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i would like to give a warning to every one thinking of going on to a dating site called badoo as every woman will say they live in one country but later will say they need money to come to you these women all come from ghana i have had women saying they come from australia & need my help to come back also they say they will marry if i can help tthis site is full off scammers so please be warned

This post was submitted by steve andersen.

  1. darvenne, 14 April, 2012

    hmmm..those guys are usually on Linkedin trying to get off those Oil RIgs ?. Blackmailing you ? what because of “Indiscreet ” behaviour?.and $6,000 for a boat probably!

  2. Eli, 08 May, 2012

    Well Well You been scammed! Sorry! It is not just on Badoo it is every where…. So I do not care how genuine someone may sound…. I do not send money to no one! And I tell them…. If I were to be in a dire situation… I can think of many friends who know me well to borrow from as they would know me to know that they would get their money back and not some stranger…. Yes they are strangers! As for love – sorry honey how can anyone who has never met me “LOVE” me?

    Peace keeping mission my a…! I too have had all sorts; including someone asking me to send money via Western Union to a charity because he always pays them by a particular date and he was facing some difficulties and needed me to do him this favor and he would pay me back when he returned to London on 14th April…. I am still waiting for him to call me letting me know of his arrival details!… Maybe he meant 14.04.2013!

    It can be fun but – Badoo has blocked me due to improper use of the service on my part…. I know I have not misused the system… so if they block me, good luck to them as it is no great loss to me!

  3. Laura, 08 May, 2012

    BaDoo blocked you likely because they stole your identity first! It’s a complete scam website! They pose in false profiles and steal the profiles of newcomers! Get off BaDoo! Ghana scammers.

  4. Mcfyame, 15 May, 2012

    To all ladies in the Whole wide world especially Asian women. Beware of BADOO dating sites. Scammers is all around that sites looking someone to devour. They will make everything to make you feel in love and tell fictitious story especially a guy who disguise as a marine engieer from UK. Then, ask you to keep his money and pay some services thru western money. BEWARE!!!!

  5. david moody, 15 May, 2012

    I have just been scammed by a so called us military personell going under the name of joyce brown… allegedly serving in afghanistan.. but i believe its a ghanain thats behind it as i still have receipts of western union transfers to accra with a male african namwme. this has realky made me sick n disgusted to how low these people will go… saying that so called joyce brown. ( who i have photos of in army uniform) 15 year old daughter was celebrating her birthday without her mother etc.. it makes me sick to the stomach but where can i go? Who can i report it too( if anyone). And what can be done about these scams.. can i contact the us military??? £1700 may not be a lot of money but it is too me. especially when all i thought was that i was giving one of our own some help during there hard time in afghanistan…. yours David Moody

  6. darvenne, 16 May, 2012

    I have to tell you, that a Ghanian operation BADOO is?.yes the old boiler room sitting in there with their shorts and cigarettes ,slinging the hash.! I believe that the Ghanians who had a very good economy ..allegedly N.Y city sends their ticket collection department in big boxes to find out if someone wants to pay..telemarketing and ticket processing ?.and a healthy respect to the language.

    I think that the old maxim…is its not what it seems..its hard to believe that these second rate salesmen and hustlers can bring it like that,to convince someone??really. 1700 pounds is a lot.!.I always believe that the Nigerians and Russians have moved onto more bigger scams, and have left BADOO to the Ghanians ..Accra one big shakedown city,if you’re african ,european,asian.ouch !good luck with the progress.

  7. Dan, 16 May, 2012

    @darvenne, you make no sense at all.. People are posting here for help and you make these pointless comments and it makes no sense, if you do not have any info on helping people out then don’t say anything at all, but really you seem to be suspicious to me and someone needs to investigate you really! Your really weird or on drugs.

