ask for funds for passports, visas ETC, i send them the big Fuck Off email, with an ancient druidic curse. It seems to shut them up, but if you are stupid enough to send these arseholes money, you are a fucking twat & need your head examined. Beautiful women like these dont want wrinkly old bastards like us.

  19. wulfstan jenkins, 19 October, 2010

    Please someone should help me to stop scamming innocent people

  20. Brian Philips, 19 October, 2010

    Mr wulfstan jenkins is the person that involved me scamming people,i am looking for him to jail because he has made my life hell

  21. paul, 21 October, 2010

    I think I know why some of you are getting banned. Here’s my scam..

    I have never signed up for badoo however the other day I got an email from a yahoo account from someone I knew in the past. The email seemed very authentic asking me things that only that person would know about. I was fooled and replied to that email. I never got a real response. The next follow up email was from the same yahoo account but was just an add for badoo. It informed me that people were waiting with messages for me if I signed up. This seemed weird so I analyzed the writing style with old emails from this person and they were different…. also the email address I have for this person I know is a gmail account not yahoo. I think this person must have signed up for badoo and had their info somehow hijacked from their gmail account then a scammer created a yahoo account in their name and is spamming people.

  22. Deana, 24 October, 2010

    Man was I stupid. I am imbaressed to even say this, but I was taken for over 10,000.00 from a man I met on Facebook. I just found him on Please help stop this person. It pains me now just thinking how I was fooled. I now have NOTHING left. Even the last time he contacted me I informed him I had nothing and I could lose my job. HE diid not care.. He just told me he needed food because he was sick and hungry. He states he is from Texas. But he is not. His email is: CHRISTOPHER14401@GMAIL.COM

  23. Robin, 31 October, 2010

    Heres a rule that I would recommend on any social site.

    Never send any money especially if requested via Western Union.
    Pay for tickets etc directly online and don’t give cash.

    I have met someone through a dating site but I paid for the tickets to help them.
    If they want cash only then just report them.

    Most scammers now use virtual IP sevices so they can’t be traced to there origin and can make it look like they are from somewhere else.

    Just be carefull and use common sense.

  24. chris, 04 November, 2010

    I ended up on badoo because of a message that looked like it was from a former student of mine. I think that was genuine but have had loads of messages since saying that there are people who want to talk to me. You can tell the ones that are computer generated after a while.

    I did actually get talking to someone who lives about 25 miles away from me and we have met up a few times so there are SOME genuine people on there

  25. Chris, 06 November, 2010

    Here’s an idea…just don’t be a retard and fall for the scams lol
    Furthermore, if you meet someone on a dating site that you genuinely like but they’re in another country why not suggest flying over to them if they say they need money to get to you, and if you get some big bullshit story as to why it’s impossible then here’s an idea…if your really that desperate for a woman that you would even concider either of those options then your spending too much time online and you should trying meeting women outside of the internet or get a prostitute.
    …why is it only older people who fall for that shit? How much do you guys suck? lol
    No offence intended…i just get pissed off when i see a clear lack of ability in the art of common sense, especially from much “wiser” people than myself
    Another thing, the websites not a scam, it just has some scum…there IS a difference

  26. Chris, 06 November, 2010

    I just read all of these comments…i’m sorry but seriously…COMMON SENSE!!! where did you lose it? lol

  27. sheila, 07 November, 2010

    Well said@ Chris. Couldnt have said it better myself lol!!!!!!

  28. Chris, 07 November, 2010

    @sheila Thank you *bows* lol

  29. peninna amukwa, 08 November, 2010

    i have gone thru the same thing where by the person told me that she was in serious trouble and i should help her to leave their country because the situation was not good and she wanted to escape to come to my country. i believed her story and was willing to help her because i have a good heart and i felt sorry for the person because she even told me that her parents are dead. luckily i relised that something was wrong some where and i decided to search on the internet for that place she told me (senegal refugee camp) only to find out that the place does not even exist. but i didnt send her any money but i was fooled to send her my pictures and my personal details. now im afraid that she might mis use my pictures. i want that person dead and i hope she burn in hell.

  30. peninna amukwa, 08 November, 2010

    pls try to investigate on this issue because it is seriously affecting innocent people out there and dont think people are stupid to fall for the scam but its because there are people with good hearts out there. people who scam other people dont deserve to live im praying that they just die what kind of human beings are those? who want other people s money forgeting that people work hard to be succesful.

  31. Joyce, 11 November, 2010

    I’d like to know how to delete my friggin’ profile!!! I think someone stole my info because I cannot sign in with my password, and the link to where “forgot” or change password just goes back to sign in page! What’s with that? I found this site by getting a message from one of my contacts who I haven’t heard from in a while, I was naive enough to clck the link. Now from what I read about this site I want to remove my profile and pics and inspite of contacting Badoo 3 times now, I’m pissed that it remains open! ANyone help me with this?

  32. Scott Collins, 17 November, 2010

    Yes , This is one big scam , I had some lady in Ghana contact me and another in New York and I have never had contact with them since which suits me as its all just bullshit !!

  33. Sylvia, 29 November, 2010

    I can spot a scammer in two email messages or less. That military guy I ousted in his first message to me on instant message.
    The pattern is the same so listen up and take advantage of my experience.

    They are always working overseas or live somewhere warm like Florida
    They are engineers or some such job that takes them overseas
    They all have had a tragic thing happen usually the death of children or wife
    They will give you their emall address usualy “yahoo”
    They are “good Christian men”
    The first message after you respond to them is very long

    Good luck everyone………..scammers are on EVERY SITE I HAVE BEEN ON

  34. C. Jones, 29 November, 2010

    I have lost count of the number of messages I got from men in USA who were widowed with a child – lost their wife in an automobile accident, every time.
    The USA military seems to be a good place for the scammers to lift photos fron too. If you get these people sending messages its very easy to put a comment on their photos saying the photo is false – most of them are too thick or too iliterate to even realise. It seems pointless reporting these people to Badoo – nothing seems to get done about it. The same scammers with the same pics keep sending me messages every now and then so they obviously are still on the site.

  35. Peter, 05 December, 2010

    YES!!its true there are a lot of scammers there in Badoo,i have had a few(from Ghana) it seems to be the same story they say, so just avoid them,and never give money if they ask ,just be wary,however there are some geniune people looking for love ,try and get photos of them that is more than one(not a model shot)i met someone nice there now we are talking regularly on skype been nearly a year now so i hope it works out ok ,so good luck to all those people who are after real happiness i wish u well.

  36. Briana, 07 December, 2010

    I got an email from a supposed friend through Badoo claimining that he has a message for me on the website- I checked and saw he is on Badoo alright but have refused to sign-up to Badoo as I want nothing to do with him

  37. gergana, 19 December, 2010

    would like to give a warning to every one thinking of going to use dating site called as the men and woman joining the site are those who work with each other to get money from people by joining and paying money, after paying money you will have no replies. This site is full off scammers so please be warned

  38. Vickie, 20 December, 2010

    I was conned into believing some old friend wanted to contact me. Having signed up to Badoo, but not participated, I want to Unsubscribe. Strangely this is not covered under Badoo’s FAQ’s! Their so-called “support team” are all robots and never answer this question. I’ve also got badoo as a pop-up whenever I use the internet.
    Can anyone tell me how to rid my computer of badoo once and for all,PLEASE?

  39. tobby, 16 January, 2011

    I just fell for it too… a young fella wanting to study abroad, so nice, cam chats and loads of compliments etc…. to somebody like me, who should know better but still saw the good in him…….. it feels so stupid……. my saying: stay away from the site! and to get rid of your profile, use the link from their email so that you can get in and order it to be deleted…. the site has – and allows – everything that you don’t expect to be possible…..

  40. JULES, 16 January, 2011

    its a scam. I got an email from someone purporting to be my boyfriend !!! …. how they got his details i dont know, but they’d spelt his name wrong and changed his location three times ….
    thankfully i never had to part with any money and managed to delete my profile easily … not before replying low life piece of scum telling whoever it was to crawl back from under the stone they had come from !!!

  41. Lerato, 18 January, 2011


    Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen there scam people on every site. My friend recommende that i sign with badoo but before i could sign in i was browsing on badoo checking there i come across a pictureof the person who wanted to scam meand he could not succeed.

    This guy is from Orlando Florida he said he is an Engineer he works in the University of Cape he is building there we were communicating and suddenly he was telling me that his mom fell from the stairs and she is in a coma it is imprtant for him to fly back home and he has two kids and the wife died and his mother is the one that is looking after his kids.

    I did’nt buy his story instead i suspected that something was not right when he called me saying he is now in Florida but when i dial his South African mobile number it was ringing the usual ring i mean when a person is out of the country you activate it to roam.

    And i have started to google this guy only to find that he is a scammer from Florida USA and what puzzles me when you check his picture on dating site it is not the same as the one on face book. and i have seen his picture again on badoo he is no longer in Western Cape his profile say Johannesburg.

    I would like to warn women that the dating site is a dangerous game. It not easy to find a person who is honest and sincere. BE CAUTIOUS AT ALL TIME DONT REVEAL MUCH ABOUT YOURSELF.

  42. Anastacia, 19 January, 2011

    Badoo (or it’s partner) is generating profiles from Facebook, so they can claim they have a lot of users…There is “innocent” Facebook app coming from your friend and after allowing that Badoo is capable to generate faux date-ad. That date-info is really hard to remove from Badoo. Badoo also have really low privacy score according to “The Telegraph” newspaper.

  43. Annie, 23 January, 2011

    Well, I’m really concerned because I have no idea just how on earth they got my e-mail. I have no interest in joining or finding anyone online, but I was contacted by someone I’ve never heard of or met, with a facebook profile that I reported as fake. (really, Mugyen Jcf? No profile picture? Fake.) But I’m still very worried/concerned/appalled at how they got my real e-mail address and name. It’s terrifying!

  44. FG, 25 January, 2011

    I have to say I do not know what the hell you guys are talking about. I’ve been using this site for months, met a few lovely women in my area, some of which became friends and I have no complains whatsoever regarding Badoo, excpet for the times where it gets my location wrong. Recommend.

  45. Rita Cannarella, 30 January, 2011

    Dear Mandy, I encountered the same scamming fraud as you, if you can read my message please help me out the same person tried to scam me but he used a different name, the name he used is Paul Wilson and he pretended to be in the U.S Army and everything and he wanted me to send money to his agent Andyrickville, If you see this message please send me an email to

  46. darvenne, 01 February, 2011

    I was introduced to this site by a ex-girlfriend a very lovely brazilian ,I actually have too many fond memories of her to dispell any curse with her, but I think she actually changed her picture after a few years to explain herself as a younger woman, and now she is 29 ?.BADOO Is a nice site, I like how the Russian women sign on ..get a hit and then leave ..I got a bite and now reel him in!!.I know 3 languages fluently so I navigate with ease to the site compliments and strike up a rapport. There is a lot of strange activity to note though?….when one attaches themselves to a compliment to a woman..shortly afterword there is a comment that is returned to your email with a “trigger” that there is activity on that woman’s site?..and lo and behold it is usually the same guys, that you noticed on a”compliment”for another woman!..I think that BADOO arranges that ..operational agents within the HIVE!. It is a very complex system, most of the “hits” are on a one-time(similar to the Russians) ..but more subtle..and they drop a email and whooooooosh out the door they go!.I personally like the Russians ..because they are at least fighting always the notion that they are “scamming” and have to be overly downplaying their role.

    I have not experience a plethora of inquiries of Ghana Women..the refugee crowd are usually reserved for other sites.QUEPASA!.etc..I personally look to interest to East Africans more so ..The Nigerians or psuedo -Nigerian tactics have rendered most of these sights with a ..first contact..over explanation of the person and then if there is no money move on, and if you start unravelling their stories ..well they have not the skills to confront..I recently displayed on the INTERRACIAL DATING SITE. If its in London..Nigerians and Russians are working a script.

    As for BADOO ..I am amused by the antic that go on there..and the Women in the camera,or water makes them look so”fetching”.I do have a problem with the trail , they lead you on..if you participate more , the chase has you always returning ..its all about $$$ and some attention its all Globalization anyway. Anyway always look to the sky and walk around a park for awhile, and sit and wonder if its “real”.but have fun !

  47. LeighSydneyChina, 02 February, 2011

    Are you guys nuts? If anyone asks for money, the answer is no. How hard is that… and then we have a law student claiming he is going to prosecute them. I bet this moron is going to ask you for money for the court case.

    As for Badoo as a site, I agree with FG. having used this site for a couple of months now, have found it to be pretty good. But, although I am from Australia, I am working in China and these wankers have not yet figured a way to scam here yet.

    If you get scammed and send money, forget the money. It is gone. If some dickhead says he will get it back, then I would say this is definitely a scam also.

  48. darvenne, 02 February, 2011

    I have a good on the hook ,right now. Interracial Dating .com. I actually started this only 3 weeks ago, and have found a Nest of Nigerian operation agents within the confines of London ,and the South.. I have to pick up some boxes for this woman today.Right!!!….Watch out for them , If you beg or borrow ,or steal to get back in their confidence, they are so stupid they come right back.!.At least the South Americans you have a family, a real established place.! here it is all beautiful pictures of someone who is either a Porn star, Actress starting out or model, and if you need to know usually , the skills of the agents are so pathetic..COS is cause,,using the capital letters for all typing, ?.out of places like Frankfurt and London, and if you speak a different language ,they have no idea of what you said?..just complete buffoons.I know 3-5 languages fluently or medio and they are completely baffled?.Nigerians or Slick Americans , or someone who just may be a illegal?. I think that I may track down another company to expose!.

    So look out for IRD….everyone I contacted and played the script was Nigerian operatives or who knows?..that is 7 ..just a whole nest of them !.sincerity and honesty has no basis on the NET..Badoo is at least corporate..and others of that ilk, and there is reality. Well got ot go and reeeeeel this one in,,

  49. Purice Nichols, 04 February, 2011

    I just found the topping to my already frosted “BURNT”cake with BADOO and I thank you all for your comments. WOW!!!! Nearly a year ago, I got involved on a dating site with a man from West Africa and we started a beautiful relationship…so I thought….A month ago, he started acting weird and after many lonely nites of no Yahoo either, I did some investigating and learned all about ONLINE ROMANCE SCAMMERS…I almost died. I realized he indeed fit this criteria…How could have I had been so stupid???! I was even planning on visiting him, the both us making plans, but for some reason God kept preventing it…Perhaps I may never returned home. Anyway, I deleted him from my site and he found me on our yahoo so I believed him and we got back together,only later that nite to discover that he was fricking me around on there too and even more heartbreaking, I discovered, from his own stupidity, that he was ON BADOO with his pix, etc….Scamming other innocent girls…I deleted him again from fb and let him know what he is…He is a bad egg, mixed up with bad people…and I am telling anyone of yous who go here and read THIS: Watch out for BADOO, watch out for even FB, watch out for ANY dating sites…There are so many outfits out there, all working in conjunction….The face I have seen to sortta match the pix I have, don’t match the personality I fell for months ago…There are several of them working together…I know this now and know what to look for. They want VISA and money and use different countries, etc…And use every excuse possible to get money and gifts. I have so much info now I could teach my own class!!! The sad part is, he is stalking me now thru friends of mine who he happens to be aware of because I had let him in my life this much..BIG MISTAKE…..I believe the “personality” I fell for and some older pix, is the man who loves me and is in on it…He doesn’t wanna let me go, knowing I will NEVER FORGIVE HIM. But I want no more part of him…It is scary, weird…Please, everyone…BE CAREFUL….It is Nigerian, Russian, etc. scams and they can never be traced, caught…Watch who you link to….They are very good, but you yourself have to be EVEN MORE GOOD——and knowledgeable…..Do your homework on Google on “ONLINE ROMANCE SCAMMERS”….You will be wise in no time at all…and if you even SUSPECT he or she is not who he or she say they are, or even FEEL that it is a scam…Sorry, folks, ten bucks say you are right and to definitely lissen to your brainy instincts…..Move on and don’t look back, please!!! Good luck and God bless.

  50. darvenne, 04 February, 2011

    Purice ..sorry about your problems with Badoo..I have certain reservations as previously note with these websites..I have amused myself with “reeling” in this woman who wants me to pick up some packages?…I keep up a good conversation and elicit different info in their . scam..Though they are hooked fish out for red flags !!.and I am sorry the guy is still following you!..One red flag is different handwriting..and CAPS. small “i” and also a reluctance to having one drop a letter..ahhh letter writing the lost art!..ask them to go the long road..and they will show theirselves to be not accomodating…I wonder if it is more Nigerians? or Russians ?or how is the network or hive set up…usually their is about 3 or more in the HIVE…I think BADOO has better technological equipment, but they are ..probably 50% bogus..It does damage one’s belief in relationships..who is behind the Curtain.!…hope you are able to overcome this Purice..

