is a SCAM at first sent nothing after taking my money. After bugging them for months on end they sent some fake product to appear legit. The product shows no Reagent test reaction and is non-reactive. is a definite SCAM and a FRAUD.

This post was submitted by Paul R..

  1. Andy, 25 April, 2010

    Is not fraud…I recieve the order.

  2. steve, 07 May, 2010

    i purchased some dimeth awhile ago and it was the poorest quality ever. i ried it got sleepy and took a nap. tries again next day-samething. what is god;s world would cause a person to go to sleep. recently, purchased someting but gave explicit emails to every person i could find to make sure my order was not to shipped out before they (explicit-instructions) to talk to me beacuse i might change orders and needed some questions answered. never heard a thing until sunday night ii get a mail that order had shipping saying i had said so. so i exploded and sent some inflmmatory words-not too too bad, yet about their competence stating had not anyone read my explicit e-mails. well, he =stanley went nuts and stated that they don’t accept that language and that i was banned for life. this time i went fucking insane using very bad sailor’s language-the worst. then he replies like the serpent he is saying all kinds of shit and he even mentioned my mother in an an explicit way-god rest her soul. all he had to to do was calm me down and he would have an order and nuch, much more. i’ve never wanted to get my hands around stanley’s neck so badly in my life . and i/ve hated quite a few. but i’m patient and collectiing everythiing i can about this guy, cuz i’m coming after him, just like i told him. this guy was raised in the sewers by alligators. i’ve been saving money for that inevitable joyful ride to uk.i’ve never, ever been treated this way BY ANY COMPANY! I CAN’T BELIIEVE IT i will find you stanly foster! THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE YOU JUST DON’T FUCK WITH! ESPECIALLY WHEN IT WAS ONE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS ! good, night ,god bless and GOOD NIGHT!

  3. krocko, 05 June, 2010

    I heard only good things about However stay away from are scammers for damn sure……I also ordered from a usa company they are legit too.But their mephedrone is different from stuff i bought from the UK.Not as euphoric,but still very good…

  4. Tiffanie, 13 June, 2010 is a scam. You get a product quickly, but it is not mephedrone. I felt absolutely nothing with 1 gram in me.

  5. Justin p, 21 June, 2010

    Actually i have ordered through them 3 times, and besides a little than longer than usual shipping time I am thoroughly pleased because it was worth the wait as the quality is far superior than other companies i have gone through…

  6. James W, 28 June, 2010

    Ordered several times from and have been really happy with the results.

  7. zane, 23 July, 2010

    Not a scam. sucks that someone (who isnt me) gave this site a bad review that i cant erase on a different site.

    Said person just just messed up and gave a very very very small dose to his plants. Said person redosed several days later and is very happy with the results and so are his plants.

    Said person received his goods *very* quickly and discreetly to a USA address.

  8. trippinyayo, 30 July, 2010

    This topic was opened by a scammer who doesn’t want you to go to buythemg!
    Cause you won’t go elsewear afterwords!
    Be aware this shit is half legit and there are more scammers then real vendors.
    There’s no security with products like this so stop shiting!

    Look at the site and tell me a scammer would be able to make it, nope they wouldn’t, maybe a few but not the avarage scammer

    These products are great, if you really are scared buy a small samble!
    Nobody said you needed to go for the big bucks

  9. duke, 24 August, 2010

    buythemg was legit !! purchased 50+g over the past 6 months from them and it was always quality plant food, the cats loved it !! unfortunately now seemingly defunct, i’ve just ordered from, i’ll post again when i’ve had time to review their product !

  10. EmSieDRiel, 16 October, 2010

    They we’re legit, all my orders (about 10) were delivered and top. No complaints.
    But…gone they are.

  11. homer, 28 October, 2010

    bought from, product came in quickly. But was nothing like I had read about. So I had someone else try it , the same result like the room was shimmering. But not in a good way. Dont know what they shipped, but I have read hundreds of testimonals and this is not mephedrone in the least. Throwing the rest away and getting ready to send them an email.

  12. Eut, 06 November, 2010

    Has anyone else tried from recently–that is, in the weeks prior to Nov 6?