  8. david moody, 17 May, 2012

    Darvenne…. i would like you to come to the uk. work 5 days a weel… get £1200 per month n then tell me £1700 is not a lot of money…. what planet are you on. you know the sad thing is since writing on this im wondering if this is a scam or is it the truth. The women in question ims now sending me desperate letters saying sge is now stuck in accra with no airfare to get out of there ( even tho shes living in $100. Per night room that i paid for? Her letters are so convincing!!! What do i do? Im at my wits end.. totally stressed out!!! Darvenne you could forward £600 to me and il forward it on… after all in your eyes its not a lot of money. could someone please help me… thank you..

  9. darvenne, 17 May, 2012

    pardon? Please Dan read the scroll of this website and tell me that I am not telling you the gist of the argument . First of all everyone knows BADOO is a scam..I actually had a old amour on it and she was used by the network,,pictures stolen, and now who knows ?.the plethora of complaints against BADOO have magnified since 5 years ago. You must be very juvenile to presume someone is on drugs or weird, your voice sounds to be someone who actually believes this Organization is on the level!..I exposed 2 websites for dating within the last year.I believe that you should be aware , that there is Marketeers that tell you ,that when others complain about BADOO, they try to convince them likewise?.perhaps you are full of naivete to think that you can be fooled?..sorry about the loss, though read Eli ,he knows ?..and look into Parris a alleged agent for BADOO..many other possibilities out there to explore , as for help .I will tell you what you need to know ! not what you want me to tell you!.capisce! don’t be fooled.if its sounds to good to be true ,it is too good to be true…here is a better advice for a ticket and go somewhere and work it out there!

  10. david moody, 18 May, 2012

    Thank you darvenne for your non responsive rant about how right you are on every occassion. i only asked for help! I know i have been scammed.. why are you so bitter.. have you too been scammed or heaven forbid maybe even insulted on this. do you not know the sayibg once bitten… for goodness sake please show a bit of empathy for people who have been duped out of there hard earned money. Yes £1700 is a lot of money to a manual labourer of “working class” origins. i wonder why you never addressed that issue in your response.. please in future try some constructive criticism. maybe even show some compassion? Not some twisted, heartless vindictive, know it all. i told you so! As you come across in most of your posts!!!

  11. Karen, 20 May, 2012

    Dave, I have read both your posts, and I have empathy for your situation, however don’t be fooled it’s a scam plain and simple. In our own country England, people who are destitute and in need of any financial assistance, do not have the luxury of joining a dating site and asking for money, anyone asking for cash via western union etc is in it to do the one thing that’s their focus which is to relieve you of your hard earned cash. These people whatever their nationality are professional thieves and have mastered their art to perfection, they are able to tailor their stories just at a right pitch to pull on heart strings. Why do you think they appearing convincing, it’s the old adage of practice makes perfect. You are not the first and won’t be the last! I speak from experience as I very nearly lost money a few years back, thank God not!

  12. david moody, 20 May, 2012

    Thank you Karen. thats all i was looking for… Some empathy,understanding and some help from others who have been in the same situation. i dont require sympathy or condascending remarks. thank you so much.. David

  13. darvenne, 20 May, 2012

    We are all happy when a person of Karen’s understanding steps forth and gives a proper response to a person in conflict , and a lack of empathy from all of us ,who are not as gracious to extend it!. It seems you have your questions and grief properly addressed. and are now contented. It just takes the right person to step forth isn’t it?.One can only give what they can!. I must repeat Mr Moody ,Cynical skeptical, vindictive know it all?…I believe the first one is true! hasn’t been found that there is much of reality in all of this ..just a sherlock in the midst,until I see anything different!..good luck !