  51. Purice Nichols, 04 February, 2011

    Hi, Darvenne, thank u for responding…I may be overwhelmed with even more mail now, but it is okay, as I am here to answer any questions…It is worth ALL my time….I have been hit with a lot in almost a year and now I know more than I ever cared to know. lol!!! This con just sent his buddy to email me just now, can u believe it…With more of his lying bull shot!!! I told him to tell this con buddy to move on, I am moving away and to tell him to GROW UP!!! Many of these online scams for romance are organized by West Africa and Russia…I am hearing even in the UK now…And what’s with the military thing??? I read, Darveene, that one girl was writing to a” DEAD MILITARY MAN” WHO SCAMMED HER OUT OF 1200 via Western Union!!!! Some poor man was scammed for 300,000 and committed suicide!!~! I have read so many stories it would make your head spin!!!! When I think about how God saved my life, saved me from going over there, maybe never to return…..I cringe….I have never studied this much on anything since school!!! My man was in an organized group, for sure…..and I still cannot believe he is still trying to get me back…lol!!!! For your own good, go on Google and research as MUCH as you can about this subject….There is so much to absorb, I should write a book on it!!!I don’t trust this BADOO…I just read and even commented where 2 girls got money taken out of their account for this…But it’s FREE!!! I told them to steer clear…I have heard BAD things about this site…Sorry, but it leaves a sour ball in my mouth…These online scammers prey on innocent victims on these FREE sites…It’s just one more place to do their dirty work. But it’s just not internet dating scams they are all in on..They are also involved in OTHER online schemes…I think a few years ago, my company got scammed by a Nigerian when we used to have an E-Bay store and it caused horrific repercussions in our company account! THAT is when we learned about Nigerian scams….I am just learning NOW about romance scams…and sadly, it is getting worse. Back in 2010, a woman went to meet her online lover in West Africa…She got off the plane, got whisked off in a waiting car and held 4 days for ransom. Her family obliged with whatever money amount and thank Jesus she was released…That could have been me…or worse. Please, everyone, WATCH who u associate with online…Like I keep instilling, they are VERY GOOD, VERY CONVINCING…lol!!! I really do believe SOME do fall for ya(I am far from ugly…lol!!!)But trouble is, they are connected to bad people…and you can never trust them…Thanks again for responding, Darvenne…Feel free to email me if you need a friend.

  52. Purice Nichols, 04 February, 2011

    FG…I am happy if this woman u claim is okay so far on this Badoo site…However, if she starts asking u for money and with it a sob story, kiss her goodbye and move on…Sometimes it starts out slow, then speeds up like a Harley Davidson!!!! That can happen to…Be careful, go slow…and be leery, be on your guard….Write me if u do have any questions..or problems…Sweet P

  53. harish, 08 February, 2011

    i wod like to fuke some one

  54. darvenne, 08 February, 2011

    Well I think you are on the wrong website.?.or the wrong setting ?. I like the comment back in December that mentioned how some of these e-accounts are a group of counterfeit colleagues who are “doing a Boiler Room ” version of dating scams..I never have paid to enter those secluded membership groups and ..I wonder why some of these vivacious women would do it?.Pooling their resources for the naive who dare to enter!!!..All this fake documentation, and glossy appearance and who is behind the curtain , makes it kind of ill in one’s mind that you may be talking to a fat guy sitting in his shorts, telling you a script?.Perhaps this is where tomorrow’s new “fiction writers” begin. I think it is better to ..say as little as possible and let the rivers ebb and flo..until you know there is a person behind the mask, with some credibility ..the old maxim is still true….if it sounds too good, it is too good.” I know how that makes BADOO and
    others full of falsehood,but it is business. I personally like to use the adage ..if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, swims like a is conclusively a DUCK!. I was successful on my “BOX sting” ..remember to keep following up with letters , and clog up their output…

  55. Purice Nichols, 08 February, 2011

    Hi again, Darvenne….U r absolutely right!!!! In my case, my man was used as a “spotter” with his all good looking pix, some not even him either…..Then “others” were doing some of his messaging, changing around the grammar, good and bad…I knew this was not my man all of the time here….On Yahoo, “the spotter” (Supposedly my boyfriend)was on cam only a few times that he even allowed me to see him. Once, months ago, he showed up as a familiar face from one of his earlier some of his cute earlier pix, the OTHER FINAL cam “meeting” I see him looking older with “fur on his face”…..What the purpose of that was I don’t know…..So you DO NEVER KNOW REALLY who u r speaking to on these dating sites….As of today, Darvenne, this date, my online lover and his cohorts have not tried to get a hold of me, as to my last response to his buddy’s letter he had sent to me. I am hoping that is the last of him…”THEM”…. I am convinced they all are working in conjunction with one another, these Nigerians and Russians…and West Africa. And for others out there, u never know WHAT SEX you are affiliated with so don’t let the pix fool you…. I am pretty much healed now, the pain of losing a man I thought I knew, but I think of OTHER POOR WOMEN, who are doing right now what I did…Feeling what I did…So damn convinced he is “Mr. Right”…And with Valentine’s Day coming next week, these scam artists WILL try even harder to RACK UP with money, gifts, feeding these poor girls more of their bull stories. So happy I am no longer A “SITTING DUCK”, Darvenne…I have moved on, meeting others more “REAL” online……Keep plugging for all of us……

  56. Purice Nichols, 08 February, 2011

    Hey, Harish…Why does my “crystal ball” tell me u r here with a “threat” to our comments??? U know what this site with its comments are all about…Move on, please…and don’t come back here again with your disrespectful lingo, I am not buying this…If all of us here upset u in some way, so be it….

  57. Purice Nichols, 13 February, 2011

    Hey, Darveene and anyone interested…I just discovered something interesting here…Was able just NOW to get back into some profile again of my ex online scamming lover, with this BADOO…I am laughing my cute little tanned ass off because 2 weeks ago he was in Canada, this week he is in FLORIDA!!! lol!! I guess it was not working for him in Canada so he switched to Florida until someone else—-probably many—will see thru his game!!! By the way, he did many times when we had been together, tell me he had been in Florida as he has family there…HOPE HE GETS “BURNT” THERE TOOOOOO!!!!lol!!!!! My big laugh for today!!! Guys, girls, beware…These scammers change countries, etc. as fast as the seasons change…beware of them!!! PS…One girl mad some sort of sarcastic remark to him and I laughed…Guess she knows what he is all about…and what is funnier, another girl wrote him this long letter and left her yahoo address…Trouble is, I could tell right off the bat SHE IS AN ONLINE SCAMMER!!!!! This is too funny!!!!!

  58. Darvenne, 15 February, 2011

    Good Morning Ms Purice Nichols.

    I have a question to see if you think this is possible..When someone looks at a profile , you have to pay do you not ?.then why do I receive all these
    replies to a profile, that I never reciprocate to see theirs?.I find it difficult that a woman would pay $ to see a profile..?.I know its a equal opportunity
    world in some aspects….Though this makes me think that this is Network of colleagues!. I caught that Nigerian /woman/man/ scam about picking up some boxes in Malaysia , by inudating the person with a “fictitious story” of colleagues looking into other cities where the boxes were sent..I received a reply that “I was sick in my heard” ( heard means head!)..So gum up there messages by clogging their emails, with follow up messages that spam them!.It is all we can do!!!!.. Purice I think that the flim-flam man probably has a canadian citizenship, and maybe just picks up , and starts anew, on the internet I am really wondering the percentage of authenticity is ?.what 25% is Nigerian/Russian scammers, 25% probably the ” slow sell opportunists …create and see what happens over a long time. another 20% is authentic and the others well who knows?…like that girl you mentioned?..they are probably working in a network..of their own creation and probably grifters, flim flam ,low impact scammers, etc. I saw a woman on my account at BADOO last week a Russian woman with a Ghanian name Akosuis ???..even told her it was fake ?…One has to laugh to refrain from being too cynical …oh well happy valentine day Picura ,keep the faith ..!.keep up the good work !..
    – Show quoted text –

  59. Purice Nichols, 15 February, 2011

    Hi , Darvenne, So nice to see you here again….It was a hard day for me, Valentine’s Day, but a friend of mine on fb made it much better by arranging plans for Easter, so that made up for everything…This does not sound right, having to pay for profiles…Sounds like another scam….Just another way to grab your money…Don’t fall for it…..I have heard stories from other Badoo users who have gotten money deducted from their account from whatevers, and BADOO is NOT supposed to be doing this(Some are still trying to get back their money and it is very hard to get a hold of these Badoo people)…..PLUS anything else far fetched and ridiculous from “another country” to go with it, is a SCAM….I have heard it all on all ends…lol!!!!! You know what to look for after awhile…As far as Badoo goes, I wish with everything that is in me, you would please cancel this account and get out and find another more reputable dating site, Darvenne….Yes, I am quite sure she or he is a Russian Scammer just waiting to hook you and scam you for money, Visa, what ever their reason…..My ex “online lover” is “now in Florida”on Badoo(I can see just a bit of his profile when he stupidly told me to get an account on here, but I am not inside it altogether, as I believe he has to approve the applicant? He told me once he saw I had applied, I laughed and said you told me to apply!!!!)…Last week he was in” Canada”…..I was even able to see where one Russian scammer or Nigerian was trying to scam him with the comment letter she left him to go and answer to “her” yahoo address….. I died laughing!!! He and his cohorts are scamming from West Africa….I know all about what he and they are up to…..He belongs to an organization of Russian and Nigerian scammers that do many different things for money over there…..However, my situation is a bit different from many peoples, as I knew who many of them were, etc…as he “kept it in the family” deal with friends, etc…, run BY these Russian and Nigerian men…It is a “perfect”thing they have going, so they think, as they never SUSPECTED anyone would catch on, but I was the right detective for the job and I surprised the pants off them!!!. Just be on your guard, Darvenne, and know that there are many dishonest people on these dating sites, mainly from out of the country. From my experience, I am calling it “an organization” because that is what mine was…..There are so many out there…The numbers just keep growing, as sad it sounds…..Thanks for writing, stay leery…So far u r doing a great job…:)

  60. Darvenne, 15 February, 2011

    Thanks Purice

    I think that BADOO is the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated of Dating
    Sites…I actually have been commuting between DC and the Midwest and
    always find these tantalizing Russian Models who are looking for a “fish”
    I reportedly fell into conversation a few weeks ago with one..and lo and
    behold another appeared just last night ?…and do you know that they are
    not living in Washington?.they are currently still in Russia , though this
    one may be different???..The Other left last weekend after trying
    everything to hook, but what can one do..! Purice ?…your number growing idea!

    Though I will try to extricate myself from it , my old girlfriend is not even
    there anymore…and there is a lot of anchor baby mamas..and models with dubious indigent backgrounds..I will stay leery , and I have never paid for a profile, and I believe they never do also..?…but what a “Organization” wants with
    keeping someone on the hook until they can pay off ?….how long did your ex-keep you on the hook ?..until the turn around…Good Luck with smashing the schemes…Also lot of lost women in Malaysia ..same as men in West Africa..I think that is due to Accra and the English speaking southern part of the continent.
    I also found out that the Russians ..speak a stunted english, though not like someone to write back in the Old Cyrillic ..strange ! to run keep the faith Purice….I;ll try to get out of BADOO..

  61. Purice Nichols, 15 February, 2011

    Hi, Darveene, Thank u for listening to me…Get off this site…IT is just one big scam and even Badoo themselves is up to something, for sure!!! I am sure you can find a more reputable dating site for just the right one…Many are just a man or woman from West Africa(I even nailed the time zone 8-9 hours from my state here, it was somewhere in West Africa, not in Morocco where he said he was speaking from, although I did discover he had connections there, no doubt that was true…I was planning on visiting him, so I knew plenty:::)They can be speaking from anywhere…Mine is in Florida this week and last week he was in Canada and God knows where he said he was on Badoo BEFORE I discovered his profile on there…lol!!!! He is just out looking for money, Visa, a way to leave his country…However, we were in a nice relationship for 8 months, but after Christmas, her started acting weird so I did some lengthy investigating…I am so glad I did or if I could have gone over there to meet him and Lord knows if I would have come back or what!!! I have only seen him 2 times on cam, once without a beard, the last time with a beard, which freaked me out because it was like I was looking at a terrorist(Knowing where he was from, that is)and it scared me…The million other times he would tell me he didn’t have a cam so he got to see me and I let it go…..Until the end, when I wised up…The face I saw in the end was not the wonderful personality matching this guy, whose pix WERE on my fb, but along with other pix that were probably just friends….I broke it off when I realized he was cheating on me, that things were not right and I knew what was going on…If it weren’t for me, we would undoubtedly STILL be together…I believe whoever I was with DID love me…I swear to God…..A woman just knows…..We had too much going on for one another, plans, laughs, marriage, his jealousy, etc…He even called me his “wife” and I knew he did care…I believe there was ONE MAN who did actually love me…But I wanted NO PART of what he was involved in or this Badoo thing(If even he himself was the actual man who is on Badoo, which it could have been the scruffy bearded guy, my man had more class, although he could be childish at times…lol)or any other thing they were all involved in to make a buck…It could have been drugs, prostitution, many other online scams…..He actually only asked me to help him once a month with 100 dollars for his internet service, which I know now, he just wanted some money for himself…maybe hoping one day I would give more…It is so involved, Darveene, I still shed a few tears, as I miss the man who i thought I knew….Two weeks ago was the last of his friends trying to contact me as I have him “blocked”from my life…However, a strange name appeared on my Yahoo today with a request to be in my contacts…I refused…Didn’t seem right…How many people even KNOW I have a Yahoo account aside from my cousin and…HIM??? I am doing better, with friends like yourself who can relate a bit…my real friends I have on fb and outside of that…I am even on 2 online scam sites as this thing is just getting worse by the day…..People out there are just trying desperately to make a living today, as our economy is soooo very bad and as you know, no work in these foreign countries…So this is what they have resorted to…..It is just too bad it has to be so——corrupt? Keep in touch, always glad to hear from you, Darveene….Yes, I will keep the faith…God is helping me as well…:)PS..If I can help even ONE person out there or even help ease someone elses’ pain, it helps me as well get through what I lost….God bless you…

  62. Purice Nichols, 15 February, 2011

    Good for you, Lerato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Dean Burks, 15 February, 2011


    I have been reading all of this about badoo site. I am involved with a man who came clean with me. We have been having a relationship for some months now. I see him on cam all the time when we talk. He is planning to come here to the states where wr are to be married. I am now concerned if all of this is true and do you think I should continue with the relationship? Please do not post my name or email.

    Thank you

  64. Darvenne, 16 February, 2011

    I Think this letter is of dubious distinction..because in due course, the overall effect of Marketing comes into a problem…to counter the opposition. We are on this sight
    to bring complaints and asking “why ” ” Who ” or discussing policy of BADOO or
    other scamming behaviour within the structures of these “organizations”.Personally
    the Marketing Departments of these companies will surreptitiously counter these
    accusations by putting doubt to our intentions ..we are here only to solicit information to unanswered questions that tend us to question the “authenticity and
    genuine intentions of the sites”…BADOO and other have their own agents to disspell
    the belief that the sites ..are of questionable content” and are truthful in their displays.One has to come away with this ..understanding that everyone has their “own agenda”..I have to admit that CAM;s are cameras..but it is always better
    to pick a neutral spot for all meetings. Though maybe Picura she can explain it better. ..she knows about CAM”s…I guess one has to believe ????…good luck.
    though remember life is a risk anyway….

  65. Purice Nichols, 16 February, 2011

    To Annie and anyone reading this: ESPECIALLY BE WARY OF ANYONE WHO CLAIMS HE OR SHE IS IN THE MILITARY!!!!!!!!! BIGGEST SCAM GOING YET!!!!!! I read last week somewhere that some poor innocent woman was romancing a man she fell in love with who claimed to be in the military and wired him a total of 12oo via western union for whatever his reasons…Come to find out, the guy has been deceased now for maybe 2-3 years!!!! It’s a scam and using this scam on BADOO is no different than any other dating site!!!! Please, be careful who you are associating with!!!!! These people are good or so they thought with me…My situation was a bit different, a bit more personal and intricate, but none the less, I broke it off(Thru fb, Yahoo…)and I am here now, along with some other “online scamming romance sites” to help anyone I can who may get scammed…may BE getting scammed…and what to look for!!!!! If anyone wants to write me, their message will first end up here but I AM able TO SEND OUT PRIVATE REPLIES…….Other than that, all replies will be posted here for all to see…I am here if anyone needs someone…..

  66. TRAE, 17 February, 2011

    LOL they tried to scam me …pretended to be george perdersen US army in Iraq with a daughter in GHANA with a hole in her heart and a nurse maid …Wanted me to send money for a ticket so she could be with me until he gets out of the army in a few months …Funny when he called he had a distinct accent and i couldnt stop laughing … These creeps should be charged of something

  67. Purice Nichols, 17 February, 2011

    Hi, Trae!!! So glad you didn’t fall prey to it…They use every trick in the book, everything they can think of and this Military malarkey is no exception!!! Just one more of us like yourself out there who is wise…and many more to follow who will be joining us!!!lol!!!! Glad you tuned in…write again if you get any more “laughs”…I can always use one!!!

  68. colette griffiths, 18 February, 2011

    I was on badoo for some time and met an army man from Liverpool where my home is. The date was terrifying to say the least. He got a knife out then proceeded to cut himself. He tried to get me to pysically attack him. I was extremely concerned for my safety! I sent a number of emails to badoo telling them how dangerous this man is and said that he should be removed from the site. Badoo did not respond at all and he is still on the site to my knowledge.

  69. Purice Nichols, 18 February, 2011

    Dear Colette…..I just received this from Radar here…I am so very sorry this happened to u, u must have been so very terrified, but thank Jesus u r okay, to say the least!!! However, I cannot say MENTALLY this won’t haunt you for a very long time… I don’t know where u agreed to meet this lunatic, but first big mistake, sweetie, DON’T EVER AGREE AGAIN to meet ANYONE WHOM U DO NOT KNOW alone!!! Meet them in a public place and feel the situation out!!!! You never know what to expect and in your case, Guess what???!!!! Second, I doubt very much if he was even in the army(Maybe I am wrong), sounds like some psycho who could have done more than bodily harm to himself, but it sounds like he could and WOULD have done you in with him, sweetie!!! You got off lucky!!! Badoo is NOT going to stand by you with this, believe me…They probably figure what you see is what you get and it is up to your adult “over 18 discretion” to deal with whatever card is handed to you. From what I know, have read…and a bit experienced, this dating site BADOO IS VOODOO!!! GET OFF THIS DATING SITE, as it is known for its scammers, etc…. Please do everything in your power to close your account and next time you even THINK of using another dating site, check into one that has more credibility, please!!! I am just coming out of a bad situation with a con man, who I myself had an online relationship with for 8 months…Long story……Let’s just say, I could have gone to MEET HIM, as we had been seriously planning, and I often wonder if I would have ever come back to the USA, my home…Good luck, be on the look out for these scam artists online…Go to google and look for “ONLINE ROMANCE SCAMMERS”. This will tell you everything to look for and what to be aware of that is out there, and getting worse online..facebook, etc. is no exception, in fact THAT is even getting bad for its online scammers!!! Good luck, sweetie and God bless…Tune in again if you have anymore malarkey go on, but after you would read what Google pulls up, I think you could safely say “It will never happen to me again”…..

