Dangerous Greek/Egyptian Scammer Currently in Melbourne

Anastasios Giftopoulos is also known by the following names: Tas Gift, Pezevengis, Biggie, Taso Stefanopoulos, Ahmed Nessim This scammer will enter the victim’s… 0

received $ and never send out parcel.and request for more order

[email protected] Dear customer, We are very sorry for late response from our side, it is due to the fact that our production unit… 0

vehicle service department – honda

vehicle code 960564197, program term dealine 4/26/17, file on vehicle will be deleted. ive never ordered nor interested on anything for automobiles, i… 0

Remove label More 2 of 64 Collapse all Print all In new window Re: FROM THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (FBI).

Federal Bureau of Investigation Field Intelligence Groups J. Edgar Hoover Building 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. Attention: Beneficiary, We sincerely apologize for… 0

Prohcl Scam Site

Site name. Prohcl. Be warned. Legit looking site with positive reviews. Will take your transfer then you will not hear from them again…. 0

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Attention: Beneficiary, We sincerely apologize for sending you this sensitive information via e-mail instead of certified mail, post-mail, phone or face to face… 0

Accreditation Scam

On Tuesday 7th feb I was contacted by ‘[email protected]’ by a lady named NOARA in regards to an admin assistant role that had… 0

Fake Apple Support also fake FBI Agents.

8885475664 is posing as fake Applecare support. I have already notified Apple. The alarming thing is if you question their legitimacy they connect… 0

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