Driver needed for my wife

My husband was online and checking out good ole Craigslist and found an add for a driver needed for wife. He read the add which was sent by a Carter Williams of UK ([email protected]) who states that he is coming to US for business and is bringing his wife who needs a person to drive her around as they are newly married. My husband responded and he recieved a email stating he is would pay $650 for Mon-Fri 12pm-4pm weekly and will arrive intially on Feb 10th. He stated his client in NY will send a check which my husband was to cash in the amount of 1980.00 and western union the rest to a location in NC. The check recieved was a check of The University of Findley, Ohio….my husband being a idiot and not thinking cashed the check and wired the amount…he later recieved another email for Carter Williams saying that they will not be arriving till the 19th -No show..then emailed back and forth and said he would have his associate in US send another check for 2 more weeks of work, travel and care rental and that my husband had to cash it and send the differance for the travel in cash to the same NC address. Finally my husband got the check for $3850 via UPS supposably form NJ but I tracked it and it came form Augusta, Ga the check was a Check from another college called Institue of EastWest Studies NY. The bank varified that the account number was invalid so we called the bank of the check Chase Manhattan Bank who verified no acct matched. My husband immedietly called me and I googled the institues and called their accounting department…Sure enough they have had several people call in with the same scenario and said that they were counterfeit checks and a batch of them are mailed to people. These scam artists are good and the institues are trying to have the authorites track them but are coming to a dead end. I was advised to call the local authorities and provide all the information. Has anyone else heard, see or experience anything like this

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  1. Lionel Mathews, 05 March, 2009

    Yea Saaj, your not alone, but i almost fell for it till i did a search and read this, This made up company is based in the U.K and its a agency hiring any old stranger to drive around clientel who are coming to the U.S. But Im driving there vehicle to shofor them around town, 8a.m to 2p.m and they wrote:

    Thanks for the reply into our AOL on the ADD place on
    craiglist, we want a good driver that will be working with our client
    that is coming into town pretty soon.she would be staying for a
    project that will last for a week or two depending on when shes going
    to be done with the project. what you would be doing is to always
    convey her from her hotel room to other places like the shopping mall,
    restaurants and other places she would love to go to until she is
    ready to go back and you would getting $600 weekly for the job. You
    would be paid via a check, money order or bank draft i would love you
    to get back to us with the following information.we want to let you
    know that we can only reply you from google mail and if you have any
    question write directly to gmail not AOL.

    Your Full Name:

    Your Residence address:

    City: State: Zip Code:

    Present work address:

    Home and mobile Phone numbers:

    Email address:

    Your Age and Current Occupation:

    Your Gender:

    Thanks Manager

    Sadly they have this info, but thank god nothing else like my license number, theres a package on the way with check too, how can catch these fuckers??

  2. Bobba Louie, 12 April, 2009

    100% Pure SCAM:


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