  70. colette griffiths, 18 February, 2011

    Thankyou for your mail. I have indeed left site as that scared me shitless. He was in army! An officer no less. He showed me pictures. I think Afgan messed him up. But to anyone just makesure you meet in public! I learned the hard way.

  71. Darvenne, 19 February, 2011

    I have to agree that BADOO is a dubious organization, though in a months time..I have unearthed a whole organization that is called IDL Interracial Date Link , that is
    a nest of Nigerians,Southerners,and probably some old escort service members(smile)..percentages are unbelievable….out of 14 inquiries 13, have shown themselves to be scammers..I waited them out..and the 1 left, ..gave me the old show me some dignity! .I am a woman..I personally do not know that of her yet?

    Some big scammers in this group ..sarah _james the trademark is holding true to previous scambusters..

    1. Yahoo..though rocketmail is approaching..anyone know why that is ?
    2. at least with BADOO..the women pictures are of themselves..and have some
    degree of validity..though there is trickery and fakery,I do not doubt that!

    3.The long letters in the beginning are probably 4-5 paragraphs..christ who
    wants to read the whole story !..long winded ..they exhaust you with the
    4. then after that no explanation of their daily affairs..nothing , probably a church
    visit on sunday ?.so the big letter followed by a glib,short hello.and how are
    you?…They should do a SNL script on these scammers..
    5. I have been found by the Hive, and they screen my emails…so find another

    So I.DL watch out!…all caucasian women are advertised ..what is that all
    about, ? and I am open to all races, but why do they do that??? that is
    my report…..

  72. Purice Nichols, 19 February, 2011

    Hi, Darveene, I am laughing…And the saga continues…Hey, I just tried to get into the “semi look” at my ex con’s profile on Badoo here and all day I am not able to log in…Server says temporarily not available??? Seen something previously when he had changed his place from Canada to Florida…lol!!! I have a feeling he is changing “countries” or what have you again…Can’t wait to find out where he “moves to next”!!!! All this stuff just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it, Darveene? An SNL script you say on these scammers??lol!!! I should do a screenplay on these people and probably make millions off it!!!!! PS…Don’t forget the good ol’ Russians are in on it too…….Unbelievable what u did unearth!!Not so sure the woman are not fake pix…MY brother got a fb request from a Russian scammer just 2 weeks ago. Womens’ pix can also be stolen off of dating sites, etc. and used just like men. Trouble is, you just can never be too sure today…lol!!!

  73. Purice Nichols, 19 February, 2011

    Dear Annie, just noticed your comment above about how this jerk GOT your name and email address…First off, you are on FACEBOOK, like me…we all have friends who have friends who have friends and so forth….With so many facebook scammers even on facebook, anything is possible…and nothing surprises me….These scammers are good….Just be on your guard…and only accept mutual friends of friends…and know WHO you can trust with these fb friends…I had to delete a foreign guy off my list, who I believed I could trust as he was supposed to be my other friend’s cousin…I got a red flag when he kept wanting to go to YAHOO and tried to put me on to this dating site…Other things too didn’t seem right, so I deleted him…I was getting bad vibs about him…..Just be on your guard and change your email address if you have a lot of other problems. Don’t know if maybe it is in your info dealing with your profile or what, where my friends on fb can see my Gmail account but never had any problems. And I am just learning thru my experience with my ex con, when he flubbed up and tried to get me into BADOO(As I had deleted him off my fb and he tried to get me back on again thru his BADOO as he has something set up like this with what he had been doing)that it is thru facebook….Now because of his screw up, I can at least SEE part of his profile and how often he is online, but cannot get in…lol!!!!! I think this week he is trying ti “move into another country” as his site is temporarily indisposed…Maybe tomorrow he will “be in Germany”…lol!!! Online dating is okay, but not everyone is so lucky to find “Mr. or Ms. Right” because you just never know who to trust here……

  74. Cidalia, 22 February, 2011

    I have been getting alot of emails also . I did chat with a few guys on the site, and it seems to me also that, they are all in Africa working, either construction or jewelry salesmen. And yes they are divorced with kids and the wives have died , or they left the child with them and moved on.
    I have pictures of them and the child , but in the back of my head i have been wondering about this site. I pray to GOD that the ones that are lying will rot in HELL.

  75. Purice Nichols, 23 February, 2011

    Hi, Cidalia, So glad u took the time to care enough about yourself to post this……And don’t be ashamed when I finish here, because although you don’t know me from Adam, I went through with my “ex con” and it started at Facebook then to Badoo and just last nite I am back to Facebook with his “stalking me again thru friends”…It just never ends…So this is why I am writing to u, because DON’T LET IT EVEN START”, GIRL!!!!! Please, lissen to me….These men with their phony pix of themselves and their kids and the ol’ song and dance of how their wives are dead and the construction scene and what have u, is BOGUS!!!!!! They are nothing but ONLINE ROMANCE SCAMMERS just wanting to prey on an innocent victim such as yourself so they can bleed the hell out of your pockets, bleed your poor broken heart when they decide to book after they have either been found out or you dump their sorry ass…And you can be sure as the sun rises and sets, sweetie, to find these scammers on facebook, free dating sites, even paid sites…and BADOO is no exception. In fact, this dating site BADOO is a great booby trap for poor, defenseless women such as yourself!!! My advice to you would be to GET OFF THIS DATING SITE, find one a bit more reputable, more credible…..And I am going to give u a bit of homework today to do so you can educate yourself in what “ONLINE ROMANCE SCAMMERS” are all about…..The majority of SCAMS, whether it be online romance or 419 scams, are a scam…It is even getting so Online Romance scams are coming from Russia, the Philippines, even the UK….. Go to Google and type in “ONLINE ROMANCE SCAMMERS” and this will lead you to every bit of information you could ever hope for, sweetie…It took me one month to get on board with everything and I am still learning here…..One thing will lead to another thing and in time, as you become educated and know what to look for, you will be on your guard for these sort of people and organizations out there. Now I am an advocate with online romance scam sites to help others who may need some guidance. Don’t worry, girl, maybe we can’t have the pleasure of doing the punishing, only to warn and advise other victims like ourselves, but one day, God will handle all the “monkey business” and I wouldn’t want to be any of them when that day comes!!!!

  76. Darvenne, 23 February, 2011

    I tend to agree with Purice on the inevitable influence of these sights. I always laugh when I read, father dead ,mother crippled living with me …though if you look at someone from Rwanda,Congo or war torn Africa, it could be legitimate?.though that is the invite!. Usually the dead parents is the lead in.makes one wonder how long they will last ( if the parents went that fast!). And they quickly give you the …soulmate thing. I still haven’t figured out this one in England..Though I think the reluctance of new pictures could be the coup?. I never had to dispute my ex-girlfriend of Brazil, probably because she didn’t speak clearly..and was always too busy to send letters, due to going to the Internet Cafe. I think this “new crop ” of the Nigerians, and Russians are outfitted with super updated computers and phone connections, so its a more prominent business..”super scammers” and groups ,and ancillary operatives…so as Purice mentioned is difficult to discern ” what you’re receiving without questioning everything!….as for rotting in Hell, well I think they are impervious to even believing in anything except the ” SCAM”..good luck out there.

  77. Purice Nichols, 25 February, 2011

    Dear Deanna, Just read your comment and although it happened over 4 months ago, it is never to late to do your online homework..If u haven’t bothered after this sad experience of having your pockets bled and your heart to go with it, type in on GOOGLE “ONLINE ROMANCE SCAMMERS” and you will find everything needed to stay in tune with what is out there. FB, sadly, has many run-ins a lot now with online scammers, I hate to say, and there are many dating sites such as this one even, who are just getting worse by the day!!!! But it is up to us guys and gals out there to know what to look for and if anyone has been burned, never to let it happen again….Hope things are better for you, sweetie, financially…..and hopefully since then, better romantically.

  78. Darvenne, 25 February, 2011

    So Purice anything new out there?..I am kind of new at webcams..what is some of the things you have to notice..or how can one get the scammers into the “picture”.I always get that story about “the messengers are not working? . And I do not belong
    to Facebook..though there is so much tie-ins between these!. How are you doing out there?.

  79. alexandra, 02 March, 2011

    i have been reported on badoo of trying to scamm they are users which i know nothing about , if badoo can just been blocking people bcs someone has report them without checking whether if the person is telling the truth or not that means it is very bad and pains me the most now is they said they have send my information to my local authorities ,i really want to know if they will do that before i action bcs my picture is there i want to defend myself i need some prove from them these is all about embassment.

  80. Darvenne, 03 March, 2011

    Alexandra ..I would like to say this is one of those analogies..from older times
    that if one looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck..then
    all assumptions are that you ..are reputably a Duck!. Are you Russian
    ? or just someone who has some form of dubious nature about you?
    Look I do not know if you’re are “real” or “not” though BADOO has its
    moments.It may be that you are under attack because of certain
    aspects of your profile, pictures, names, and contents of files are
    perused by many, some of these members looking for a woman are
    driven by the notion that everything is Authentic..Men are visual
    driven, and would never believe that someone was scamming ..I as
    a male know what I am talking about!. Lot of the profiles are just
    make believe and its all suspect or not?..Sorry you got caught in the
    trap, but ..everything is under investigation with dating sites..I have n
    -o problem with your nationality or who you are..though on this sight
    we do …wonder off the contents and you are probably very beautiful,
    and honest, and of high character,…..though it is all smoke and
    mirrors Alexandra. ..Sometimes the dolphin gets caught in the tuna
    net. Though there is also agents working for BADOO who are
    trying to start a counter-argument that they re full of falsehoods..
    everything is ……on the level..I knew my old girlfriend on the sight
    before she joined, though there is some ….weird things with the
    whole sight ??????reallly weird ?…personally I think you may have
    to start over and build some trust..and go from there!..and if you are
    a scammer ..well I do not know what to say!

  81. Purice Nichols, 03 March, 2011

    Hi, Alexandra….Now this is real weird…I have been getting a few letters from this director Frank Matseo, director of BADOO who started BADOO(He is from Ghana, no big surprise)who OPENLY ADMITS this so called “dating site” is a big scam and that 80 percent of the profiles on here are false, it is meant to have fun, that although there are genuine members, he has the nerve to try and get donations to keep this site going, knowing all of this, and even has a bank transfer place where money can be wired!!! Can you imagine this???? Relax, how can they even be thinking of doing such nonsense to you when they are scamming themselves???!!! My advice to you is, just get off of this scam site and move on and don’t look back…What they probably are trying to do, sweetie is, scare you into getting money out of you so you really BELIEVE they will go to the authorities(BULL)and thinking you could make “payment arrangements”, they are using this hogwash hokes against you to try and get it…They are out to pick pockets from foreigners and they will use every angle in the book to do it…So remove yourself from their clutches and please, in the future, watch what dating site you use….There are thousand of scammers on them just ready and willing to break your bank account and break your heart. Good luck, sweetie…

  82. Darvenne, 03 March, 2011

    Anything goes …I saw a Russian woman with a Ghanian name ..?. Strangest thing there is a ‘chorus ” of admirers that follow you, when you make a comment!..with their you end up getting all these hits on your email..and find the same guys is so funny!!..I think the fake pictures lifted from a porn or model ,or actress file runs a close second…I wonder if there is a Amish dating site ,…it might be corrupted also!.what a world!.good luck out there !

  83. Darvenne, 08 March, 2011

    Well I had a interesting exchange with a woman from BADOO ..I had previously
    mentioned that there was this intriguing way that the Russians would make a bite and then rush off the sight. Now I have been following this mystery of this place called New York City Iowa ..actual true place ..but what is in the water to bring forth all
    beautiful women ??..well actually started to put down some ….lines on a woman about how I don’t believe you are in Iowa?.and did it in italiano, and english and actually spouted the whole idea that its all falsehoods..Well later that next day ,I received this invite from this woman Russian ..I knew it by looking at she was not there, and there was no mention to the scathing remarks and denial of her! ( LOL)

    So a few days later she is sending me long letters of her place and where she is living in Russia ,,and I write back in Cyrillic and she just keeps rambling on about how she has this cat!..( last woman Anila had a Dog!) is really reading that Purice said it is all about entertainment according to the creator of the is kind of funny ..who is filtering the real information streaming back to her???..I had just finished up with the last woman from IRDL ..she held up for awhile, but after I stopped sending emails..they never lead ????.she disappeared over the weekend, though she denied up to the last minute of sending some pictures???..and the old meet up time angle?. They actually have no content, the daily, the minutiae of everyday life is never wonders what these nigerians, and russians who have no life.are actually looking to score ..what 1 out of a thousand ?.Here is a funny trick to do to them .
    Send multiple emails . throughout the day..and do you know what happens ???they return each letter with a reply ?..why answer all 4 emails, when you can just
    send 2 ?. they never do anything except go to church ??.though after reading some of these comments..I have to admit ..their antics really do not change much ..15 out of 15 all fake..not bad!…good luck out there folks..and thanks for the update Purice on the great Leader of BADDO..That’s entertainment!. now onto
    XXX Cupid before my work schedule picks up…I also belong to a place called HI5 overseas..may want to check up on that if you are curious!..later

  84. Purice Nichols, 08 March, 2011

    Hi, Darveene, Amazing and entertaining letter!!! lol!!!! And of course, the saga continues…Here’s something just as entertaining FOR YOU: For some reason, FINALLY someone just kind of “allowed me in”(Maybe the Director???)into Badoo site,as you know, my “ex” for some silly reasons, got me to fill out an account with them with some info, but I was never ever able to get in…2 days ago I finally hit the jackpot, as a message came to me thru an email with a password and everything…Okay, so let’s have some fun, I say…lol!!! I am, Darveene!!! I NOW have a profile, pix that “suddenly appeared of me from fb…mmmm) and my scale is the way on high!!! lol!!!! What fun!!! I am checking out fakes, phonies..and real deals, as I am that good, Darveene….I have even connected to “some of my past” and just letting it flow for now, having fun…I wanted to see for myself what was really going on behind the curtain and now I have…..This is a panic!!! I just tell on my profile”Wanna flirt”…lol!!!! Interesting where and “who”just comes out of the woodwork…Take care and keep writing!!! PS>>Those “Russians, man or women behind the scenes, never give up and are the most obvious…lol!!!!

  85. Purice Nichols, 08 March, 2011

    PS>>Any guy who goes on BADOO and sees my name PURICE NICHOLS will see A REAL GIRL, NO FAKE PIX, THE REAL DEAL!!!!!Come visit me, chat if I feel I want to, but not interested in phony guys, guys!!!:))))

  86. chaba, 10 March, 2011

    I pray that scammers will stop fooling people.I try to LOVE them,give them compassion and I hope that my love for human being could change them into good persons.May they walk in the right way.

  87. chaba, 10 March, 2011

    Loving scammers please stop. God is seeing you.When you stop these scams.I am sure God will reward you much more than you have gotten from the painful people,much more.

  88. Darvenne, 10 March, 2011


    I do think casting aspersions toward the scammers is noble, and I would think the wrath of God and any deity will not keep them from their “appointed rounds”.Though remember the “quote” ..Do not accept anything as the truth if it .lacks love, and do not accept anything as love which lacks truth”.though the scammer accept it as their. lot in life?. I guess the financial ..takes precedence over the
    reality.And personally Chaba ..I think they like the Reward after the scam $$$ then the reward of a benevolent deity. The reward was cancelled out when they knew the odds were against them in life ..and decided to pursue the course.!.sorry to say but its the way of the world.good luck out there!

  89. Darvenne, 10 March, 2011

    I was “rounding up the usual suspects today” .I had mentioned how this one website just for some curious reason..has a Portal where scammers just with no notion that it is being watched, just keep lining up to send their “True stories”
    LOL. indeed. I found a dutch website that actually had the same scammer that
    sent me a reads the letter and systemically take it apart..the school DTTI came up with the dutch anti-scammer hit…same scenario that I received originally received from Abuja ,Nigeria !!!well that doesn’t surprised me , the Nigerians always have a curious way to spell “cause” they give it that Caribbean
    “coz” always a bullseye,when I see it!.so I just sent the whole exchange back to them…I have noticed that they are putting more “content” into their scripts, but the Father dying early and the Mother living with them , and then they move away from the USA to places in Europe and usually London???.A reputable and well known hangout for the Colonial Nigerians??.As I said before, baffle them with language and they fall apart.!.Oh well onto other matters..I just hope my pictures are not out there trying to convince someone that this handsome guy is them ?..One just hates these times!!good luck out there and look toward the skies for prayers and guidance .though keep your
    common sense and wits about you!

  90. anotherone with a brain, 18 March, 2011

    Some comments really leave me speachless.

    Who, even with the smallest brain on earth, can believe someone who is asking for so much money through social networking site.

    It is embarrassing to the human kind that some of you fell for such bullshit.

    I’d advise that you stop using the internet has you are not able to do this safely. Would you give a car into the hands of someone who has failed his driving test 10 times?

