ScamRadar - Report Frauds and ScamsI got scammed over a dog (Western Union)

A man claiming to be a Preacher on a missionary trip in Africa with his wife. They had an English Bulldod puppy that they didn’t have time for all I had to do is pay for the flight ticket. I western union the so called shipper the $200.00 then he comes back and says there was a customs fee he didn’t know about until he went to the airport to put puppy on the plane. I asked him why the shipper didn’t know this he said the shipper scammed him. He then said he was suppose to get a check from the Parish and he would refund my money to me and still send me the English Bulldog puppy at no cost to me. A check of $2500 was sent to me he said once i recieve it and it clears to take my part and send him the rest once I done this he would put Lilly(puppy)on the plane. I put the check in the bank when I got it it came from car dealership out of NJ but the check was UPS from TX. I emailed him asked him why the check wasn’t from the Parish. He claimed the head of the parish’s brother owed car dealership. I asked the bank to hold the check until it cleared completely. It came back NSF. I guess he was expecting it to clear on my end send him over $2000.00 then when it came back through my bank I would have owed my bank for the money. Don’t ever send money to Africa. He made it sound believable. If anyone has an Idea of how I ca get this money back please advise

This post was submitted by Debra Passmore.

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