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I want to report what I believe to be a total scam/rip-off!

I kept receiving a pop-up saying my computer had several viruses,worms,etc. It continued to interrupt me no matter what I was doing.

I thought it may be legit so I purchased a 1-year protection plan for 49.95. Of course once it was purchased it removed all of the “threats”. When I got the credit card bill it was from Moscow Russia and there was an exchange fee for rubles. DING DING. Theres nothing I can do about it since it’s been more that 30 days.(30-day money back) When I try to get the support number it only shows “page cannot be displayed”. Now it’s popping up again constantly, telling me I have all of these viruses again. When I go to my programs and run THE SAME spy guard program it scans and says “no viruses detected”. Hope nobody else is as gullible as I was. SPY GUARD 2008 = SCAM

This post was submitted by Barbara Scott.

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One Response to “SPYWARE GUARD – Spy Guard”

  1. PM Edge-- -- -- March 9th, 2011 6:24 pm

    I had this same thing happen to me several times last week. It totally took over my computer screen warning me of virus infection and malware problem. It started running a list showing what virus my computer was infected with, which I immediately stopped running. Since the program was not one I recognized I immediately ran a scan with my virus protection program and found nothing! The other program wanted me to buy their protection for $49.95! I did not, instead I went into my system maintenance file and restored my computer to an earlier date, and it was gone, eliminated completely! I must have somehow gotten it in an email I opened or new website I visited, but it was a phony program just like the one described above.

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