    Wake up people. Scammers are one of the worst and more popular things you can find on any social networking site; unfortunately human intelligence is required.

    Always approach whoever is asking for personal details, money, or any other thing with a strong inquisitive tone, or either f..k around with them and let them run in circles.

  91. Purice Nichols, 18 March, 2011

    Save your breath, sweetie…I am one of the BIGGEST authorities on what to look for with online scams…So freaking educated and smart i could teach classes…People come to me for personal advice and I am out there helping anyone I can…BADOO is one of the biggest scam dating sites you will ever come across…I am on there now, just having fun, fucking the scammers around…and the longer I am on, the smarter I get…They are way too dumb for me…Anyone who needs advice, just write me thru here and I will private message if need be…Have a good day all…Biggest brain of all…

  92. Darvenne, 18 March, 2011

    Well You are the biggest brain now Purice?…I guess you were fooled once hmm….I have to admit that the dating sites were less populated with the artificial.or the “stranger then fiction “outtakes..I noticed that the Russians at least follow a certain pattern ..I kind of admire that the women have this degree of validity about them ?.they at least do not tell you their father is dead,mother lost her leg in a skiing accident, and my uncle was a archbishop with the Church of Sacred Heart and the soul of Jesus Christ ..who helped us out and found us a place to live in London…or Leeds..or Manchester..The Russians just want the damn relationship to move from a few letters to ..I m leaving on a jet plane for you!..well they”ll give you a week or two(smile).though the Nigerians do not have a grasp of reality it is based on the Old Colonial stamp, of missionaries….I think the game is more deeper then it was?.The Russian or Ukrainian bride game is more marketable now but facts tell us that Russia is a wealthy country again there could be someone else doing there work?…Purice if you read this ..that Old Chorus of
    admirers they do not doubt anything of content …or feedback telling that those pictures ..or person is not authentic ? why is that ? I wonder if they are a computer generated ..what you think ?..well have to run….just remember …take the game to the scammers..they waste your time..waste there time also..laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.good luck

  93. Purice Nichols, 18 March, 2011

    Hi, Darveene…I must admit, if u know me here and have read all my messages, I was fooled once…Very much so…I have dwelt with Russians, West Africans(Not black, let’s say)…groups….playing a part in a twisted game for money, sex and let’s not forget fun…They make up different profiles. thousands of them, if u must, and play games with them…I was dealing with a man who just happen to have a few in on it to play along…and it was supposed to be made up of one man…Yes…lol!!! Very good…And these “models”, men, on Badoo…I have to laugh….so phony, look like from a website someone happen to mentioned that dwelt with these sort of images…Yes, they waste your time, but they will never get another freaking chance to waste mine again, sweetie…Take care, Darveene…Always nice to hear from u…

  94. Darvenne, 18 March, 2011

    hey Purice thanks for the kind reply and the “behind the scenes ” approach to all this…Yes no harm done by being among the flock!…My old girlfriend she made off with a few extras..$ all is fair in love and war?..Though you are right it is all about money ,sex and ..yes fun..and wherever the twin should meet.My apologies on not explaining the ” chorus thing” more effectively ..In BADOO not YOU Purice know very well already…..but there is a chorus of guys who ..chant all these beautiful incantations of the displaying of beauty in front of them..sure I done it one is immune..I just have too much detective DNA within me !.But are they real..the same people show up ..some old Greek ship magnate..a lot of Latinos who ” do they really believe the person in front of them is who she is ?..I just wonder if that is just part of the scammers..the Flatterers always follow me ..if I leave a comment….then you look at your email..and it says ” you have 12 comments to the sight for Anna”..veery funny stuff!!..I guess there is no one of less then beautiful stature..I guess you are included in the most beautiful now !..My compliments!.As I explained my old ex she has a 29 year old woman ,holding her place now..I …BADOO is a hive of activity…I can’t make sense of why the normal person would think that all these beautiful women live in New York ,Iowa ?????..I guess there is a Wizard of Oz who does live behind the curtain..Maybe that old Director you know ???..well thanks for the reply..have to go to lunch,take care and ..try to keep your admirers at bay!!..I ahve to talk to a russian now ..hey need a diversion!.

  95. Purice Nichols, 18 March, 2011

    Hi, Darveene…Thanks for the compliment…At least you know I am for real…but amongst the fake and famous on Badoo, sad to admit…lol!!! Just a joke!!! I can say in my situation, the ones who have visited, want to chat, have chatted, ARE all one of the same in their group, which NOW I am familiar with, have been dealing with them, as they know who I am and that I am a favorite of theirs from past times…If you can get my drift…lol!!! Anyway, I can spot a scammer and I know their lingo above their caption that they use…I just don’t play into their hands…It is interesting how they come,these same guys, and try different profiles…Have only actually spoken to a few real guys that I know r for real…..But let therm have their fun, Darveene…Have to make a living doing something and it may as well be scamming, right?lol!!! Take care, sweetie…

  96. Alex Mayers, 20 March, 2011

    I clicked on an application on Facebook, then suddenly I get mails saying “Someone wants to meet me”. It claims people like my profile (which I don’t remember setting up!). Today they say that some of my photos have had to be moderated. What photos???? I haven’t uploaded any!!!!

  97. Purice Nichols, 21 March, 2011

    Hi, Alex…As u well know, facebook and Badoo dating site are linked, so there is a connection here….If you now do have a profile on facebook, which I am thinking you do by saying you clicked on an application for facebook…so yes, you probably can be expecting emails from Badoo saying all this…Just a way to get more people to join their site, and thru facebook, a person can….They know u don’t have a profile or any pix to “be moderated”….They probably want you to just come on over!!! lol!!!! Don’t be too alarmed, however, be careful on fb who u accept for friends, though…Some could be on Badoo and take your pix and just go ahead and do a profile of u without you even knowing it…So if u r on fb, just be careful…You never know who your friends really are…

  98. Bee, 03 April, 2011

    Hello Nichols…I wanted to send my messages to new people on badoo to be careful to scammers,espacially to women 40-60 yo as scammers are looking for lonely people.After having sent to 5 people,Badoo warned me that I have to send something interesting and Badoo has limited to send my messages to new people,now I have been limited for only 3 new people to whom I can send message.So I want to believe that Badoo is a scammer itself.

    This is my message to people” if a man contacts you and tell you so fast that he loves you and one day he wants to come to visit you or send you a parcel and ask you to send money …,you have to be careful because they can be ascmmer.”

    That was my message that has been considered by Badoo not interresting.

  99. Darvenne, 04 April, 2011

    This is my message to people” if a man contacts you and tell you so fast that he loves you and one day he wants to come to visit you or send you a parcel and ask you to send money …,you have to be careful because they can be ascmmer.”

    I believe that this is a 2 way street ..because a scammer could be either man/woman/…though we who are men ..are entertained or under the impression that there could just as well be a Man under the disguise of a woman.?…The only difference is that the Woman?( scammer Man ) waits at least a week..before they say “I love You” .BADOO looks at this as a entertainment session…Though BADOO does close off certain accounts and the perpetual flight of the Woman( a Russian Woman ) goes to another profile..with a different city and opens up business again.( it is so funny).how to make BADOO more honest ..put down denigrating remarks to the client and portray her as a “fake” ..this is how the website has to be vigilant on chasing these fakes around..though they just move to another profile, and start all over again.? is like chasing a mouse from one hole to a more difficult to find hole..Yes BADOO is a very devious and ineffective sight..but hey have fun!..

  100. Francis Dulooga, 13 April, 2011

    Here’s some food for thought. Stop using social sites altogether. This includes any dating sites and social networking sites such as twitter or facebook. They are all incredible time wasters. You need to take back your life and get outside and meet people the old fashioned way. Facebook in particular has become an obsession for many people, not in a healthy way. Guess what, staying online is not social, it’s anti-social. Don’t waste anymore of your precious time.

  101. Paris, 14 April, 2011

    Hi, Darveene, You know as well as I, Badoo is meant to have fun!!! No one has scammed me, no one has even tried….Just fun, tis all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Paris, 14 April, 2011

    Hi, Fran…How are u??? In regards to dating sites, I can happily say I found my perfect mate on a social networking site & he is as real as the sun & moon, sweetie!!! We talk & share love on web cam, I have met his family, he has nothing to hide…I am even planning on visiting him in the near future…..A person can go out & meet a guy or girl in bars, clubs, whatever, but never really find happiness…Been there done that in my life…I can say, without a doubt, I have found real love here with this man, & I thank God for one social network that allowed me my one time happiness at last…Good luck to anyone else out there who can find it—either on social networks or “just going out there”…..Whatever is in the cards is not a “time waster”. And I can happily say I took back my life when we found one another….I am no longer “obsessed” either with Facebook like I was nearly one year ago. I am mostly on for my You Tube music & to chat with a few…But like many people, we all have to have something…lol!!! However, for me now, to be online, is mostly just to be with my man, surf the internet for fun & to answer a few emails from whatever comes my way…Oh, yes, & to write my books, do my office work to make a living……Have a good day, Fran & thanks for your comment……

  103. Darvenne, 14 April, 2011

    Well aren’t you the enlightened one? though your comment is probably the best advice to give anyone ,questioning!..asking the most pertinent questions Francis how did we get to this point?.I tend to think human beings are wired for excitement and the trivial, and we ….have forsaken one cathode tube TV which has a hold on us, and now this new one ? which is full of all kinds of ..mystery, intrigue and possibilities…and its global also.!!!.I refrain from using Facebook ! I would rather prefer letters? though I have old world qualities ..but I guess with the benefits of the Internet, we have to also receive a “harbinger of doom ” we open up to keep connected..The old fashioned way out the door seems to be the ..healthy way?.though what fun is in that ?.(smile) when you have this microwave
    at the moment response..and we have lately came to the conclusion it is full of deceit and fraud.. and the dubious distinction that it is ..not healthy for us?.I believe it it is a time consuming affair also..and I would rather bicycle then do it!.I think that is why I have came to a conclusion it is a entertainment that needs to be reeled in.One does not need to watch .view,see,look and kill time by pursuing such “entertainment” but ahhhh the curiosity is there ????the what if , and How can I stay connected to others?..I think it is a fact that the Internet is good for info.learning, and job hunting.but it is just another cathode ray tube which is stealing my time !!!.Can’t agree with you more!!.though instant-gratification wins over common sense unless common sense is very ,very clever.Good Comment for the board.And BADOO is the benefit of us all, because we are “hooked ” .though you scammers out there ..we are not done exposing you!!.good luck and enjoy the social.okay!

  104. Paris, 14 April, 2011

    Hi, Darveene, As usual, you are both educational & entertaining…lol!!!! So nice to see you….:)))))

  105. wired, 20 April, 2011

    you know when your talking to scammers when they avoid you questions and claiming your the best, they love you after a few emails, some crap make make you like them and have similar interests, to gain trusts, even sometimes u can almost think responce you get are prefrabricated emails, pics they send are perfect to make u more intertested even with people in there pics along the way like to best friends to try to prove there are real person and in the end..

    they need $ for visa blablala they make you feel sorry for them to have $ to come in ur country ..


  106. Paris, 21 April, 2011

    Dear Wired, I am hearing less & less about scammers, Badoo is even becoming less “talked about”….I guess my life is sooooo good now that I have become so focused on my own happiness, all of this is becoming just ” a thing of the past”….Maybe more & more people need to start doing cam, conversations & from there judgments & decisions can start being made whether or not a person is being “scammed”…..I wish everyone luck in finding their own answers, their own truth…..I have all that I need in my life, & he is “for real”…God bless everyone in finding “their truth”…..

  107. terrywysong, 25 April, 2011

    ive ben on the site less than two weeks and i have at least ten women all in love with me madly god sent love afther one or two chat sesions then the oher shoe drops they need money from me despertly but if i offer to solve thier problem on my end its always sume exscues why they must do it most of the women have ben frome ghana or nigiria or england im wondering if its noy a ring of scammers controled by a group of con artest
    i hope this report helps some one comfirm what they suspect

  108. Paris, 26 April, 2011

    Dear Terry….Being I am a member of this dating site, I am going to stay neutral in this…In the beginning, I had a lot of bad doubts about Badoo because of an old boyfriend who was on this & my God, I never knew…Devastating, to say the least…But he had help sign me up & the next thing I know, 2 months later, I am entering inside “The Unknown”….Let me give u an example of what I found for myself here….While on this site, I had 1000 guys find me, visit, chat, compliment me on my photos, compliment & praise ME, keep me company during the wee hours of dawn because they all knew I was going thru a bad breakup…& I even got a great bouquet of flowers my ex bought me with a note to put on my amazing profile I still have set up…In fact, HE & I are now the best of friends, not to mention a romance I developed because of Badoo…..No man here ever scammed me, asked me for money, threatened me, nothing…If anything, they just wanted to give me their email account, do msn, skype, yahoo, give me a cell phone number..or just ask me for all my info, on top of wanting to MEET ME…I had this Badoo all wrong….I still go on to answer any friendly messages…The only “crime” many may have been guilty of was just maybe being too fresh with me…lol!!! I can live with that, am used to it…I am sorry u had a few problems, maybe just delete or block a few of “the bad apples”, which I am sure there may be in some peoples’ baskets…I am very familiar with online scammer information, can write a book on it….But I was never scammed by anyone who ever loved me online….Yes, there are scammers out there, many are from these countries, so I have read, but if u educate yourself, you will know what to look for…& how to approach the situation with open eyes, not blinders…Good luck on Badoo, maybe you will meet someone who is just right for you, sweetie…There is someone real & amazing out there for all of us….

  109. catherine, 28 April, 2011

    Im having problems getting access to Badoohe site. The customer service is atrocious. Was on the site only 2 days and then all of a sudden my location was changing by the second, First I remained in the UK, then I moved round Europe. Then I got thrown out and couldnt get back in. So Ive paid a months fee, cant access the site and my emails re password problems are not being answered. Does anyone know if there is a consumer advice service that could take this up. Ive paid money for nothing.

  110. Paris, 29 April, 2011

    Good morning, Catherine…Sorry for your troubles….Hopefully this will get you back on track—-& into Badoo once more….I would imagine a technical problem….I found a contact number on another site of Badoo’s comments that may be helpful. Allow me to give it to you, so perhaps this may help you…Good luck & hope this helps some, sweetie… TECHNICAL CONTACT: Constanti, Rita Phone number: 442070999939 Fax:no: 442070999940

  111. jann, 06 May, 2011

    pls admin tell me can i make site like badoo date site where people tag photo via mobile balance or any king site where people upgrade with mobile balance pls if yes then message me on pls thanks

  112. Paris, 06 May, 2011

    Dear Jann,

  113. Paris, 06 May, 2011

    Dear Jann, The best I can help u with is a number I found on another site for Badoo for the administrative contact, sweetie…Hope this helps…: Rita Constanti….Phone number: 442070999939….Fax: 442070999940….Best of luck, Jann.

  114. TimB, 17 May, 2011

    A more direct scam from Badoo themselves, rather than its users.

    I signed up with them a month or so ago. When you sign up, they have two chargable options – points, which are like virtual money you can use to buy gifts etc, and a subscription, which lets you see things like who viewed you. I bought some points, but decided against the subscription.

    A week or so later I tried their subscription – they had a trial service where you invite 30 friends and get an unknown period (2 weeks?) of premium service for free. All well and good so far.

    A few weeks later, my card was charged £29.99 for 6 months premium service. When I queried this, I was told I signed up to premium service and it auto-renewed. The T&Cs that outline this appear on the screen where you sign up for a paid premium subscription. They do NOT appear on the free trial screen. Clearly, two things had happened here: 1. They had retained my CC details from when I topped up points, and 2. the auto-renew subscription is enabled by default.

    Either of these on their own would not cause a problem – for trial users who never bought points, they’d have no CC on file, so their membership would just lapse after the trial period. For people who bought points but never used the free trial, they’ve never initiated a subscription and so would not encounter the renewal. However, the combination of the two causes you to be charged without authorisation.

    Multiple emails to Badoo failed to resolve this – they insisted that I must have signed up and refused to refund. They eventually relented when I stopped asking for a refund, and instead asked for their registered office address to serve court papers. After a few stalling tactics, they finally relented and provided a refund.

  115. TimB, 17 May, 2011

    Catherine – the email I was talking to them on is – they seem to reply to that one fairly quickly.

  116. TimB, 17 May, 2011

    Apologies – it’s

  117. Paris, 17 May, 2011

    Good morning, Tim…Glad everything worked out for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…Thanks for sharing the email address to help others if anything comes up…Have a great day!!

  118. darvenne, 17 May, 2011

    It must be sweep week with Badoo ,this week, after undergoing the overwhelming
    onslaught of the Russian is back to normal..actually found a Brazilian connection perhaps!..Tim B ..I use to use the the YES ! to all the rolodex of clients to get to the who expressed interest in me..instead of the super poderes( Super Powers) use to task the Badoo monitors..I went through 42 before I found the interested one!…..glad it all worked out!

  119. Paris, 17 May, 2011

    Soooooo glad it did too, Tim…Sometimes, I find, if uuu do hang in THERE long enough, u can meet the “real thing”…Good luck & God bless…

  120. LLJ, 18 May, 2011

    Please beware of potential dating scammers going by the name of Richard Vaneps or Richard Couch. There have been false profiles on facebook, and false white pages listings 1-865-226-9021, emaily Spoke to police and they suggested to post about possible dating scammers. Tried to notify facebook but unsure what is the real person and what is not the real person’s profile.