  14. Karen, 21 May, 2012

    I think there should be more of a Sherlock in all of us! I turned into one after I nearly lost my money and it would have served me well to become one beforehand! Would have saved me a fair few months of failing into a trap. Also people don’t talk about gut feelings for nothing, if and when something appears too good to be true – it is (Darvenne I echo your sentiment there). My story as with everyone I was caught up in the ‘idea’ of romance – to step into reality would have been too hard to bear or the alternative lonliness except had I taken my head out of my you know what, I would have seen that apart from online contact I was effecively alone. I did send the £400 via Western Union he asked for £565, even the WU lady tried to stop me but I was adamant it was all above board (usual story – whilst not through Badoo – scammers operate everywhere this is a multi million business after researching it I know that much). Anyway that’s where my investigating started as I was smarting to think I’d lost the money, and the cheek of him asking for the remaining £165. I looked up the IP addy, course was registered in Nigeria, also the money where I had sent it to was in Switzerland (go figure) and the lady who was supposed to pick it up I researched her online, I knew that she would have to have ID to pick up the money, I was Sherlock & Watson all rolled into one on this! Anyway I told my supposed army guy all the things I had tracked and discovered. It certainly was an eye opener to see how many thousands of people in every cornor of the globe who had lost money, all parting with cash as they had become emotionally involved with a stranger via the net! Also how many had been warned by friends or family but were so far down the line all reason had gone – a friend of mine even rang me and made me watch a tv programme about scams on the BBC and at the time I refused to believe it – take a horse to water but can’t make them drink eh!!

    Anyway be it because I had found out so much and caused suspicion or they were waiting for the other poor suckers to send their money to collect in one go, after 2 weeks my money had not been picked up, I was tracking it on WU site. I called WU and got it refunded – I know there is a higher power out there, as the WU lady was dumbfounded the cash was still there. So was I and until it appeared back in my account I didn’t believe it either. The cheeky scammer even told me see you have your cash back now you can trust me and send the full amount. yeah right!! Never heard from ‘them’ again – when I read over the messages I knew different people were sending me IMs and emails, sometimes the messages were perfect grammatically and other times like a 2 year old..hindsight is great but after you lose a large sum of money (like some) it stings.

    Even if one person reads this whilst in the middle of emailing a mystery person who loves you from the 1st email or has had a terrible thing happen to them, please stop and think – horrible things happen to people next door to you and they don’t beg you for money. Also army personal don’t need money for leave, passports, telephones or money transfers etc – do your research before you part with cash, not afterwards. We all think we are smart until we get caught out in some way. I wear the t shirt and got sucked in by a professional thief – I haven’t lost my compassion for myself or people who genuinely need help, but I use my head when it comes to money now – not my heart – I worked hard for it – so I’m holding onto it..if you chat to someone over the net and they ask you for money it’s a scam plain and simple.Talking to them on the phone doesn’t count either, remember you haven’t MET them yet you’re giving money away – only time I will do this now is to a registered charity.

  15. darvenne, 21 May, 2012

    Well said she who is known as Karen!..I like that the cheek of the guy wonder where is the rest?.. I sent a old girlfriend a computer one time to Portugal and she got the hard drive, though she had to pick up the monitor on her own accord there..she was aghast that I didn’t get her a Labtop.?..your story reminds me of that one!.but I actually knew her for many years ?..some people just do not want to meet someone halfway.!. I guess these Army personnel stories are reaching the expectations of Nigerian 410’s. ?…though intriguing to see the Switzerland connections. The Swiss have opened their doors to all kinds of midnight ramblers, and it is the place to be ….if you’re looking for opportunity?..One has to be a gumshoe , with a respectable command of his or her wits , and a suitcase of proper maxims to get through deciphering all of these ” SIgnals” from scammers…Though it is good to see people have the stamina , to keep going up to bat and ..wonder why they didn’t see that strike? glad to hear your tale, seems we’ll designate you the mascot of this mapsite.( just kidding) I said I am to big of a cynic to continue on!..wagons hoe!!..sometimes Facebook is full of fakes too?..just like
    Portrait Art..when they started to cope Monet’s and Van Goghs,it wasn’t long before Art was copies or real..up to the person who sells it?..can they convince you to buy it??hmmmm..ciao! and thanks for sharing! have the Helm Karen!

  16. Shanghai Fun, 08 June, 2012

    Most people are smart enough to avoid scammers, anyone that is cheated by them is obviously lacking in brains and is basically a fool.
    For the guy that sent 2000 $ to a fake army general you are so lame.
    Its easy to detect scammers, check their ip to see if they are where they state they are, see them on cam , call their fixed number, if they cant do all of these things or make excuses then OBVIOUSLY its fishy. WAKE UP and stop being dip shits which in turn fuelsthe scammers to keep on scamming.
    And as for badoo they are a scam site as it is, always trying to suck people into to buying crappy super powers then keep on billing or over billing clients credit cards, somebody should sue them.

