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i bought off the following company www.xselectron.com.they ripped me off for $600aus dollars. They didnt send all the stock all goods were fake when i was told NEW/ORIGINAL. PAYPAL DID NOTHING as i didnt buy it off ebay!!!

please get the word out that these people will rip YOU OFF, DONT BECOME A VICTIM!!!!

This post was submitted by dee.

  1. Drew, 15 September, 2009

    I got ripped off $695, beacuse PayPal did nothing about it, and they scammed me with 2 differnt tracking numbers. Appaerntly, since they shipped me something I cant get my money back. DOnt even mess with giving them any money since there just goignto scam you!!!!

  2. ScamRadar, 15 September, 2009

    For better protection, use your credit card info when paying via Paypal. Then, when something goes wrong, dispute the charges through your credit card provider. They will then take care of the problem with Paypal.

  3. shane, 13 March, 2010

    they ripped me off too

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