  121. Paris, 18 May, 2011

    Dear LL: Wow!!! That is heavy….I have heard of such things as this on fb, but don’t know how fb handles these things…I am prepared to show ANY form of ID to my name who I am…Yes, I grew up under another name, but all my life I hated that was soooooooooooooo not me…I am a writer, so I chose a name appropriate for me as a writer…My mom had wanted to name this one name when a baby, dad said no, so when I went up north to manage a video store, I became involved in the writing field, made a name for myself too…So in 1986, I went to a LAWYER & changed it altogether, thinking I was going to be a famous writer someday…lol!!! I have nothing to hide, I have good credentials, I am even changing all my credentials over this month(Passport, license, etc)back to this name, as now I am divorced, ready to marry a man of my!!! Will probably have to do it over again under married name…Hope I have helped some …Good luck in finding any people like this…I always tell people “I am real girl”…:))

  122. larry leblanc, 26 May, 2011

    I was scammed also.names of the one person is…Josephine Ampofo is real name.
    uses…Josephine Iduzu, Forever_mine, Love for ever…rita.
    said she was frow yellow knife Canada.
    Come to find out she was in accra Ghana…
    want money for passport 500$, visa 300$, medical 150$ and a plane ticket…1800$, to come and see me.
    I went via web to Ghana embassy…all prices r there.
    I deleted her…3 months later she contacted me again…said she had an inhieratence…and needed me to be beneficiary to claim money and gold bars.
    I played along…emailed her suposedly Lawyer who sent me a form to fill out…at the bottom it said send 350$ with formto process the will.
    i told him she would be there to give him the money…so i told her she could pay him…not me…she tried to say she would pay him200$…and for me to send 150$ to her…I told her good luck and deleted her

  123. darvenne, 26 May, 2011

    Yes ,those Ghanians!!!.. may overtake the Nigerians.. I It would be better to take it the legal route, just go there, and visit the township, and see the family , and let the mail-order route , got he right way!. that is how the Ethiopians, and Eastern Africsns do it..have experience on my hand!…Yellow Knife that is near Saskatoon.?

    One never knows what is under the mask….I know the nigerians are all men, there is no women, behind the the Ghanians having a very mercantile society, are trying to be more authentic? LOL.. better to try Brazil where the family is more ..tried and true…Big Economy..! and open. good luck..sometimes
    the things just do not add up.? .and those Russians well ..I actually find they are legitimate, just economics..

  124. Paris, 26 May, 2011

    Dear Larry, Sorry u had a bad experience…I didn’t read that u had gone on cam to check her out?? Okay, so u used ur judgment in what u felt was good for u…I have had no problems in my relationship with my man..All is good, met him not on Badoo…But everything is fine with us…I wish more people would have have as great experience…We don’t ask anything of one another, just love…& the chance to be together someday for life & a beautiful future…

  125. Laura, 27 May, 2011

    Hello! Don’t you all get it? BaDoo itself MUST be part of the scams! I got the invite from a friend…. I got curious…. I joined…. I got LOTS of attention…. Thought I weeded out to the better choices…. the better choices are the scammers! Hello–look for patterns…. They say they do international work. They say thtey must call you from a roaming phone, then you see it’s GHANA! They claim they were widowed, have small children…. They claim they live near you…. but they can never call from nearby…. They look like professionals with advanced degrees. THEY ARE POFESSIONAL CONS, DECEIVERS, LIARS, MANIPULATORS, SCAMMERS!!!!! They seem to be stealing people’s profiles to hook their next bait. Watch out! BADOO IS BAD NEWS! It took me a week to figure out the seemingly charming person on the other end of Instant Messenger was truly a fake–the second the internet phantom asked for my money. As they say, if it sounds too good to be true….it’s NOT! Careful people! I lost nothing but my time.

  126. Paris, 29 May, 2011

    Good morning, Laura….I used to belong to Badoo site, but since being engaged to marry, I don’t participate anymore…However, when I was on, I had no problems whatsoever with any of the 1000 guys who visited me. They were all very unique in their own special way, never once scamming me for anything. I, too, at one point had thought this was a “bad site”, but I was totally wrong..And the first here to always admit it. Never judge a book by it its cover, they say……I am sorry uuuuu had “problems”, I never did…So with that in mind, perhaps u should delete your profile & move on then…You have posted your comment, there really is nothing more for uuuuuuu to say.I realize everyone is entitled to their opinion….Enough said…

  127. Laura, 30 May, 2011

    Not enough said! Don’t know who you are, perhaps from Ghana yourself? This is not just “opinion”. Anyone can see I’m one among numerous people who have encountered serious, numerous, ongoing issues with scamming occuring in the BaDoo website at an unusually high rate which rates the website itself as suspect. All you have to do is read the comments herein or google “BaDoo”, “Ghana”, “dating scams”, etc. to know this is a huge and serious problem. After reporting these issues to BaDoo, police, immigration, U.S. Consulate, 60 Minutes news show, and sending them all of my Emails, Instant Messages, conversation scripts, phone numbers from Ghana, etc. I already removed my profile. But I suspect my pictures and information might already be stolen like others I encountered as false profiles and of innocent people above who have had their privated pictures and data used to bait other innocent people looking for friendship and love on the internet. Your story just doesn’t add up!

  128. Paris, 30 May, 2011

    Dear Laura…No, I am not from Ghana…I was a member of Badoo, thru facebook, who by the way, DON’T seem to have a problem connecting anyone, so why should YOU??? Please, now that u have removed your profile, just forget it & move on…You are just “fighting City Hall’, to put it mildly…I am personally telling YOU I had no problems, just that now I am going to get married, I have no interest in being on the site, just perhaps to answer a friendly message from an old friend here & there…Move on, YOU cannot prove or stand by what YOU say…Sometimes what YOU ASSUME “makes an ass out of me and YOU”….as the expression goes…I am sorry if I am blunt, but I am speaking the truth…Anyone else who doesn’t care for this, should just move on as well….The site is made to have fun..I actually enjoyed the guys who visited me at the time, comforting me with their company when I needed a friend…They meant me no harm, never asked me for anything…That is ALSO the truth…Let it go & just go on to another dating site you feel you can go to & be more comfortable with….Good luck, sweetie…Blessings….

  129. Laura, 30 May, 2011

    I don’t believe a word you’re saying Ghana, and you won’t throw me or anyone else off track of our pursuit to stop the attempt and actualization of crimes, scams, stealing, lies, or victimizaiton of lots of innocent people by a disproportionate number of online scammers on BaDoo. It is inn fact in the personality profiles of such psychopaths/sociopaths to charm and manipulate. The mountain of “proof” is in the chain of comments above which you disregard, but that doesn’t bother me because you’re the only one here ignoring what’s happened and happening to clearly LOTS of people signed up on BaDoo, again making you quite suspect…. perhaps the people on ScamRadar might pursue you???? I hope so!! I’ve already took care of myself, lost nothing materially except my time over a few weeks, and even though there are innocent profiles up there of people like me, and I had 100s of people contacting me, there are too many scammers to make BaDoo a safe site for social networking. You won’t shutdown that message ever! It’s spreading like a virus all over the Internet, thankfully to save others from being taken advantage of, stay away from BaDoo!!!!

  130. darvenne, 31 May, 2011


    If I may intervene into this commentary of controversy..As I had mentioned Paris had been a scorned person , just a few months ago, and ranting constantly about her “state of Bliss” lately.. she was self indulgent , that she knew everything about the organization, while being behind the scenes. I on the other hand is a person who looks at thing always more objectively !.I believe that there is such a thing as a “chorus” of computer generated responses from the hive of activity they call the …commentary about each client..the names and persona are artificial and ..not all, though a certain amount is probably written into the script, your fellow sparring partner in this game The Ghanian is a writer?..and probably have employment through the website..and of course all dating sites have a degree of compatibility..Shaddi, Latin has to realize that it is commerce and business, and well just as much a “success” story has to be confirmed ,now and then ? right?..

    As I found out earlier this year, there was a whole dating site,that was all fraud..26 clients out of 26 was found to be men….Nigerians, Ghanians, and some other nationalities..I do know of the Russians., though 3 out of 5 are actually truthful. The Gahnians and Nigerians ( who are from English speaking countries..are more prone to this activity ,because of the quick hustle!.and they tend to blame the Russians for the problem…for some reason it must be racism toward them..?.I think the person you are conversing with is just a agent of the BADOO realm..look into Delphi Theory..and you will see how Advertisement sells itself , with first someone taking the road that they were …taking advantage of ?..then everything worked out fine ,when they buy into the on on you are legitimate in your complaints..But What do I know ?..well I have researched and been a detective in finding out the reality..keep up the complaints..and avoid the story..I was wrong and Now I am RIght!..Okay.

  131. darvenne, 31 May, 2011


    As previously mentioned..the whole BADOO and like all on Multi Marketeer is Business and that is all it is.
    The legitimate claims from Paris ..or Purice or the Ghanian is at most just advertisement, and know employment through the website…the previous attempt at levity from her to discern that your claims are ..not accurate, because she has met many men, and are now happily to be the consummation of numerous hours of tutulage under a “promoter” or ” multi marketer” ..I have seen it at numerous sights….the One who has been Scorned..and demonizes the opposition and then finds the “light”???.it works in propaganda for in in Dating Websites…!!!..what a trio of contention!…coaching is big business these days!!!
    and money has be earned! goes the super -powers on BADOO. As I said not listen to someone who is a benefactor of you, when they are employed by the” engine of ingenuity ” that they are earnestly in ..bed with!.

    Best to bring out the guns and let them have it !…I think it is in your best interest to explain the scamming and artificial nature of these sights..I do know the Russians follow your searches..and actually there is a lot of engineering going on , with the network..and as for the previous Ghanian ..?..well she reportedly knows the Owner????….does put up a red flag about her believability??.though that could be a ruse also?..her own game, within the game to be a Boastful Grrl , with a intention to persuade her colleagues that she …knows more then they do..because of her Insight!…good luck and take up the detective work, to tell the internet crowd, that is entertainement, though it is fraud also..what a world!!

  132. Annabelle, 01 June, 2011

    I joined Badoo and was only on there for 3 days The messages I was getting made me sick so I Delected my Profile. After 2 days Break I thought I would give it another shot thinking I might meet better People in time.
    I did meet some nice people and had a friendly laugh and chat on a Daily Basics and it was only friendship nothing eles!!!!! Then I met a MAN CLAIMING HE WAS A FRENCH MAN he was Gorgeous looking… I had no idea about dating interenet sites never been on them before.
    Only to dIscover his picture’s were being used by a scammer…..who claimed he is French and working in Africa and was in Kenya with unreliable network I picked up he was a scammer before he could ask me for money , But the sad thing was I fell inlove with the man in the Photo and during our many times of msn chats and his lovely way of speaking to me it was not hard to fall inlove,,,,,but I was devestated at first to find out it was all lies….I wish I knew who the REAL MAN is in the photo because my Heart went out to him…………Be carefull most photo’s on Badoo belong to INOCENT PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO IDEA THERE ON A DATING SITE LIKE BADOO………

  133. Paris, 01 June, 2011

    Dear Annabelle….The best way to find out about anyone uuuuu love is to go on cam…and take it from there……U not mention this here…Maybe u should go back in & ask for cam with him…It is your decision….Good luck, God bless…

  134. allure, 02 June, 2011

    i had badoo in my iphone apps but never used it till i was in jury serviced which was boring coz i have to wait. I met this lovely guy.all i can say he was beautiful from inside and out.We chatted and had a good laugh. We met and he is real. I t was the best night ever. We had fun, drinking and talk for hours until early morning then we had the night to ourselves. I still think of him, but sadly we stop chatting and talking. I guess that is Badoo for. I really miss him… But he is real, I just wish he did not stop chatting.

  135. Paris, 02 June, 2011

    Dear Allure….I take it this was on cam??? I am sorry if things didn’t work out…I don’t know your whole situation…He sounds very real if u did meet on cam…Maybe he will come back to uuu, just hope for the best…or keep trying to contact him…So nice when these things from Badoo can work out for the best..Nice to hear a “happy ending”…Good luck, sweetie…:))

  136. Laura, 02 June, 2011

    Annabelle and Darvenne,
    Don’t listen to Paris. She’s a scammer. Darvenne put it so intelligently above that I bet it went right over Paris scripted head! Annabelle, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s a scam organization. They simply want your money and are versed in the art of seduction, to get you to fall in love with them. You didn’t do anything wrong. You were just vulnerble. They prey on people’s vulnerabilities. The more we call them out, the better. Don’t get back on BaDoo! It’s crawling with scammers! I was on about a month, figured it out. They go after educated professionals for our money; but do they really think we’re that stupid? Hello, we’re educated! Well, anyone can be vulnerable. My cousin said it well–if you don’t meet them within a few chats, don’t chat anymore! Also, BaDoo itself is LIKELY set up by the scammers, scamming and stealing identities at the same time. CAREFUL! Try EHarmony. BaDoo is BAD NEWS. FRAUDULENT. STEALS IDENTITIES. STEALS MONEY. PARIS IS ONE OF THE SCAMMERS! SHE OR HE IS NOT EVEN WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE!

  137. Laura, 02 June, 2011

    Yes, there are genuine people on BaDoo who were lured to be scammed, just like those of us talking here. There are too many scammers to make it a safe site though.

  138. Laura, 02 June, 2011

    You are so super intelligent. I don’t think the scammers have the brains to even figure out what you’re saying. Bravo!

  139. Paris, 02 June, 2011

    Excuse me, Laura…But I AM VERY REAL…AND VERY INSULTED by your ignorant remarks..I am NOT a scammer, sweetie, I am more real a person than u obviously…& probably even more of a lady, so to politely say to uuuuuuu, why don’t uuu just give it up, baby!!!!!!!!!! Don’t u have anything better to do with your time than come on here & spiel off your wretched tongue???I set up a profile to find out for myself what I was so misguided about in the beginning…I had over 1000 great guys come to my site, befriend me, keep me company when I was at my lowest point, but NOT ONCE did anyone ever scheme or scam me, girl!! That is on God Himself…I really don’t much care if u believe me or not…Yes, I will be the first to admit I was very much wrong about Badoo at the start, but it was for personal reasons…UU are just plain bored & obviously don’t have anything better in your miserable life than to start in on someone like me, who YOU don’t even know, & start cutting down this site, which I HAD NO TROUBLE WITH, & even now I am still defending it after being completely WRONG…Do yourself a big favor, girl, go find something else in life to waste your time with..or YOU, my friend, will eventually find yourself in a law suite for SLANDER!! That is coming from the mouth of a REAL BABE who took business law in school & is NO DUMMY, sweetheart!! Have a good nite…Hope to NOT be hearing from uuuu on this site again…Your presence is not wanted, your snide remarks are NOT appreciated…One comment is acceptable, just drop it…I admitted to being wrong, so once I found out how wrong I personally was, i stopped the remarks..It is time u moved on….Maybe once u satisfy yourself with a good man SOMEDAY, u will calm your savage beast within uuuuuu….good luck…No hard feelings, I hope…

  140. Laura, 02 June, 2011

    Ha! Ha! You are very funny Paris. Yes, you are real–a real scammer! You are sent by the group to pretend BaDoo’s O.K. You disregard all other people’s comments that BaDoo is crawling with scammers–only 1 explanation–you’re in on it. No one’s that dumb to believe you. Read the above emails. Or can you only go by your employer’s script? We ain’t dumb. You don’t know how unreal you sound. Keep revealing the truth people–we’ll get these scammers! Keep entertaining us Paris, or whoever you are, man or woman. You’re funny!

  141. Paris, 02 June, 2011

    Like Joe Pesci said in “Goodfellas”, baby……”DO I AMUSE YOU?????????????”lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously, girl, uuuu have never seen my profile on Badoo…I tooooooooook all my own cam shots, which I think are excellent & in gooooooood taste, BTW…UUUUUUUUUU should be sooooooo lucky to have skin like mine…& anything else I have busted my tan butt to have…NO SCAMMER, sweetie……I may be called a lot of things, girl, but SCAMMER isn’t one of them…”Your mouth is like filthy rags”…Keep it up…You will be sorry…YOU ARE BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE…No more comments after this one…I could NOT be bothered by someone like yourself…I have better things to do than to sit here & write snide remarks back & forth with an ignoramus, if u will please pardon my pun….THIS is getting REALLY old….Good nite……………….. ….Signed”REAL & LUVING IT!!” PS…BTW…Ye stuffed animal in the profile I hold in my painted fingers is the ONLY THING I POSSESS THAT ISN’T REAL….

  142. darvenne, 03 June, 2011

    Oh what a tangled web ,we weave, when we practice to deceit..Appreciate the reply Laura…I think it is always better to have a free exchange of thought and conversation within the framework of such a virtual reality as a website for dating and other notable dubious distinctions ?.I elicit comments with the fact that has to realize that everything is up to being suspect!…I cannot believe that denigration and objectivity is allowed to put matters into view about one’s experience?.strange, that one resorts to bullying and coercion on a website to
    persuade the pilgrims looking for a little is not that one needs “coaching” and ” marketing ” to lend credence to someone else “reality”. though usually in this “me me” generation it is all about well as I mentioned earlier in this sentence!…Remember when the Peace Movement was in effect, not everyone in the Organization was Peace members..the police have infiltrators and undercover personnel…it is the way of the world..thanks again.!keep the faith !

  143. darvenne, 03 June, 2011

    Laura. I must reiterate..I cannot believe that denigration and objectivity is NOT !allowed to put matters into view about one’s experience?.strange, that one resorts to bullying and coercion on a website to
    persuade the pilgrims looking for a little is not that one needs “coaching” and ” marketing ” to lend credence to someone else “reality”. though usually in this “me me” generation it is all about well as I mentioned earlier in this sentence!…Remember when the Peace Movement was in effect, not everyone in the Organization was Peace members..the police have infiltrators and undercover personnel…it is the way of the world..thanks again.!keep the faith !

