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Notification of an Instant Payment Received from gabbahey321 ([email protected])

Payment Details

Purchased From:bne_onestopstore
Transaction ID: 5NS50308X5606661C

Item #Item TitleQuantityPriceSubtotal
110262659576Gents Wristwatch Claude Valentini (Diamond)
GBP£995.00 GBP

Postage & Packing via Standard Delivery (Royal Mail World Wide)
(includes any seller packing fees£100.00 GBP
(not offered):–

Total:£1095.00 GBP


Payment Information:
We have just received payment for eBay Item #110262659576 from the buyer gabbahey321 ([email protected]). Although payment has been received by us, it is currently pending due to the shipping destination specified on the PayPal receipt. We have verified this shipping destination and it is now safe to post the item out to the deatination in Nigeria. For protection purposes, we have decided to hold the payment until you have supplied us the shipping reference number for the shipment of the item. This shipping reference number will be verify within 5 minutes and your PayPal account will be credited immediately. Do understand that this security measures are taken to protect the eBay community. Contact the PayPal representative who handled this transaction on 07024032350, 07024031109, 08715034603 or [email protected] immediately with the shipping reference number so your PayPal account can be credited.

Note: Do not send the shipping reference number to the buyer until we have confirmed the status of the shipment and credited your PayPal Account.

Shipping Information:

Address:Adewunmi Michael
5 Semi Sarumi St
Surulere Lagos
23401 Nigeria.

Address Status:Confirmed

Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team

PayPal Email ID PP753

This post was submitted by Sarah Basharat.

  1. Z. Baker, 01 May, 2009

    I had the exact same thing happen to me!

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