  17. darvenne, 11 June, 2012

    That super power billing is quite funny…I wish they had something like that in real life..!. I always found out the less you use the sight..the sight loses ….energy..and then you get a hit..and energy level goes up, then you tell the person ..are you a NIgerian, then …they lose power again ahhhhhhhhhhhh-umph..HI5 should be looked at also..!..funny stuff over there !!.. nice post!

  18. Reni, 06 July, 2012

    just read only a few posts and will not avoid badoo, but if i find the same as stated is predominant it will be abandoned, just want an alternative to FB and their manipulations. im well awasre of the scam mentioned, theyve been around for quite some time,, never in the wildest of scenarios should you be lured into any action with these peoeple, unless ur tying to mess with them, not legal course will help you get money back, no justice for those that tossed common sense to the wind.. i read about a guy that strung one of these nigerian./ghanian scammers, he convinced them that his religious beliefs prohibitied him from gifting money to those outside the belief system, and that belivers all had tattos of some imigae to identify one another,, he mad the scammer convert and get the tattoo… it was some rediculous image…. lol

  19. darvenne, 06 July, 2012

    my,my a hit on the scammer!…I actually have a friend who actually develops serious long dissertations with those Nigerian Boiler room types..strings them along like a good flim flam man..flimmed flammed and scammed by their own petard!..I like the idea that one would get a tattoo ..just so they would work a little harder..! bravo!..I guess Reni if you need some alternative..Badoo will supply it..some exceptional new technologies over there! good luck with your ! .

  20. kholo, 08 July, 2012

    Dating scam is real guys!I met dis guy on BADOO,his name was COSMAS FICO frm NITRA,de guy claimed dt his dad has partial stroke,his late ex wife lived filthi life including performing several abortion,he has a boder who stays in mexico,whom dey dnt even get along cos he also performs illegalities of which he is not in support of,de guy went on and on with his lies not even knowing that in his emails I alredy picked up few strange tinx abt him-i played along until he promised to cme over to south africa so st we cud meet,he pretended that firstly he is goin to canada as de company he is wrkin for has just signed in a deal to join the sub marine oil pipes with canada so dey wil be stayin in de ship for 3 weeks he wnt be able to go to toronto(town)til dey finished with de job,de day he was deprtin to canada he said he sent me some valuable items through SWIFT courier,strange enough hw on earth can someone include the money in the lagguage knowing very we’ll its gona go through scan,he also asked me for an adress which I gave the wrong one,he created the user name and the password to track dwn the luggage for me,I dd track it until twas in mylasia,den it was on hold because the scan detected the pounds inside,strange enough the malaysian. Courier was comunicatin wit me regarding the lugage not the person who posted it!hmm how stupid of dem dt was!I was told to deposit 99pound which was 13000 in rands through western union money trans,It got into my nerves til I ended up teling de idioT to ask the courier delivery agent to pay for de luggage usin his own money den I’l pay him in cash as soon as he delivers the luggage,and I ended up teling de guy straight dt it is a SCAM,no communication between me n him anymore,he also deleted his profile on BADOO,guys dis scammers are for real plz plz plz analise everything a person writes foru,I also hired prvt investigators who are busy with dis case,de guy wil be arrested soon!r

  21. HK gal, 26 July, 2012

    there’s a certain guy name “Kelvin Jones” he lives in 1470 Jalan Pantai Baharn 50672 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He pretend that he needs someone special to be with but actually he just want to ask for money. He gave me his phone numbers Contact # in UK; +447624196653
    Contact # in Malaysia; +60162812784

  22. The Blurpo, 02 August, 2012

    I have been on badoo for around two years right now, and im satisfyed. I dont have badoo desctop, but I still can see whos online or not, but I cant really see where they are from, I mean how close they are from my place. Sometimes they can be from a big neigbour city or from some small ‘never heard’ before town. But usually its stated next to the profile, so google is your friend.