  144. allure, 03 June, 2011

    I did met him in flesh Paris not in webcam. as well u can check my profile in badoo. i know there are scams but u can still meet geniune guys there. just be carefull thats all.dont give money or any of your bank accounts.

  145. tammy smith, 05 June, 2011

    please let me know if any of you have been contacted by a ray handson. i have been talking to him for 8 months,but have sent no money, but he keeps comminm back

  146. darvenne, 06 June, 2011


    I have to admit this is not my normal beat..Leave it to the “coachers” .I have these 2 on a yahoo. account, that resurfaces and wait for a hook, though with the economy ,he is probably trying what he can!….it is Summer and just like a glass of Ice cubes melting in a big old glass in the noonday sun..he is still in there ..taking his pitches..Even after you discover their Identities ? the placement of a few chosen words can melt that last cube..and then the slow cent becomes a dollar.. The game is always more intriguing when their is a chance that after 8 months ,paydirt can be met!….

  147. Laura, 06 June, 2011

    Paris, Paris, Paris–I know that’s not your real name. Are you trying to threaten me? No worries–all communications regarding you and BaDoo and Yahoo and scammers going to authorities. It’s only matter of time they shut you all down! What are YOU doing on a website reporting scammers? Apparently you’re a decoy trying to convince people there are no scammers! Sounds like Ghana. Looks like Ghana. Is Ghana!

  148. Paris, 06 June, 2011

    Dear Laura…UUUUUU are right, “Paris” is not my real name, just a nick name…My fiance is the only one who I allow to call me this, as it is just a sexy pet name…no big deal…He knows my real name, so what? No, I am not threatening uu, I am just trying to be honest…I am not from anywhere but here in USA…I used to be a bitter girl who I had thought was done wrong by, but when I had gone into Badoo, I realized this was site was just to have fun on…No one tried to hurt me there, nor scam me…I am NO DECOY, I am just a happy girl, ready to get married & start a whole new life with a decent man…It is people like uu who cannot seem to move on……Don’t know exactly what your reasoning is, sweetie, but I have done nothing wrong…I am telling you my experience from my point of view on Badoo, & I had no problems…So what do u hope to gain?? To me, this is just plain silly…Good nite…

  149. Laura, 06 June, 2011

    Don’t believe a word you say Paris! I take in nothing you have to say…. You are here to continue to lure innocent victims to believe BaDoo’s not trouble! WARNING–People will get hurt on BaDoo–too many scammers, like Paris!

  150. Paris, 06 June, 2011

    Dear Laura…I am only giving u & anyone here my opinion, as every time something ridiculous like what u are claiming, pops up in my account, I am here to answer…Other than that, I am not here to do anything…I don’t even associate myself with Badoo anymore, I have a man & we are concentrating on our future…I could really care less what u are all about * my “fur is not ruffled”, because I know I am RIGHT in defending myself…But if this little thing u feel u need to do to prove a point or whatever makes u feel good, then by all means, okay…I have things in my life that I feel ARE more important than arguing with the likes of someone like yourself…AGAIN: I had no problems on MY END……Just a fact based statement…TRUTH…I have nothing to gain by lying…Maybe if you would meet the right someone, you could occupy MORE of YOUR TIME elsewhere, instead of prancing around here!!!

  151. Laura, 06 June, 2011

    So, I’m not the first one who’s accused you of lying and scamming? Not surprised! Apparently your “feathers” are ruffled being called out! How much do they pay you for this nonsense Ghana? Do they threaten you if you don’t do what they want?

  152. Jean Gray, 09 June, 2011

    Im glad for reading these post on hear I am not on to be easily fooled. Howver, I not a big fan of facebook but a guy contacted me and said he was just browsing through and he saw my picture and he liked my smile. I did not respond right away because I was busy but then I had a little time to spare of course and we started talking. He told me that he was a Dr. and he was in Africa working for Unicef and it all sounded good at first. He told me that his friends say that he was crazy for falling for someone like me over the internet but he did not care because he had falling in love with me and wanted to get married and he had wating to meet a woman like me all of his life and that he was going to take care me and my daughter. Then he had a so called daughter who befriended me and and was tellining that her dad was boring her and all her talked about me and how much he loves me. She said her mom died in a car accident and she think that I would make her a wonderful step mom. The next day she asked me for money and told me that the credit card her dad gave her has not worked for three days and could I send her money and not to tell her dad that she asked. He then asked me if I could I take care of our daughter and send her money until he got back in the states because he had a problem with his bank account and he could not strainghten it out until he got back. I know better than to send any body money my father wrote a book about con games so I am well versed. However, when they got my daughter involved she asked my daughter to tell me to send her money. You can mess with me but don’t mess with my child. They don’t know I’m on to them yet so I decided to have a little fun.

  153. tammy smith, 09 June, 2011

    it sounds the same ,his daughter was named lene, and her mother had been killed in an industriel acc. i just feel for the real soldier whos picture they are using

  154. Paris, 09 June, 2011

    Dear Tammy & Jean…It is just a matter of trust, I know…& how well uuuu YOURSELF can feel out the situation…Cam is a good way to begin, but even then, feel things out….I have always learned to use wise discretion in things that I do…For a while, it is always good to keep one’s guard up in a new relationship….If it feels right then I have done good…I , myself, have read many things about romance online…..USE YOUR OWN DISCRETION…I am in a beautiful relationship online….I am very happy with this, happy with him…I know I have a great man in my life….Much blessings, girls…

  155. tammy smith, 09 June, 2011

    now i can see why everyone bitches at you on here, im a cristian but mind your own shit scammer

  156. tammy smith, 09 June, 2011

    and if yours is real why are you on here go enjoy

  157. darvenne, 09 June, 2011

    Well said Tammy..the ever ” COACHING ” Paris wants to promote her status !

  158. Laura, 11 June, 2011

    Was his so-called, false name “Antonio Villa”. Sounds like the same line of BS scammer fed me. Do they really think we’re that dumb to send the cash? Ghana, again! Don’t feel bad–they’re experts at the art of manipulation, deceit, and lies!

  159. Laura, 11 June, 2011

    Jean, Tammy, and all others,
    Believe NOTHING so-called Paris says. She’s one of the Ghana scammers herself. What evidence do I have? She denies everyone’s experience with the scammers! What’s she or he doing online if she’s already met someone? Why’s she advising you to continue to use BaDoo? She’s on the scammer payroll. She’s not even a she probably. He’s bad news, just like BaDoo, full of lies and manipulations aiming to rob you. Ignore Paris!

  160. Laura, 11 June, 2011

    Yes, Tammy, Darvenne is right. Listen to her. Paris is looking for promotion in the organized crime group operating out of BaDoo. BaDoo’s probably theirs! And, if it’s not, BaDoo is irresponsible. BaDoo-bad news! Get off line. Paris has been trying to intimidate and run me off for weeks. That’s how she makes her money. She’s frustrated she’s not succeeded.. She/He whoever is going to get caught and brought to justice like the rest of her gang. I’ve turned in all conversations, emails, BaDoo exchanges, phone conversations, numbers (from Ghana), and Instant Messages to the authorities. So should you! Other false names to avoid–Eddy Bolton and many, many more on BaDoo. Beware!

  161. darvenne, 12 June, 2011

    Well Laura ..After reading between the lines ?..I have to applaud your rapid and meritorious rise in turning back the Promoter!. I guess there is something to my conclusions that ,..there is some Turf War going on in these Websites..A Enforcer ? one wouldn’t think they have shakedown artists within the realm of something with gossamer wings and virtual reality as a …website for dating ?.strange world indeed!..most peculiar mame….I have to admit that Multi-Marketing is one of the most diabolical evils about..and Badoo has its moments…good luck out there!

  162. morris young, 15 June, 2011

    Easiest safeguard(and nothing is absolutely safe)is at least meet them live on MSN or Yahoo messenger,and listen to their accent ,then at least you can see what they look like and what you would know meeting them in real life(which still guarantees nothing of course,but its possible they are genuine)
    Try deliberately dropping errors like they said they were living in San Farnisco when in fact they claimed to be living in New York They will instantly correct you if genuine,they will hesitate and try to remember what they said or accept it as it stands if a fake.
    Also any adress they give look it up on Google Earth and see how much they know about the area they claim to reside in.Lastly any passport produced as evidence is almost certainly a fake computer produced document superimposed upon a blank passport.Try something like This is NOT a USA passport,this is Canadian and see what reply is given ! They will give themselves away if you also tell them untruths and they cannot deny them because they do not know! The clue is in their voice ! Africans /Asians indeed most nationalities rarely can disguise their accents !
    If they claim any identity with an African country be aware. They are probably scammers. Poor countries are full of them,and not always by choice.

  163. freddy smith, 19 June, 2011


  164. Coker, 21 June, 2011

    Whats wrong with being a Ghanian? Are you implying that Ghanaian or Africans that live on the African continents are scammer. There are scammers everywhere in the world. If you notice, you will realize that most of the people who get scammed are scammer themselves or greedy or thieves. How can someone tell you he is sending you lots of dollars in a package. What for? What did you do to deserve it? Did you work for it? If it sounds to good to be true then it isn’t

    I am partly Ghanaian and live in Ghana. I am on badoo and I will love to meet a foreigner because I love traveling and particularly appreciate and will love to learn a new culture/ way and style of life. So does that make me a scammer?

    Everyone just has to be careful. You dont have to be on a social websie to get scammed. Just refuse to chat with anyone who doesnt have a webcam.

  165. Laura, 22 June, 2011

    No one’s generalizing to all Ghanians. The scammers on BaDoo happen to be calling from Ghana.

  166. darvenne, 22 June, 2011

    Just another business opportunity that took off and morphed into a scamming profession,ala the Nigerian 4-1-9 scam , the proliferation of these updated or revised versions of the penultimate scam, has left everybody creating new ,better improved scams..I guess Bad Neighbors ..leave their legacy behind if you live near them…so goes West Africa.

    And if it sounds to good to be noted ,it is to good to true.well said!!

  167. tammy smith, 22 June, 2011

    mine was from ghana, but hes gone….i did something he will never forget

  168. Coker, 24 June, 2011

    @ Laura, I understand. I just deactivated my account on Baddo and just wondering on where to meet someone.

    @ Darvenne, I get the drift of your message but dont completely agree with you however you made a lot of sense when you said … ” I guess Bad Neighbors ..leave their legacy behind if you live near them…so goes West Africa”. I feel you have a choice to take it or leave it.

    @Tammy. I am so very curious about what you did to the scammer that came your way especially because he will never forget. Maybe you should counsel people on how to handle scammers.

  169. tammy smith, 26 June, 2011

    i have searched every thing i could, but when the marine data base could not find him ,i knew…. they are fake, users, and idiots….. what i did after being sent a friend invite by a person on fb. i accepted and went exploring, i found what i needed, saved pictures, emails..every thing, and turned it over.they are scammers, but not very smart, if so they would be rich by now. as i said ..a womans heart is endless, and loving, but when backed in a corner her mind kicks in,,,say what ever you need too. one thing i let them know is im from alabama,,,and you dont fuck with them are their stuff,,,,too many woods… and before you try to reply paris, shut the fuck up

  170. IRENE, 30 June, 2011

    they are full of shit and also ask for money they have a package to come over here they say here is alot of money they cant get out of the army they get someone from there to came with so it is fuck they know who to pick .there are so many woman fall in the trap i was one of ok woman dint do it trust me it hard they got 3000$ FIRST AND DONT WRONG POLICE HAVE HIM NOW

  171. darvenne, 30 June, 2011

    whew 3 G’s …talk about a confidence man!…strange days indeed !

  172. Finnigan Farsey, 19 July, 2011

    Badoo: they now ask you to download ‘Badoo Desktop’, in order to find out “how close he/she is to you”.

    It used to be the case where you could click ‘Online Now’ to find who’s online. Now that isn’t possible unless you download this Badoo Desktop addon.

    That’s pretty intrusive if you ask me and I won’t have anything to do with it.
    I also just don’t trust websites that force you to put a picture up. I’m not entirely sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised that if you post a pic. of yourself, you’ve given Badoo full access to the rights of that picture. Meaning it could end up anywhere on the internet.
    Most importantly, quality is generally not to be found. I’ve come across some sad case women, from unattractive, overweight, bitter or simply there just to chat with no intention of meeting people. That’s the case in my area anyway. So if you’re a decent looking guy and have a life, don’t waste your time.
    Lastly, it’s just plain difficult online. Pictures could be outdated, or head/cleavage shots only [meaning she’s a chunky gal]. Or they embellish or outright lie within their generic “I like walks on the beach” profile. Let’s not forget the princess syndrome as well, or those that are simply looking for a free ride in life.

  173. darvenne, 19 July, 2011

    indeed one wonders where does those pictures go?…..I think it is better to just go back to the old time of snail mail and wait for the letter to come back……with no such address..or a answer!.//embellishment ? or concocted ?….we are so all very naive to think that there is not nefarious deeds under all this..?….its identity . good post !

  174. Joyce, 25 July, 2011

    To mandy I think that you and I have met the same csammer, lol . I met a man on the Badoo web site he clamed to be in the us milatary and he was also stationed in Irac he was so sweet and romantic we have been talking about him and his son moveing to Calgary alberta as he said that he was being discharged from the milatary in august and that his ex wife cheated on him when he went over there the first time , this man is good he has a very rasionale responce to everything that we talked about, we have been talking for some time and things seemed perfect, then two days ago he said that a diplomat would be contacting me as he wanted to send a package to me that contained his discharge pappers and his retirement info .I asked him if heshould be sending that stuff to me and why not his son he said that the reason that he wanted to send it to me was to reasher his love to me and to let me know just how much that he trusted me and loved me and that he would be home soon.Then a day later a diplomat contacted me and said that the jurney was costing him alot more money than he thought and border inspections ect.. could I send him 3800.00 dollars to help him out as he was stuck in Dobi and could not contine the jurney with out me help and this package was very important to Jeffery and he would be disapointed if he could not get it to me ,heart broken. I forwarded all the emails that this diplomat sent me back to Jeffery and he started to get up set ???? my love and trust of him, then he said that It was my exs influence and my daughters, that I was listening to and to listen to my heart and trust his love for me and send the money, again I told him no and he lowwered the price to 800.00 telling me that he was despet and that he would pay me back when he got home. well I have gon to my local police department and they are ivestageting it for me. I hope that this brings you some comfert knowing that thease people spend all day doing this and they are good at it, this is horable and for those of us who are true it makes us second geuss other.

  175. Joyce, 25 July, 2011

    Allthow I never sent money I know that he has my personal information and pics of me as we have been corasponding for a long time I think that they use the pics to scam other people and untill some one does somthing about this then it wiil continue as it is the circle of life with these people.

  176. Danny, 26 July, 2011

    i had a account with badoo and as i am reading this i am going through with the same problem…. there was a profile with a white brunette girl, gorgeous and she msged me saying she was ghanian, he parents are and grandparents are, she said her parents are dead and her name was lynn hanson, or hansen….. that is str8 up a white name, she said she was 30 but looked like 22-25, so i said to the person “your a faker” and u stole that picture….. so instantly the person deleted there profile…. next morning i got a email from badoo saying there blocking my account and i may be reported for a scam!!!!!!


  177. eric giard, 26 July, 2011

    How the hell did these guys take my facebook and plaster it all over the net without my permission or consent, it has cost me dearly,I have no interset in these so called dating sites and have only used them to deter would be stalkers. to date I have not received an explaination, I did get a sorry for the inconvience. Not just badoo but all social networking sites pull up your socks

  178. Lee Davies, 02 August, 2011

    PLEASE HELP!! I am looking to cancel my superpowers but I cant find the number, in fairness i did receive a text off them saying it, but i deleted it thinking it would be widely available on the net, unfortunately not. Does anybody know how to do this? Thanks in advance

  179. darvenne, 03 August, 2011

    I have a “Muito Baixa” account lately so …it seems that I avoid the BADOO sight and then they send me a ..someone wants to know you!..All I can say about the Super Powers apparatus is that it is a $$ maker for BADOO..I just go through a hundred if so!..SIM’s and I find out the cost!..aggravates the system, and I give no information….. the strange thing is that these sights are bleeding off information from other sights., Facebook is probably in league with them..the Virtual world stays with the Virtual reality.

  180. Karen, 09 August, 2011

    Hi, I am based in the UK and joined Badoo recently, I had never heard of the site and wondered how they got my email addy, I assumed as a picture of my friend appeared at the bottom of the mail it must have been through him, yet to figure that one out, he said it was the same thing that happened to him. After reading your messages I think I will remove, if I can my account details. I have had a date from there, but he didn’t really match his picture!! The site is a bit hit and miss. have had emails from men who automatically give me their email and telephone numbers, which is a bit disconcerting to say the least. I have had experience of a scammer not on Badoo, but only God saved me from losing money, and there I was smug in my thinking that I would never get sucked in, certainly was an eye opener. I have tried to figure out how Badoo really operates as had my suspicions that not everything seemed above board and legit. However unable to put my finger on it. So thank you for your posts and insights. Any transaction I did was via paypal as something told me not to give out my cc details, and reading one of the posts above, very glad I didn’t. Take care and again thank you for your posts.

  181. martin, 19 August, 2011


    I heard of this site because of the spam – I received an email from my friend. He told me he didn’t send me anything – badoo dug his contact list and did the job for him.

    I registered there to see what’s up there anyway. It is a damn scam – you get a message somebody liked you, if you want to see who you must pay. Yop, that does sound fishy alright. It was 10 EUR to activate ‘powers’ to see who that was. I was really curious if this is indeed a scam.

    I contacted the person who supposedly contacted me .. guess what? Nah, she didn’t know about anything.