  13. krocko, 07 November, 2010 was a great company with great product when they first opened.I purchased from them many times.However in the last couple months they went to hell.I will no longer buy from them.Their product is terrible.If you want the best you can get,and cheap.Go to product is the best around.They also have a very reasonable price and ship fast.Trust me!!!! Go to and buy your mephedrone.YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

  14. duke, 07 November, 2010

    agree with the last comment;’s product has deteriorated significantly in the last month, not even close to the strength and purity of previous buys; my last 3 shipments have been very poor, there is also the matter of the increased price via alertpay and the fact that there is not any other payment option; not believing the “creditcard gateway is down” message in the slightest; i will not purchase from them again, time to give another supplier the chance

  15. duke, 16 November, 2010

    slyplants is up again, pretty cheap for US orders too…..just ordered some, the proof will be in the pudding or something ;=)

  16. Elizabeth, 26 January, 2011

    They charged me $47.00 but I have not been mailed my package and I’m pretty upset. It’s been 6 days so considering it was shipped USPS it should have been here. I emailed them but I get no reply. I even got an order confirmation number but no tracking number. If I receive my product I shall let u know but pretty sure I got scammed.

  17. Elizabeth, 28 January, 2011

    Last post was ab it’s been 8 days now??

  18. Shane, 01 February, 2011

    Just ordered from here https://www(dot)growthatgarden(dot)co(dot)uk/garden-shop/pond-cleaners/mephedrone-meow-pond-cleaner/

    anyone know about it?

  19. LOLQQMOAR, 02 February, 2011

    LOL the sad part is, you kids are rollin off Fake Candy. I get pure 100% crystal MDMA supplier up where i live and always rollin clean. besides .mephedrone is as addictive and has the same long term effects as meth. you kids are silly to buy fake stuff 🙂

  20. Murray, 08 February, 2011

    @Shane – growthatgarden are quality, though recently their shipping has taken a couple of weeks as it is now shipped from the Czech Republic. Quality cannot be beaten and their customer service is great – always service with a smile!

  21. Chem, 08 February, 2011

    I ordered from growthatgarden, what they sent me was something but i dont think it was mephedrone. I tested it with marquis reagent, no color like it should. But when i did a secondary amine test (simon) i got no reaction. When i did a primary amine test i got no reaction. This leads me to believe it is a tertiary amine and is most likely mdpv. Does anyone know a place selling real mephedrone?

  22. David, 02 March, 2011

    Just received mephedrone from growthatgarden and can tell you it is high quality. Not sure what the guy above me is talking about as anyone with a slight knowledge of chemistry and research chemicals will notice that these tests he talks about are a bunch of bollocks!

    All I can say is that the product was great and their customer service is the best in the business – and believe me, I have waded through a lot of crap vendors.

  23. chuck, 05 March, 2011

    the guy above me is obviously working for I have gotten about 6 decent shipments from them and 2 that were less pure but about twice the weight i ordered equaling about the same as i ordered but smelling shitty, caked like they weren’t cured rigght and didn’t have the jack’s bean’s logo. mephedronenow has no customer service, meaning no matter what has happened he has never responded to a single emial which is frustrating. at first around september 2010 the orders were great and timly. recently. the orders have been shitty and took about two weeks. last order didnd’t come for a month but when it did it was amazing. that was in febuary 2011. he has never screwed me out of an order but the product doesn’t seem to affect me until i do about 300 mg. I promiss on my mother;s life that what they send you WILL affect “you’re plants” in a increible manner. but it seems less potent and the shipping is hit or miss taing up to 4 weeks but somtimes only two days.
    I just wish these ppl were honest. dont’ they know they are fuckign wiht ppl’s lives.

  24. SevenEleven, 28 July, 2012

    if you want real mephedrone , mdpv , metylone or naphyrone contact me at [email protected] . I offer free samples for just the shipment price( 5 , 10 or 15 EURO dependes ) and you can order from 1 to 10 grams . i don’t sell more than 10 grams . thanq .
    CONTACT at : [email protected]
    if u think i scam people for 10 euro , you have seriously problems if 10E means so much for you . thank you and hope i find someone true so make bussiness with cause here in my country i can’t do shit cause people are too dumb .

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