    About scammers, they are everywhere. You find them on facebbok, Tagget, Badoo, Yahoo, MSN ect. There is no real alternative than learn how to navigate around them.

    I live in Denmark (but im Italian, hence my crappy english) so for me its easy to avoid them, I blacklist everyone whos typing to me in English or another foreign language. (its unpractical for who live in a english speaking country). But I contact only people around my area; people I can MEET in real life. Otherwise, not interested.
    And ill be dammed if im going to send money to someone I dont know. EVERYBODY who ask you for money online is a scammer. Blacklist them NOW!

    Only type with people in your area, and people who are willing to meet. Otherwise, move on.

    Few annoying badoo issues, facebook apps…I hate them. But I keep facebook separated from badoo and other activities so I dont use it. The search engine in badoo, suck (excuse my language) there should be more options. I cant come on other issues right now.


  23. linda, 22 August, 2012

    i got scammed on badoo… a guy named micheal dolan… mike.. he said he was an american who lives in amsterdam… he was in nigeria for work.. But he got a check from his employer.. Tricor… and could not claime that check.. a friends helped him a little bit.. he ask me for the rest of the money.. not directly.. but he pretend he was very worried and sad… he gave me a copy of his check… i googled it.. and found 4 other picture’s with different name but the same numbers on it. i send it to him.. he opend a chat.. that he didnt understand it en lot of nice words more…
    i played along and now i deleted him..

    its not fun.. you can be hurt about it… and feel really stupid.. thank god i didnt send him money.. but how he played it… i had my doubt.. en after i get insecured and googled i found out about scammen…

  24. cheap essex escorts, 17 November, 2012

    Quality content is the key to invite the people to go to see the web page, that’s what this web site is providing.

  25. darvenne, 18 November, 2012

    Sure there is top notch quality in the fotos, though its all Bogus..Seems HI5 has been severely corrupted within the last year…Twoo is another one!..Sonico the hits just keep on coming!.Badoo does have good visuals and there is actual true people on those profiles, though its virtually impossible to make contact! Funny!

  26. Marie Widder, 25 November, 2012

    Four men on Badoo tried to scam me speaking of love and getting married and even said, he would never ask for money but,then he did,in which NONE OF THOSE MEN GOT NO MONEY FROM ME ,just sorry I was hoping they were real.I wasted alot of time talking to them.Everyone BEWARE OF BADOO if their an engineer with a child it’s a scam.Also one was a military man in the army & the uniform was a sargent but,Shawn Anderson kept saying,liutenant.

  27. Karin, 07 March, 2013

    Please don’t get involved on Badoo with a “Thomas Brooling”
    a scammer

  28. Terri, 28 June, 2013

    Beware of present scammer Thomas Cole. Says he is sending gifts which need to be paid for at courier but he has placed money in parcel so not to worry – then gift gets more expensive when a diamond ring is detected and more money needs to be paid to the courier company and then the US embassy becomes involved and more money needed… and he wants to relocate to your country with his sone and sister in tow. ALL WOMEN BEWARE of anyone saying they have sent you a gift! it is a scam!!!

  29. Marlene Vorster, 22 October, 2013

    Started chatting to a very nice guy Thomas Bastante on Badoo-56,owns a boat building company in Belfast Ireland-Poseidon Boats-has twin sister and a grandson-sent pics of them.After chatting for about 2 weeks he had to fly to Atlanta-where his son was managing office there-decided he would from there fly to cape Town S Africa to meet me.On arrival here at Johannesburg he contacted me to say his connecting flight to Cape Town had not been booked-now stuck in Jhb and could I please send him some money which he would repay the next day-R6300 later-he has disappeared-unable to contact him on email or contact no’s-money was retrieved in Durban-so be careful ladies-smooth talking son of a bitch-will even propose marriage with genuine Irish accent-God fearing and hates lies and deception.