    Damn scam — I hope those badoo people get sick and die slowly.

    I’m not that surprised .. but disappointed that my gut feeling was right ..

    So – BEWARE and stay out.

  182. darvenne, 20 August, 2011

    I think that BADOO matches one’s notable interests and they let the Great BADOO hard drive randomly find a “PICK” then send you a confirmation.Not that difficult in a Information laden society..We can all figure that out can we not?.though the motive is that if you believe the notice came from the will hurry with great haste and find out who it is????..and the Super Powers is there for your usage!..ahhhh.ha..!. Better to gum up the machinery and let the buttons say..yes a hundred times and the pick will be conclusion as previously noted the person will not know you ?…that’s life in the BADOO universe .Keeping Scammers going since 2007..and come into our web..said the spider to the fly!

  183. Me, 24 August, 2011

    This is the disposible cell number the guy gave me…he says his name is Scott Thomas originally from Dallas Texas but is currently working in Lagos Nigeria. He also says he is there building/repairing a bridge but is out of gas money to get to work for the week and if i could just send him 350$….mmm…if he was from dallas do you not think the $ sign should be in front of the 350?….and he has enough balls to send pic’s of his family? that are photo shopped….wow…and to think he wants to come to my area to visit on his way home……watch every little typo….our spelling is much better than theirs…..just another to add to the list


  184. aleshia, 28 August, 2011

    i just was checking my hotmail emails to see if i had any emails back from a few jobs i had applied for to find i had an email from badoo someone wants to meet me or something i marked as spam as i had no idea what the hell badoo was and my partner had no idea either..but then i thought i might google search it to see what the haps and what do i see its a social networking site aka dating site i mean YUCk ive got more respect in myself than to be on one of those sites so then i started getting angry thinking someones made a profile and hacked my hotmail and signed me up or something but i doubt thats possible so i was stressing out but i saw in the google page this forum about it being a scam so i came in and read this and i see soooo many people have had the same problem or near enough….i cant believe theres more lowlives out there hacking peoples private information and making it more do they not have real lives prob lowlife fat useless losers……can anyone tell me if they would have now made a profile on me or something i dont want to go to the site one bit i have no need whatso ever and i DONT want my name or anything being attatched to such a discusting thing so can someone please tell me if they would do tht or do they need my say so?

  185. Fiona, 01 September, 2011

    Can you guess – yes BADOO site – what a diabolical load of scammers. PLEASE ALL BE WARNED NOT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH BADOO. – it seems too many people have fallen victim so far.
    The story below – if you are interested. How ridiculous it is.

    There is an emergency… son is seriously wounded, he’s at the hospital now. He felt at the bathroom when he was going to take his bath yesterday. When he felt, his head felt on the tiles and he’s seriously wounded. I’m going to the hospital again so i will keep you update in everything okay.
    have a nice day and stay blessed.
    best regards,

    I just came back from the hospital to pick some extra cloths for Emmanuel. I will be going back to the hospital again to sleep by him. The doctor said he has to do surgery for my son before he will be well. The doctor has charged me to pay an amount of 2000 pounds for the surgery. I have already pay 1000 pounds but the doctor said he will not do the surgery until i pay up to 15000 pounds before he will do the surgery for my son. Right now down. i have already pay a high amount of money on the cars i imported into the country(Ghana) as tax so i do not have any other extra money again. Now i’m begging you to help me with 500 pounds and i promise to pay you as soon as i sell the cars okay. I have my credit card with me here but there is no international electronic machine over here for me to withdraw money from my account. Please, i’m begging you to do anything possible to help me and i will pay you back as soon as i sell my cars okay.
    I have attached a copy of the hospital form for you. the doctor say he will do the surgery for Emmanuel on the 31st august. I will be waiting to hear from you tomorrow. Goodnight, have a sound sleep and sweet dreams. Please do not forget Emmanuel in prayers

    Today is the day of the surgery but the doctor said he will not do the
    > surgery for Emmanuel until i pay the 500 pounds. I asked you to lend me
    > 500 pounds to pay the doctor so that he will do the surgery but you
    > didnt say anything about it. please should i give you the doctor’s
    > address so that you can send him the money for me so that he will do
    > the surgery for Emmanuel. please, I’m begging you okay

    I just arrived to take my bath and go back to the hospital again……since we need to make the payment urgently, send the money through Western Union Money Transfer so that we will receive it as soon as we can ok.

    Recipient name: Samuel Larbi
    Country: Ghana
    City: Accra
    Street: 27 Dome RD
    security question: what color
    Answer: blue

    Samuel Larbi is the name of the doctor. After sending the money then you send me a message with the Full name yu used in sending the money and the MTCN code so that i can go and give it the doctor okay. I’m going back to the hospital again so i will check upon you tomorrow. Good night, have a good sleep.

  186. Beware of Badoo Scams (and other Dating Site Scams) | Sabrina Sabino, 03 October, 2011

    […] Dating Site – Badoo […]

  187. Stephanie Pang, 24 January, 2012

    Thanks for sharing your sets of story about scammers to me. yes i did encounter dating scam in April 2010. before i came to know it about the word scam, i was not aware of it. so i share with my three friends and they ask me to be careful of scam. there are a lot of people fall in love with you at the beginning, in the end they find a way to trap you with a sum of money. i have one of the african guy that forward gift to me, then they ask me for RM4200.00. in the end i am smart that i did not give a single cents to him. yes i did fall in love with him after few email. Thank god he rescue me for the danger of dating scam. In this world there are million of guys that god will plan for me. Sabrina there are a lot of blind women who believe that the guy trully love them. in the end they lost million of dollars of these african guy. Oh my god there are lot’s of african guys in malaysia love the scam women money. Anyway i am very good in dealing of dating scam of my past experience. of course i will be aware of Badoo. Again if i encounter dating scam over in Badoo i will crease communicate with them.

    At 2012.01.25 09:45, Stephanie Pang said:

    Welcome if you want to know how i deal with the african scammers, i will explain to you step by step. men you will never never know those african was being trained to scam money of both man and women. you can reach me of my hotmail account Anyway it’s very common over in Malaysia. of course there were lot’s of women over here scam million of dollars. on the another hand, there are group of stupid women regardless of races that have relationship with the african man. and they are thinking that they will marry them eventually. Honest speaking all those african man they are not interested to marry them, and they will make them to borrow money to loan shark or make them to be prostitute in order to earn money to them, after they grab the money, you know what i mean. of course they will leave malaysia to african.i hope this world will get rid of dating scam.

  188. darvenne, 26 January, 2012

    Wow a new bite!.. I did battle on this website last year and regaled much about the whole BADOO experiment…I recently have entertained a little game in relation to the virtual reality women,on the site..and the ‘Chorus” of flatterers.!.I make comments in 3 languages and ..what do you get back..more responses! a kick in the head !!! more ohhs, wows , follow and then I get 18 comments !..

    Stephanie P.I guess you have become the new custodian of thsi website.happy times await you on helping the afflicted.a few comments..about BADOO , the whole operation should be called BOGUS!..but what fun would that be .though the last custodian was Paris, who was a 5th columnist in disquise to fight the company, while trying to promote business, and be ..similar to you? trying to make the women wake up?. though Laura took her out and found her to be ..a double agent! if its your baby run with it!

    BADOO is actually a entertainment ..then a real fire engine of dating concerns.. I have no idea why it exists?.work for maligned Ghanians and Nigerians ?..something sad about how these “Boiler rooms ” are what entails for 80% of dating sights..though in virtual reality one can hear you scream!…I believe I should go and do something positive.but you are the new Custodian..who knows you could be the Old One??????…

  189. Mel O Leary, 05 March, 2012

    Hi I like to get some help. I paid badoo 9.99 euros today to get my profile up on the spotlight service, and they took the payment and deleted my my account. they said the profile was reported for scaming or someother stupid thing thing and told me that they would report it to the i think police in my country ireland. i hope they do. is their away to get this website taken down they steeling our money and letting escorts contact guys like mad. can any one help with a telephone number for these guys

  190. darvenne, 07 March, 2012

    Hey Mel ..You what gave BADOO money??….Now I am not the custodian of this website, though even in ireland they know its suspect…!its just a virtual reality some of the comments from previous posters..its officlally!

  191. Mel O Leary, 08 March, 2012

    Hi Darvenne

    Yes the police told me that they are looking in to badoo in big way. I contacted my bank and the refunded my money after i made a complaint to the banks fraud people. i also made a report to ofcom and comreg in ireland about their text number service providers which also is been looked in to, so badoo picked the wrong person to do this to.

  192. Stephanie Pang, 09 March, 2012

    How many times i have told all of you be aware of scammers. i am very good dealing with scammers. Yes i join badoo couple of months ago. in fact all of them acting to be friend with me. this is how i warn them. i don’t welcome dating scam. cause i encounter some of you upload fake white man pictures. of course they were very unhappy of my statement. they want to prove it that they upload real pictures, why don’t we use video clips. then i don’t bother about them.

    Honest speaking Badoo was not the only website that encounter dating scam, they were others website facing dating scam as well. guys whenever you online to seek for life partner please be careful. Never never reveal your personal details to them especially your bank account or credit card. i would highly suggest that you cease communication with them. If you face any problem of dating scam, please kindly contact me and i am willing to assist you. My email address i don’t want to see anyone of you invlove of scam.

  193. john burton, 11 March, 2012

    Just want to warn you all about Kenneth43 on Badoo. He’s a romance scammer who tried to scam a friend. She thought he loved her, and was heartbroken when I researched him, and found several aliases,. He’s also on facebook at least 2 sites, and has over 20 different names. One he commonly uses is Collins and says he’s an oil engineer on an oil rig near the Faukland Islands. He’s a real arsehole, He nearly always uses the same photos of a white person, but I think he’s black, by his accent, and in Nigeria. but smooth with the ladies. I found one female profile he has too..’Stay away.

  194. Crystal O’Yade, 14 March, 2012

    Shut up guys about ‘Nigerians and Russians’! You guys are stereotyping! This scamming business is done by everybody. I have been scammed on badoo by both English and Irish men. One english bloke put up a of a soldier and told me he was in Afghanistan. The fool did not know his location on site was showing London. PLEASE STOP STEREOTYPING!

  195. Stephanie Pang, 14 March, 2012

    Guys you have to be alert to handle dating romance over in badoo as well as other website as well. yes normal to face scammer all the times. what are you going to do about it. please don’t believe in them that they fall in love with you after exchange few emails without seeing that person face to face. it’s rubblish. This Kenneth43 is not the only person in this world into romance scam, however there will be millions of african man and women upload fake white man or women for us to fall in love with them. please be careful of scammers around the world. At the beginning they are very friendly and loving to you. after a while they will target to scam you. i would highly suggest please don’t reveal your bank or credit card number to them. if you not sure they are scammers please seek an advice for your friends or family members before you fall in love with them. don’t be stupid to listen every email that they forward to you. do you think they will fall in love with you. HELL NO. after all they are not interested to marry you. They are interested of your money only. And they used to forward millions their love letters to the world. do you know that this was profession was trained by a team of african.

    please use your common sense when you communicate with them. i don’t wish you fall into their trap. sadly to said that i came to know a lot of man and women lost millions of dollars to these african junk. thank god i did not lost money to them. and i went and seek an advice to all my friends. they know better than me. Right now i can be able to speak all of you. it’s always happened over in Malaysia. if you have any question you can email to me as you know that i am very good in handle dating scammers.

  196. darvenne, 15 March, 2012

    Usually “Sweeping generalizations” or “Stereotyping ” has validity in its true nature of things..I have to say that “Russians and Nigerians are the best players in these antics..sure some bloke may be a free wheeler on what he can come up with, in the “Soldier home from Afghanistan” but its a rarity.!…many of those icey blondes on Badoo have been traced back to the Tartary and the Kazah area. and
    those Latino’s have been traced back to Africa….talk to them in their native tongue, and see how they do not understand..lets talk english..they say?….bells should go off!.

  197. Police, 01 April, 2012

    Hello.. my name is Mr Wilson i am a police officer who help others to get they money back if they have been a scam victims you should not worry i will get all your money back for you as soon you want your money back this is my mail address i will kindly replay your fast hope to hear from you soon have a nice day wilson

  198. martin, 11 April, 2012

    @Police lol .. trying to scam @ ? =)

  199. darvenne, 11 April, 2012

    Yes ..the Scam Police now finally come around !..officer get my money back!.!!.BADOO recently has started to issue ,”Tempting ” offers of people who want to know you?..curious?.usually this is when you ignore them,and is not in any immediate fashion ,a matter of has been noted, that it is all about marketing (lol)..If you do not come to us, we’ll come to you

  200. tracie, 13 April, 2012

    Please beware of WILLIAMS ANDERSON he is blackmailing me with a video on facebook and other places. he says he is an engineer working on an oil rig in england. he has a daughter who is 14 and apparently lost his wife in a car accident. threatened to send video of me to family and friends and even his daughter and her friends.
    he starts to ask for money for his daughter and then will ask for $6000 for a machine he needs at work.
    i was foolish i know. but i really need to warn other women,.i met him through badoo

  201. darvenne, 14 April, 2012

    hmmm..those guys are usually on Linkedin trying to get off those Oil RIgs ?. Blackmailing you ? what because of “Indiscreet ” behaviour?.and $6,000 for a boat probably!

  202. Eli, 08 May, 2012

    Well Well You been scammed! Sorry! It is not just on Badoo it is every where…. So I do not care how genuine someone may sound…. I do not send money to no one! And I tell them…. If I were to be in a dire situation… I can think of many friends who know me well to borrow from as they would know me to know that they would get their money back and not some stranger…. Yes they are strangers! As for love – sorry honey how can anyone who has never met me “LOVE” me?

    Peace keeping mission my a…! I too have had all sorts; including someone asking me to send money via Western Union to a charity because he always pays them by a particular date and he was facing some difficulties and needed me to do him this favor and he would pay me back when he returned to London on 14th April…. I am still waiting for him to call me letting me know of his arrival details!… Maybe he meant 14.04.2013!

    It can be fun but – Badoo has blocked me due to improper use of the service on my part…. I know I have not misused the system… so if they block me, good luck to them as it is no great loss to me!

  203. Laura, 08 May, 2012

    BaDoo blocked you likely because they stole your identity first! It’s a complete scam website! They pose in false profiles and steal the profiles of newcomers! Get off BaDoo! Ghana scammers.

  204. Mcfyame, 15 May, 2012

    To all ladies in the Whole wide world especially Asian women. Beware of BADOO dating sites. Scammers is all around that sites looking someone to devour. They will make everything to make you feel in love and tell fictitious story especially a guy who disguise as a marine engieer from UK. Then, ask you to keep his money and pay some services thru western money. BEWARE!!!!

  205. david moody, 15 May, 2012

    I have just been scammed by a so called us military personell going under the name of joyce brown… allegedly serving in afghanistan.. but i believe its a ghanain thats behind it as i still have receipts of western union transfers to accra with a male african namwme. this has realky made me sick n disgusted to how low these people will go… saying that so called joyce brown. ( who i have photos of in army uniform) 15 year old daughter was celebrating her birthday without her mother etc.. it makes me sick to the stomach but where can i go? Who can i report it too( if anyone). And what can be done about these scams.. can i contact the us military??? £1700 may not be a lot of money but it is too me. especially when all i thought was that i was giving one of our own some help during there hard time in afghanistan…. yours David Moody

  206. darvenne, 16 May, 2012

    I have to tell you, that a Ghanian operation BADOO is?.yes the old boiler room sitting in there with their shorts and cigarettes ,slinging the hash.! I believe that the Ghanians who had a very good economy ..allegedly N.Y city sends their ticket collection department in big boxes to find out if someone wants to pay..telemarketing and ticket processing ?.and a healthy respect to the language.

    I think that the old maxim…is its not what it seems..its hard to believe that these second rate salesmen and hustlers can bring it like that,to convince someone??really. 1700 pounds is a lot.!.I always believe that the Nigerians and Russians have moved onto more bigger scams, and have left BADOO to the Ghanians ..Accra one big shakedown city,if you’re african ,european,asian.ouch !good luck with the progress.

  207. Dan, 16 May, 2012

    @darvenne, you make no sense at all.. People are posting here for help and you make these pointless comments and it makes no sense, if you do not have any info on helping people out then don’t say anything at all, but really you seem to be suspicious to me and someone needs to investigate you really! Your really weird or on drugs.

  208. david moody, 17 May, 2012

    Darvenne…. i would like you to come to the uk. work 5 days a weel… get £1200 per month n then tell me £1700 is not a lot of money…. what planet are you on. you know the sad thing is since writing on this im wondering if this is a scam or is it the truth. The women in question ims now sending me desperate letters saying sge is now stuck in accra with no airfare to get out of there ( even tho shes living in $100. Per night room that i paid for? Her letters are so convincing!!! What do i do? Im at my wits end.. totally stressed out!!! Darvenne you could forward £600 to me and il forward it on… after all in your eyes its not a lot of money. could someone please help me… thank you..

  209. darvenne, 17 May, 2012

    pardon? Please Dan read the scroll of this website and tell me that I am not telling you the gist of the argument . First of all everyone knows BADOO is a scam..I actually had a old amour on it and she was used by the network,,pictures stolen, and now who knows ?.the plethora of complaints against BADOO have magnified since 5 years ago. You must be very juvenile to presume someone is on drugs or weird, your voice sounds to be someone who actually believes this Organization is on the level!..I exposed 2 websites for dating within the last year.I believe that you should be aware , that there is Marketeers that tell you ,that when others complain about BADOO, they try to convince them likewise?.perhaps you are full of naivete to think that you can be fooled?..sorry about the loss, though read Eli ,he knows ?..and look into Parris a alleged agent for BADOO..many other possibilities out there to explore , as for help .I will tell you what you need to know ! not what you want me to tell you!.capisce! don’t be fooled.if its sounds to good to be true ,it is too good to be true…here is a better advice for a ticket and go somewhere and work it out there!

