is a scam

I ordered something from them, payed to the Bank acount they were telling me, and 1 month later my order status still is “Waiting for Payment”.

I sent them many emails, included the transfere-documents my bank gave to me, but till now they never answered a single of my mails.

Stay away from them.

This post was submitted by hans.

  1. shelly samsom, 19 December, 2009

    I have never had any problems with this company and have been using them for over a year, and spend many hundreds of pounds,

    and looking at the many other people on the internet that have order from this company without any issues this company is definatly not a scam

    Are you sure you have the right email address, as i always recieve a response within 24 hours

  2. John, 29 December, 2009

    I have ordered from this company and I have emailed them and I am awaiting a response, because their order tracking link does not work…

    I am wondering if they are a scam company or not… but I will have a look to see if I can find the ‘many other people’ who are ordered from the company that Shelly speaks of.

  3. Onlyme1, 07 January, 2010 are a SCAM

  4. hans, 07 January, 2010

    now also a friend of mine got cheated by them. his first order went well. it seams that about 2 month ago they went into scam-mode.

  5. jenni hargeeves, 21 June, 2010

    I have been let down by a few companys myself but a freind at uni put me onto a cool website, they seem genuine and always answer my/our calls. Most importantly the product is always here when they say it will be and is always top quality. My freinds at Leeds Uni collect in person direct as Ruwoo is based in leeds i think.


  6. Sam bunting, 04 August, 2010

    Jen you are a liar and a scammer. Ruwoo is a scam site. My product never arrived. The email doesn’t work , they never answer the phone and never reply to fb messages. You are a scumbag and a thief and I am going to splash the name of your stinking thieving site all over the internet.

  7. Dave, 14 August, 2010

    Very lucky i found this post as was planning to buy from them,

    thankyou SR

  8. abi, 16 August, 2010

    or .com this is best site they send that day if before 4 they use next day gauranteed delivary they used to be nrg-1store i have never had such a helpful service and supply so much wholesale they never have bad chemicals u can always contact sum 1 instantley bye skype there to phone numbers or instant e-mail response this service is bye miles the best have a look all the best

  9. MDAI, 27 August, 2010

    There are many other reputable sites, just a case of searching google and making sure to read reviews.

  10. Craven, 10 September, 2010

    Did buy some meph last year, didn t have any problem, received, and great quality BUT is a scam, dont you see the “legal” before ??? anyway the original fully working site is down for research

  11. jimmy, 06 October, 2010


    Registrant type:
    UK Individual

    Registrant’s address:
    unit 9 block d
    Norfolk Industrial Estate
    PE21 9HG
    United Kingdom

    Webfusion Ltd t/a [Tag = 123-REG]

  12. jimmy, 06 October, 2010

    Domain name:

    Inersia Ltd

    Registrant type:
    UK Individual

    Registrant’s address:
    Unit 150
    L2 3AB
    United Kingdom

  13. Arrh, 14 October, 2010

    Jimmy, where did you got that info?
    Im planning to take revenge on my own as I got scammed by but need confirmation on the address.

  14. zonk, 27 October, 2010 formerly known as is a SCAM. For whatever reason they actually mail people totally inactive chemicals rather than just simply taking their money which of course I would have preferred as who wants to waste their time using bogus chemicals with no effects. And why would they bother wasting time weighing it out and spending money to mail it. I hope its not like anthrax or something, and they’ve been doing this for a while so it can’t be chalked upto a mistake on their part.

  15. samson, 01 November, 2010

    You can email at [email protected]

    Their old domain was shut down, but i got an email from them saying that i could contact them on this address

  16. daniel chen, 01 November, 2010

    Dear Sir
    My name is Daniel chen from TianHeZhongXin Chemicals Co., Ltd. in TianJin China.
    We are a professional company engaged in the sale of chemical products. Our main products are Caustic soda flakes, Glacial acetic acid, Titanium dioxide, Iron oxide, and Carbon black etc. Please take a few minutes to visit our website
    I hope we have the opportunity to do business with you. If any of these items are of interest to you, please let me know. I will be happy to provide you with a competitive price and further details of our products . Company Tel: 0086-22-60295926 mobile 15222739301 E-mail: [email protected] Trade manager: cn116612492 MSN: [email protected]

  17. Jimmy, 23 November, 2010

    Blue Agricultural is a good company and i have had some decent products from them, i am starting to see a pattern here and it just seems like your a vendor trying to destroy there image.

  18. James, 04 December, 2010





  19. Rob Scrap, 03 February, 2011

    Buckled Bonzai is ok in my book so far. I have ordered from them only a few weeks ago and my order was processed quickly and the goods had a greater effect than i expected, which is a bonus!
    They are a little more pricey than others, probably noted in the above comments, but I intend to shop with them again.
    Maybe James’ friend was a bragging lightweight when it comes to serious research?
    But talking of sites to avoid or be careful of, I found Wide Mouth Frog’s product DMC had very little to no effect at all, despite what the site claimed. Would this had been different if I had gone for the small amount rather than taking a risk with a large amount? Very poor product, now on sale! Avoid, please!