  30. randall hughes, 18 July, 2014

    yea I met this girl on fb last year she call her self janet willson and said she live in Ghana. after checking some sites of a lot of pics she sent me. I found out it was pics of briana lee I just like to known beco am dum does anyone heard of her. I seen the same person using diff aka if any one knowns anything about her let me known thanks

  31. randall hughes, 18 July, 2014

    does any one no any one using briana lee pics and any aka they may have use

  32. Heather, 12 September, 2014


    Stay clear of this name. The email he uses is His telephone number is 407-494-5137. Check out Romance Scammers and see all his alias’. He also goes by the name Richard Kulio, Albert Gulf and more. He works on an oil rig in Florida, his daughter attends a boarding school in Maine. He found a trunk of gold off the Florida coast he wanted me to accept.

  33. Heather, 12 September, 2014

    One more thing. His picture comes up on Romance Scammers as George Heinrich on Facebook.

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  37. sky, 04 December, 2014

    I have scammers names for u to watch out for Robert Edwards. Gilbert walker .Randy Wallace. they r so smooth talkers but ohh will they beg for money and will tell u good story’s to u watch out for them

  38. sky, 04 December, 2014

    Tell me who in there right mines would tell u they live in states then have to go to Nigeria for a job take there child out of school and take them to a dangerous place then suddenly have no money to come home and beg and beg for u to send money so they can get home but when ask to talk to the child when they call and the child is always gone in a strange country by them self really guys I’m a mother and would never let my kid out of my sight especially in a strange country come on people wake up

  39. Ronda, 25 April, 2015

    I never made an account with badoo but for some reason my Facebook profile pic is on that dam site and someone made a profile with my pic and name I can’t find the phone number to call them to bitch about this problem… so I’m going to call the BBB about this issue and going to have the site closed down.. that is an invashin of my privacy and my right… I think dateing sites are a joke and they are only used to find a price of ass and by despert people or whores male and female

  40. Concerned, 31 August, 2015

    Vasilis Xenitopoulos – women beware, his not only a con artist, his also violant and strangles you when mad – which seems to be escalating with the new girls (I’ve meet another victim)

    He prays on badoo (not sure if others) and his tricks ;
    Will love you quickly – without seeing you
    You’ll be a soul mate , well say and send the nicest things initially
    His gran sent you to him
    His granddad has passed away several times
    Second date his wallet will be stolen, he also has a habit of lossing is luggage
    His a low earner (although the companies he works for never seem to know him) and he worries that can’t keep up with your spending habits, then you end up paying for everything (he will never offer)
    He will be seeing multiple people at the same time (he will say his playing games)
    He will probably still being picked on at his work (that doesn’t exist)
    He loves his penis and sending you pics, please don’t fall for sending him any (not sure what he does with them)
    if you question anything, he will turn it back on you, oh and start slapping his head – so you stop
    Don’t push or question to much, he is violant
    His good looking, but lossing his hair – which costs re replacement

    Just be careful and please don’t fall for it, his not a nice guy and take care if you know him

  41. nicko, 20 October, 2015

    I just created my Badoo account last two weeks a man named george 55 years of old requested for access to view my private photo on badoo but I deny him access to my private photo so he report me as a scammer my Badoo profile is now blocked what do I do

  42. brokenheart, 01 January, 2016

    Another big liar on badoo is mohamed elgamal from cairo, egypt. He is 50 yo, and he pretending is single. Be careful ladies. He is married, 3 kids and a very sick mind and pervert. I found out he is playing many women in the same time on skype( mselgamal11), on viber, tango, line, whatsapp. His phone number is +201110108580. He is pretending is a cardiologist doctor. So, ladies be careful with this liar

  43. been there, 05 February, 2016

    please tell me more about vasilis xenitopoulos i think i am talking to him his name on badoo neil caffrey is this same guy age 37 losing hair good body and good looking he is from greece but says he lives in swindon is this same guy he never answers and questions and very evasive is this same man

  44. mary anne, 05 February, 2016

    anyone have any more information from vasilis xenitopoulos

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