  210. david moody, 18 May, 2012

    Thank you darvenne for your non responsive rant about how right you are on every occassion. i only asked for help! I know i have been scammed.. why are you so bitter.. have you too been scammed or heaven forbid maybe even insulted on this. do you not know the sayibg once bitten… for goodness sake please show a bit of empathy for people who have been duped out of there hard earned money. Yes £1700 is a lot of money to a manual labourer of “working class” origins. i wonder why you never addressed that issue in your response.. please in future try some constructive criticism. maybe even show some compassion? Not some twisted, heartless vindictive, know it all. i told you so! As you come across in most of your posts!!!

  211. Karen, 20 May, 2012

    Dave, I have read both your posts, and I have empathy for your situation, however don’t be fooled it’s a scam plain and simple. In our own country England, people who are destitute and in need of any financial assistance, do not have the luxury of joining a dating site and asking for money, anyone asking for cash via western union etc is in it to do the one thing that’s their focus which is to relieve you of your hard earned cash. These people whatever their nationality are professional thieves and have mastered their art to perfection, they are able to tailor their stories just at a right pitch to pull on heart strings. Why do you think they appearing convincing, it’s the old adage of practice makes perfect. You are not the first and won’t be the last! I speak from experience as I very nearly lost money a few years back, thank God not!

  212. david moody, 20 May, 2012

    Thank you Karen. thats all i was looking for… Some empathy,understanding and some help from others who have been in the same situation. i dont require sympathy or condascending remarks. thank you so much.. David

  213. darvenne, 20 May, 2012

    We are all happy when a person of Karen’s understanding steps forth and gives a proper response to a person in conflict , and a lack of empathy from all of us ,who are not as gracious to extend it!. It seems you have your questions and grief properly addressed. and are now contented. It just takes the right person to step forth isn’t it?.One can only give what they can!. I must repeat Mr Moody ,Cynical skeptical, vindictive know it all?…I believe the first one is true! hasn’t been found that there is much of reality in all of this ..just a sherlock in the midst,until I see anything different!..good luck !

  214. Karen, 21 May, 2012

    I think there should be more of a Sherlock in all of us! I turned into one after I nearly lost my money and it would have served me well to become one beforehand! Would have saved me a fair few months of failing into a trap. Also people don’t talk about gut feelings for nothing, if and when something appears too good to be true – it is (Darvenne I echo your sentiment there). My story as with everyone I was caught up in the ‘idea’ of romance – to step into reality would have been too hard to bear or the alternative lonliness except had I taken my head out of my you know what, I would have seen that apart from online contact I was effecively alone. I did send the £400 via Western Union he asked for £565, even the WU lady tried to stop me but I was adamant it was all above board (usual story – whilst not through Badoo – scammers operate everywhere this is a multi million business after researching it I know that much). Anyway that’s where my investigating started as I was smarting to think I’d lost the money, and the cheek of him asking for the remaining £165. I looked up the IP addy, course was registered in Nigeria, also the money where I had sent it to was in Switzerland (go figure) and the lady who was supposed to pick it up I researched her online, I knew that she would have to have ID to pick up the money, I was Sherlock & Watson all rolled into one on this! Anyway I told my supposed army guy all the things I had tracked and discovered. It certainly was an eye opener to see how many thousands of people in every cornor of the globe who had lost money, all parting with cash as they had become emotionally involved with a stranger via the net! Also how many had been warned by friends or family but were so far down the line all reason had gone – a friend of mine even rang me and made me watch a tv programme about scams on the BBC and at the time I refused to believe it – take a horse to water but can’t make them drink eh!!

    Anyway be it because I had found out so much and caused suspicion or they were waiting for the other poor suckers to send their money to collect in one go, after 2 weeks my money had not been picked up, I was tracking it on WU site. I called WU and got it refunded – I know there is a higher power out there, as the WU lady was dumbfounded the cash was still there. So was I and until it appeared back in my account I didn’t believe it either. The cheeky scammer even told me see you have your cash back now you can trust me and send the full amount. yeah right!! Never heard from ‘them’ again – when I read over the messages I knew different people were sending me IMs and emails, sometimes the messages were perfect grammatically and other times like a 2 year old..hindsight is great but after you lose a large sum of money (like some) it stings.

    Even if one person reads this whilst in the middle of emailing a mystery person who loves you from the 1st email or has had a terrible thing happen to them, please stop and think – horrible things happen to people next door to you and they don’t beg you for money. Also army personal don’t need money for leave, passports, telephones or money transfers etc – do your research before you part with cash, not afterwards. We all think we are smart until we get caught out in some way. I wear the t shirt and got sucked in by a professional thief – I haven’t lost my compassion for myself or people who genuinely need help, but I use my head when it comes to money now – not my heart – I worked hard for it – so I’m holding onto it..if you chat to someone over the net and they ask you for money it’s a scam plain and simple.Talking to them on the phone doesn’t count either, remember you haven’t MET them yet you’re giving money away – only time I will do this now is to a registered charity.

  215. darvenne, 21 May, 2012

    Well said she who is known as Karen!..I like that the cheek of the guy wonder where is the rest?.. I sent a old girlfriend a computer one time to Portugal and she got the hard drive, though she had to pick up the monitor on her own accord there..she was aghast that I didn’t get her a Labtop.?..your story reminds me of that one!.but I actually knew her for many years ?..some people just do not want to meet someone halfway.!. I guess these Army personnel stories are reaching the expectations of Nigerian 410’s. ?…though intriguing to see the Switzerland connections. The Swiss have opened their doors to all kinds of midnight ramblers, and it is the place to be ….if you’re looking for opportunity?..One has to be a gumshoe , with a respectable command of his or her wits , and a suitcase of proper maxims to get through deciphering all of these ” SIgnals” from scammers…Though it is good to see people have the stamina , to keep going up to bat and ..wonder why they didn’t see that strike? glad to hear your tale, seems we’ll designate you the mascot of this mapsite.( just kidding) I said I am to big of a cynic to continue on!..wagons hoe!!..sometimes Facebook is full of fakes too?..just like
    Portrait Art..when they started to cope Monet’s and Van Goghs,it wasn’t long before Art was copies or real..up to the person who sells it?..can they convince you to buy it??hmmmm..ciao! and thanks for sharing! have the Helm Karen!

  216. Shanghai Fun, 08 June, 2012

    Most people are smart enough to avoid scammers, anyone that is cheated by them is obviously lacking in brains and is basically a fool.
    For the guy that sent 2000 $ to a fake army general you are so lame.
    Its easy to detect scammers, check their ip to see if they are where they state they are, see them on cam , call their fixed number, if they cant do all of these things or make excuses then OBVIOUSLY its fishy. WAKE UP and stop being dip shits which in turn fuelsthe scammers to keep on scamming.
    And as for badoo they are a scam site as it is, always trying to suck people into to buying crappy super powers then keep on billing or over billing clients credit cards, somebody should sue them.

  217. darvenne, 11 June, 2012

    That super power billing is quite funny…I wish they had something like that in real life..!. I always found out the less you use the sight..the sight loses ….energy..and then you get a hit..and energy level goes up, then you tell the person ..are you a NIgerian, then …they lose power again ahhhhhhhhhhhh-umph..HI5 should be looked at also..!..funny stuff over there !!.. nice post!

  218. Reni, 06 July, 2012

    just read only a few posts and will not avoid badoo, but if i find the same as stated is predominant it will be abandoned, just want an alternative to FB and their manipulations. im well awasre of the scam mentioned, theyve been around for quite some time,, never in the wildest of scenarios should you be lured into any action with these peoeple, unless ur tying to mess with them, not legal course will help you get money back, no justice for those that tossed common sense to the wind.. i read about a guy that strung one of these nigerian./ghanian scammers, he convinced them that his religious beliefs prohibitied him from gifting money to those outside the belief system, and that belivers all had tattos of some imigae to identify one another,, he mad the scammer convert and get the tattoo… it was some rediculous image…. lol

  219. darvenne, 06 July, 2012

    my,my a hit on the scammer!…I actually have a friend who actually develops serious long dissertations with those Nigerian Boiler room types..strings them along like a good flim flam man..flimmed flammed and scammed by their own petard!..I like the idea that one would get a tattoo ..just so they would work a little harder..! bravo!..I guess Reni if you need some alternative..Badoo will supply it..some exceptional new technologies over there! good luck with your ! .

  220. kholo, 08 July, 2012

    Dating scam is real guys!I met dis guy on BADOO,his name was COSMAS FICO frm NITRA,de guy claimed dt his dad has partial stroke,his late ex wife lived filthi life including performing several abortion,he has a boder who stays in mexico,whom dey dnt even get along cos he also performs illegalities of which he is not in support of,de guy went on and on with his lies not even knowing that in his emails I alredy picked up few strange tinx abt him-i played along until he promised to cme over to south africa so st we cud meet,he pretended that firstly he is goin to canada as de company he is wrkin for has just signed in a deal to join the sub marine oil pipes with canada so dey wil be stayin in de ship for 3 weeks he wnt be able to go to toronto(town)til dey finished with de job,de day he was deprtin to canada he said he sent me some valuable items through SWIFT courier,strange enough hw on earth can someone include the money in the lagguage knowing very we’ll its gona go through scan,he also asked me for an adress which I gave the wrong one,he created the user name and the password to track dwn the luggage for me,I dd track it until twas in mylasia,den it was on hold because the scan detected the pounds inside,strange enough the malaysian. Courier was comunicatin wit me regarding the lugage not the person who posted it!hmm how stupid of dem dt was!I was told to deposit 99pound which was 13000 in rands through western union money trans,It got into my nerves til I ended up teling de idioT to ask the courier delivery agent to pay for de luggage usin his own money den I’l pay him in cash as soon as he delivers the luggage,and I ended up teling de guy straight dt it is a SCAM,no communication between me n him anymore,he also deleted his profile on BADOO,guys dis scammers are for real plz plz plz analise everything a person writes foru,I also hired prvt investigators who are busy with dis case,de guy wil be arrested soon!r

  221. HK gal, 26 July, 2012

    there’s a certain guy name “Kelvin Jones” he lives in 1470 Jalan Pantai Baharn 50672 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He pretend that he needs someone special to be with but actually he just want to ask for money. He gave me his phone numbers Contact # in UK; +447624196653
    Contact # in Malaysia; +60162812784

  222. The Blurpo, 02 August, 2012

    I have been on badoo for around two years right now, and im satisfyed. I dont have badoo desctop, but I still can see whos online or not, but I cant really see where they are from, I mean how close they are from my place. Sometimes they can be from a big neigbour city or from some small ‘never heard’ before town. But usually its stated next to the profile, so google is your friend.

    About scammers, they are everywhere. You find them on facebbok, Tagget, Badoo, Yahoo, MSN ect. There is no real alternative than learn how to navigate around them.

    I live in Denmark (but im Italian, hence my crappy english) so for me its easy to avoid them, I blacklist everyone whos typing to me in English or another foreign language. (its unpractical for who live in a english speaking country). But I contact only people around my area; people I can MEET in real life. Otherwise, not interested.
    And ill be dammed if im going to send money to someone I dont know. EVERYBODY who ask you for money online is a scammer. Blacklist them NOW!

    Only type with people in your area, and people who are willing to meet. Otherwise, move on.

    Few annoying badoo issues, facebook apps…I hate them. But I keep facebook separated from badoo and other activities so I dont use it. The search engine in badoo, suck (excuse my language) there should be more options. I cant come on other issues right now.


  223. linda, 22 August, 2012

    i got scammed on badoo… a guy named micheal dolan… mike.. he said he was an american who lives in amsterdam… he was in nigeria for work.. But he got a check from his employer.. Tricor… and could not claime that check.. a friends helped him a little bit.. he ask me for the rest of the money.. not directly.. but he pretend he was very worried and sad… he gave me a copy of his check… i googled it.. and found 4 other picture’s with different name but the same numbers on it. i send it to him.. he opend a chat.. that he didnt understand it en lot of nice words more…
    i played along and now i deleted him..

    its not fun.. you can be hurt about it… and feel really stupid.. thank god i didnt send him money.. but how he played it… i had my doubt.. en after i get insecured and googled i found out about scammen…

  224. cheap essex escorts, 17 November, 2012

    Quality content is the key to invite the people to go to see the web page, that’s what this web site is providing.

  225. darvenne, 18 November, 2012

    Sure there is top notch quality in the fotos, though its all Bogus..Seems HI5 has been severely corrupted within the last year…Twoo is another one!..Sonico the hits just keep on coming!.Badoo does have good visuals and there is actual true people on those profiles, though its virtually impossible to make contact! Funny!

  226. Marie Widder, 25 November, 2012

    Four men on Badoo tried to scam me speaking of love and getting married and even said, he would never ask for money but,then he did,in which NONE OF THOSE MEN GOT NO MONEY FROM ME ,just sorry I was hoping they were real.I wasted alot of time talking to them.Everyone BEWARE OF BADOO if their an engineer with a child it’s a scam.Also one was a military man in the army & the uniform was a sargent but,Shawn Anderson kept saying,liutenant.

  227. Karin, 07 March, 2013

    Please don’t get involved on Badoo with a “Thomas Brooling”
    a scammer

  228. Terri, 28 June, 2013

    Beware of present scammer Thomas Cole. Says he is sending gifts which need to be paid for at courier but he has placed money in parcel so not to worry – then gift gets more expensive when a diamond ring is detected and more money needs to be paid to the courier company and then the US embassy becomes involved and more money needed… and he wants to relocate to your country with his sone and sister in tow. ALL WOMEN BEWARE of anyone saying they have sent you a gift! it is a scam!!!

  229. Marlene Vorster, 22 October, 2013

    Started chatting to a very nice guy Thomas Bastante on Badoo-56,owns a boat building company in Belfast Ireland-Poseidon Boats-has twin sister and a grandson-sent pics of them.After chatting for about 2 weeks he had to fly to Atlanta-where his son was managing office there-decided he would from there fly to cape Town S Africa to meet me.On arrival here at Johannesburg he contacted me to say his connecting flight to Cape Town had not been booked-now stuck in Jhb and could I please send him some money which he would repay the next day-R6300 later-he has disappeared-unable to contact him on email or contact no’s-money was retrieved in Durban-so be careful ladies-smooth talking son of a bitch-will even propose marriage with genuine Irish accent-God fearing and hates lies and deception.

  230. randall hughes, 18 July, 2014

    yea I met this girl on fb last year she call her self janet willson and said she live in Ghana. after checking some sites of a lot of pics she sent me. I found out it was pics of briana lee I just like to known beco am dum does anyone heard of her. I seen the same person using diff aka if any one knowns anything about her let me known thanks

  231. randall hughes, 18 July, 2014

    does any one no any one using briana lee pics and any aka they may have use

  232. Heather, 12 September, 2014


    Stay clear of this name. The email he uses is His telephone number is 407-494-5137. Check out Romance Scammers and see all his alias’. He also goes by the name Richard Kulio, Albert Gulf and more. He works on an oil rig in Florida, his daughter attends a boarding school in Maine. He found a trunk of gold off the Florida coast he wanted me to accept.

  233. Heather, 12 September, 2014

    One more thing. His picture comes up on Romance Scammers as George Heinrich on Facebook.

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  237. sky, 04 December, 2014

    I have scammers names for u to watch out for Robert Edwards. Gilbert walker .Randy Wallace. they r so smooth talkers but ohh will they beg for money and will tell u good story’s to u watch out for them

  238. sky, 04 December, 2014

    Tell me who in there right mines would tell u they live in states then have to go to Nigeria for a job take there child out of school and take them to a dangerous place then suddenly have no money to come home and beg and beg for u to send money so they can get home but when ask to talk to the child when they call and the child is always gone in a strange country by them self really guys I’m a mother and would never let my kid out of my sight especially in a strange country come on people wake up

  239. Ronda, 25 April, 2015

    I never made an account with badoo but for some reason my Facebook profile pic is on that dam site and someone made a profile with my pic and name I can’t find the phone number to call them to bitch about this problem… so I’m going to call the BBB about this issue and going to have the site closed down.. that is an invashin of my privacy and my right… I think dateing sites are a joke and they are only used to find a price of ass and by despert people or whores male and female

  240. Concerned, 31 August, 2015

    Vasilis Xenitopoulos – women beware, his not only a con artist, his also violant and strangles you when mad – which seems to be escalating with the new girls (I’ve meet another victim)

    He prays on badoo (not sure if others) and his tricks ;
    Will love you quickly – without seeing you
    You’ll be a soul mate , well say and send the nicest things initially
    His gran sent you to him
    His granddad has passed away several times
    Second date his wallet will be stolen, he also has a habit of lossing is luggage
    His a low earner (although the companies he works for never seem to know him) and he worries that can’t keep up with your spending habits, then you end up paying for everything (he will never offer)
    He will be seeing multiple people at the same time (he will say his playing games)
    He will probably still being picked on at his work (that doesn’t exist)
    He loves his penis and sending you pics, please don’t fall for sending him any (not sure what he does with them)
    if you question anything, he will turn it back on you, oh and start slapping his head – so you stop
    Don’t push or question to much, he is violant
    His good looking, but lossing his hair – which costs re replacement

    Just be careful and please don’t fall for it, his not a nice guy and take care if you know him

  241. nicko, 20 October, 2015

    I just created my Badoo account last two weeks a man named george 55 years of old requested for access to view my private photo on badoo but I deny him access to my private photo so he report me as a scammer my Badoo profile is now blocked what do I do

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