  20. Craig Blumhagen, 07 February, 2011

    Grow That Garden is a bunch of bogus thieves. Promised high quality 4-MMC shipped from outside England, only to provide bullshit, cut, non-Mephedrone product, with a numbing effect (not known to exist in 4-MMC). Refuse to respond to E-Mails, so avaoid them at all costs and do not give them any of your money as they are RIP-OFFS!!!

  21. Brawn, 18 February, 2011

    Grow that Garden is definitely dodgy.Just tried their 6apb-the caps were crushed in the envelope, and the powder I retreived, a mere 124 mg was put in a OO gelcap.After research was concluded, I felt the rc was probably mdvp.Or a mix of…really god knows what.They used to have a comments section for their “pond cleaners” but those have been disabled…meowrightnow is the cute handle they use to lure you in.Mephedrone is the only available RC thats good for research…NRG 1- 2-3-MDAI-5meo dalt…all a waste of time IMHO.But good luck getting a dependable vendor nowadays

  22. Sarke, 02 March, 2011

    I ordered yesterday 10gr to
    I will write here my opinion after energy control testing if it arrives.
    Let see what happen…
    I also founded another review here, where I will write it too.
    I also gived the company owner this 2 links, like a advice so If u find some other reviews after this one that looks ok u can imagine where they come from.

  23. David, 02 March, 2011

    I have used GrowThatGarden for nearly a year now and I have never had any issues as the above people suggest. They have always answered my emails quickly and politely and their product is second to none. I think these guys are probably the last dependable vendor out there! Honestly, try them for yourselves as a lot of scam reports are probably made up by competitiors.

  24. Juan Carlos, 03 April, 2011

    Hi for all… I buy some 4MMC in this shops

    Its the same shop and for your consideration, I analize this product in a analysis…

    Tha result: 95% Lidocaine 5% Mephedrone


    Don’t buy more product in this shop please..

  25. Rob Williams, 31 August, 2011

    COMPOUNDRESEARCH.COM is a huge SCAM! Never order from this company. All they do is take your money.

    Compound Research is a SCAM!

  26. Rob Williams, 31 August, 2011

    Also, HIGHSTREET.NL in Amsterdam is another huge scam. They take your money but do not ship the products. NEVER order from
    Their just crooks!

  27. Julz, 16 September, 2011

    gahh so who can i order from!!!

  28. seb, 27 December, 2011

    I have ordered from and have found the prdoucts to be excellent in amount and quality.
    I would definately recommend them to anyone wanting RC s

  29. Jawra, 24 February, 2012

    I ordered 1g Methoxetamine from meowrightnow yestarday. No emails or anything to confirm order or payment, but they definitely took the payment yestarday as I called the bank.

    If they’re not scammers, they sure as hell do a good impersonation.

    Let’s hope my stuff comes tomorrow!!

    But i’m not holding my fucking breath…

  30. Zack, 09 March, 2012

    I bought a gram of MPPP from and i had received it in two weeks! I was expecting 3 week delivery but it was in my post office under a registered letter.
    I was excited to dabble in research chemicals, so i quickly opened the package, it was very professional, normal letter/parcel, padded on the inside to protect your product.
    A silver material letter with my product was in it, was in the parcel.
    it was Canada’s post fault it took two weeks (i’m not complaining) if it was not for them it would have been here in probably 8-10 days.
    Which is especially fast considering it came from China.
    I also love how they have different shipping options, from Europe, and from China, having distribution houses all over the world (many different countries in South America and Europe).
    The customer service was absolutely fantastic, they are on almost everyday (and night sometimes for you prowlers!) to help you with any questions.
    All in all, I reccomend to anyone interested in cheap research chemicals (they go straight from a big supplier no middleman), you will NOT be dissapointed!

  31. Mark, 23 March, 2012

    I placed an order from this company which was never received in the mail. Exactly 30 days went by and I decided to contact them via email. They responded to my email and the same day shipped me a replacement order with extra included. I received the second package very quickly and am extremely pleased with my experience with this company! I highly recommend as samples have been great for experiments and customer service has been superb!

  32. Lance Savage, 23 March, 2012

    Western uniond money to Paul Holes Uk also Goes by the name Pal Holes Hungary In November of 2011 and never received anything. Big time scammer got me for $900.

  33. Dizzy, 27 June, 2012

    This is a REPLY TO MARK:

    Which website EXACTLY were you referring to?

  34. MARK (NEWCASTLE), 01 August, 2012

    My comments were referring to how efficient their sevice is. Please attatch my full post to that thread. Cheers mate.

  35. MICHEAL, 17 June, 2015

    I ordered APVP from http://WWW.RESEARCHCHEMICALONLINESTORE.COM and they deliver i was happy but got aware with money dam goes guys

  36. DAVE, 10 August, 2016

    MY ADVICE WOULD BE NOT TO DEAL WITH ANYONE IN THE UKRAINE , they say packet sent then you get an e mail saying its at the airport awaiting payment of $300 refundable insurance

  37. Aussie, 26 March, 2017

    Hi I purchased an item they said its completed but not ship yet has anyone actually received there item.

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