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Can some one please tell me why the local, state and federal police all across our nation are not doing anything about these people who are constantly harrassing us. We need to get a group of us together and find a way to get a class action suit against these people and then have then thrown to the electric chair. Enough of the harrassments. I do not know about you people but enouogh is enough. i am sick and tired of all the b.s. that comes through my email on a daily basis. And now there is one out there about Dating 101: Reviving your life. Now that comes across to me as sexual harrassment. The person is pushing to try and get to know you better so he can probably have you hunted down and then killed because you did not participate in his little scheme. These people are sick and instead of sitting back and doing nothing like the police we need to find away to go public with this continual harrassments from these people. They will never stop until they are dead. because once you send them money they always want more and more. It is a never ending road to travel with these people. Some please we really need to take a stand for our right to privacy over the internet. If anyone know who to talk to or how to get a class action suit going that would be great. But something really needs to be done about our internet security. These people are getting in and harrassing us on a daily basis and we need it stop. How many of you agree with me. Please I am open for discussion.

This post was submitted by SANDRA THOMPSON.

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2 Responses to “Harrassing emails”

  1. spomenkacurik-- -- -- June 10th, 2010 3:29 am

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  2. gandahar-- -- -- June 27th, 2011 7:20 pm

    Hi !

    I agree

    they use some botnet to send massive emails, big international company are buying services from botnet owners to sell their products

    the result is tons of mails sent every hour all around the world

    the first thing we can do, is to have a securised operating system, don’t use micropoft products, they all have security hole to make this possible (botnet)

    a cheap computer with free linux is anough for the common use we have (mail, net, video, music) nobody need the last computer, we don’t have software tu use the power of this computers

    only professionals use them right

    don’t give you email address in forums, chats….

    never use LIVE ID and never give your password to websites like faceshoot, daboo, twipper ………. they still lots of information and of course your friends emails addresses…

    never click a link into a mail

    look the email address of sender to be sure is the right one


    hope this can help little bit

    bye !

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